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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman After Stories Chapter 2

Extra Chapters ・ For the Commemoration of the Release of the Second Volume of the Book Version

Chapter 2 – Path to My Peerless Harem, After (Part 2) ※

A few days later, I was back to Regulus City.

“Welcome back, Sir Lian.”

“You managed to defeat ten demon king monsters by yourself? You’re still the same as ever.”

“But it doesn’t deny the fact that you’re being reckless. You must count on us as well.”

When I went to the villa, I was immediately greeted by Mina, Mary, and Ingrid.

They had been waiting for me when they heard about my return.

Normally I’d be in a party with the girls, but this quest was taken by me alone.

Mina and the others were on a quest in another country at that time, so we had to go our separate ways.

“Sorry about that. A town was attacked along the way, so I didn’t have time to get in touch with you three.”

I apologized with my excuse.

“Plus, those demons were not as strong as Redone, so I thought it would be okay if I handled them myself.”

“Even if that’s true…….”

Mina seemed to be a little angry.

To this, I apologized one more time and hugged her lightly.

“But I’m glad that you’re safe above all. That’s all that’s important.”

“Well, It’s Lian after all. I always believed he’d be okay.”

“I also trust you. But I was still worried about you.”

“I’m truly sorry.”

After that, I kissed them one by one. On the cheeks, forehead, and lips.

Over and over again.

With all the love I could muster…


“Well then. Shall we have our usual victory celebration?”

“Ooh, I like that.”

“I’m in favor.”

Mary and Ingrid nodded at Mina’s suggestion.

As for the celebration, it was enjoying delicious food and drinks at our familiar restaurant.

Since we had always received a generous reward, we did not hesitate to splurge on the finest food available.

We usually do this after a successful mission.

After this, we usually return to the mansion in a tipsy state.

Of course, what comes next is making love in bed.

It’s not gonna be complete without it.

Therefore, I always had sex with Mina, Mary, and Ingrid every time I completed a quest.


“Once again, congratulations to Sir Lian for completing his mission.”

“Fufu, you should feel honored to have all three of us to yourself.”

“I’m going to make you cum a lot, Lian.”

The three naked women are now kneeling between my legs.

We have already eaten our fill and are now back to our villa, where all