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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Introduction Chapter 2

Introduction 2 – Goddess Blessing Sex Part 1

“──and I’m going to give you the best first experience you’ll ever have in your life.”

At Elciata’s words, I stood there stuck for a reply. It was all I managed to do as I stare dumbfoundedly at the beautiful peach-haired goddess of love.

“Ara, you’re confused to hear that you’re having sex with me. I don’t hate that kind of initial reaction.”

For some reason, though, Elciata is happy at my confusion.

“Are you perhaps surprised by the suddenness? I wonder if that’s too much for a virgin like you? If so, I feel worried about you later on.”

However, her gleaming smile only made my heart beat faster.

‘‘There are a few rules with regards to reincarnation. You see, when the host wants to be reincarnated from a human to the same human race, all I have to do is send that soul into the other world, and that’s it. That’s the easy part. But when you are reincarnated as a different species, I have to transform their soul first.”


“Transform……the soul ……?”

“It will be too complicated to explain to you the details …… No, it’s too much pain in the ass, so I’ll skip it.”

You know, you’ve been acting a bit too honest for a while now, miss goddess. And you even got the order wrong.

“Anyway, God’s Blessing is needed to transform the soul, but the method for each god to do it is different. As I am the goddess of love, the way I gift my blessing is to give ‘love’ and exchange ‘love’ with each other. Do you understand now?”

”……I have no idea what to say.”

“Nevermind. What is important is you have to have sex with me. After that, you’ll be ready for your rebirth, then whoosh, off you go~.”

“……I still don’t get that logic, but I know what to do now, I guess?”

When I nodded, I looked at Elciata again.

After all, such a beautiful woman – and a goddess at that, is going to have sex with me!

‘‘It’s okay. This big sister here will teach you how to do it. Let’s graduate you of your virginity……shall we?”

It’s a man’s dream to have such a stunningly beautiful woman teach him how to do it for the first time.

It’s already a mystery that the contrasting elements of elegance and seductiveness coexist in this woman’s beauty without contradiction.

Before I realized, I was utterly smitten with this goddess.

My heart was beating fast with tension and excitement, and my crotch has already tented high up since a few minutes ago.


Even my response was a full-on wince at this point.

“It seems that you are interested in it as well. Don’t be shy, for that’s also a good thing.”

A smooth hand reached out and gently stroked my cheek.

In front of me was the dazzling beautiful face of Elciata.

Never in my previous life had I ever gazed at such a beautiful woman (though she’s not a human, but a god) at this close.

Probably, even if I hadn’t had that accident and my life still went on, I still wouldn’t have this opportunity in my life.

This translated chapter is made possible by rocheneorecormon of stabbingwithasyringe translations. Support the translator by reading it at his wordpress site at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog. Thank you.

──When I was lost in emotion, Elciata’s face came up to me.

Her sweet breath blew on my face. It was ticklish, yet I felt more embarrassment from it rather than delight.


Just when I thought Elciata’s face has gotten even closer, all of a sudden, her flowery-colored lips suddenly blocked my own.

For a couple of seconds, I wasn’t able to breathe because of the abruptness of the situation.

This is──a kiss ……!

For the first time in my life, I have finally touched the lips of the opposite sex, and they were so soft and sweet as honey.

“It looks like this was your first kiss as well. Fufu, thank you for the treat~.”

Elciata parted her lips, her purple eyes smiling with happiness. For my part, my heart is still racing with the excitement and emotion of my first kiss.

“But that kiss is just the beginning.”


Fuuh, the goddess’s breath blew again in my face.

Goosebumps ran all over my body, and my excitement surged up so quick that I immediately felt dizzy.

Of course, my crotch was already fully erect the whole time.

“Hey, Soichi. Have you ever seen a woman naked? Not in pictures or videos, but in the true flesh.” Elciata spoke with a smile.

“N-no. Not at all.”

I’ve seen uncensored pictures on the internet, but I’ve never seen the real thing, of course.

“Then, I’ll show you, okay?”

The goddess of love’s smile deepened into a sensual one. Another shiver ran down my spine.

Elciata began to loosen the bosom of her dress. The sound of her robe rubbing against the bosom of the garment further fueled my excitement. Eventually, she completely removed the bosom part, finally revealing to me her ample breasts.

“Uwaa, ahhhh……!”

I almost let out an unconscious cry.

In front of me stood the glistening naked body of a goddess.

She was supple and slender, yet utterly glamorous, and they bulged precisely at the parts where they were supposed to bulge. Her ample breasts reminded me of rich fruits that had just been harvested, and the rounded line from the tight waist to the protruding buttocks is a beauty that I could only call as artistic.

My gaze, however, couldn’t be found on that, as it was focused on the milky white mountains before me, especially so when they swayed in front of her glamorous naked body.

They’re a fascinating form with a perfect balance of beauty and lustfulness.

“What do you think? Not bad, isn’t it? I’m pretty confident in my figure.”

“Ah…… yes……”

“It’s okay to touch it, you know?”

Elciata smiled enticingly as she took my hand. Then, she guided it to her own chest and let it touch her bountiful fruits in front.


I could only do nothing but yelp as I felt the soft flesh that previously only existed in my imagination against my fingertips.

For the first time in my life, I was able to touch a mature woman’s breasts.

Amazing! It’s insanely soft, but it has a firmness and elasticity that was enough to push my fingers back.

The excitement and the feeling of being deeply moved emotionally penetrated my brain.

“Ufufu. You’re still too reserved. You can be more daring in your touching and rubbing……here, you can do whatever you like with it, Soichi.”


Elciata urged as she brought her chest even closer to my face.

“Ah, Y-yes!”

The wave of excitement that had been building up even under normal circumstances finally swept my dignity over the edge.

I rubbed so hard that my fingertips almost buried themselves in the softness of her tits.

Wow, the more force I put into it, the more I could feel its fresh elasticity.

I was merely touching them, yet it felt so good to me already.

“I’m glad to know that my breasts are to your liking. But what about here?”

Elciata’s gaze went to my lower abdomen.

Naturally, I had a ginormous erection there, and my penis was already about to burst from the inside of my pants.

“Do you want to do something more erotic, Soichi?”

A supple hand reaches for my pants.

With surprising finesse, Elciata unbuckled my belt and pulled down my underwear in a matter of seconds.

“Ah …….”

I felt hot with shame of my naked lower body being exposed──, but it was only for a brief moment as I soon felt her soft fingertips touching the tip of my cock.


A sweet sensation spread through my body as she stroked my penis with her dainty fingers.

It wasn’t too strong, and it wasn’t too weak, either. And just when you think you’re getting used to it, she presses harder with her palm or either strokes it faster with her fingers.

For every fap she does, it sends an itchy electric current from my meat stick towards my spine. Cowper fluids soon leak out in a thick stream, dispersing in the surroundings with a raw smell of sex.

“Come on, let me hear it in your mouth.”

Elciata looked at me with a wicked smile.

“Otherwise, we won’t be able to proceed. Do you only want to just touch my tits? Don’t you want something greater……for example, like having a loving sex with me?”

“Ah, I, I want——”

I felt like my head was going to explode at any moment now.

“I want to have s-sex with you, Miss Goddess!”

Still, I managed to shout it through.

Then, I took off my jacket and shirt, exposing myself completely naked, just like the heavenly being before me. I was embarrassed, of course, but the anticipation and excitement of my first time far outweighed the shyness that I’m feeling.

“Then lie down over here.”

I climbed up on the bed to lie on my back, just as Elciata had told me so.

My crotch was towering almost vertically now.

Regardless of it, Elciata climbed onto the bed and straddled above my waist.

“We’re finally having your first time, Soichi.”

Elciata was in a half-sitting position, brushing her long pink hair out of her face.

I was so excited that I didn’t even have time to respond.

From my position, I could clearly see her ample, heaving breasts swaying up and down. As I lowered my gaze even further, I could see a darker shade of hair just right on top of the rounded mound. Further behind it, I finally caught a glimpse of that most anticipated, pale pink, seductive spot.

(Ah, so that’s a woman’s vagina…)

I took a big gulp, and my throat rumbled out loud.

The most precious part of a woman, shaped like a vertical lip, was already turgid and wet, giving it a more haunting sheen. Its two petals were slightly torn open and gaping, twitching as they opened and closed, as if they were waiting for my thing.

This translated chapter is made possible by rocheneorecormon of stabbingwithasyringe translations.
Support the translator by reading it at his wordpress site at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog. Thank you.

I swallowed my raw spit. More hot blood rushed into my penis, and I could feel my erection getting stronger and harder.

Aaah, I can’t wait to put it in. I want to taste the inside of this amazingly beautiful woman.

My whole body was burning with the primal desire to be a man.

“Then I’m going to put it in you. But first, are you okay for me to be your first partner?”

“Yes. Yes……!”

I responded to the goddess’s final confirmation with a voice rising with excitement.

Shortly after that,

Zubububu……! Zu,bububuuuuuu……uuuu!

With the sensation of scraping the slimy folds of her flesh, the vertical slitherer of my thing has finally been swallowed by Elciata’s womb.

“Kuuh, aaaaaaaaah! Uhaaa, aaaah……ugh”

My throat silently screamed as I breathe a cry of pleasure from within.

So this is what it’s like to be inside of a woman’s body…… It was much hotter than I had imagined.

It was what I thought as my whole body shook with excitement and awe.

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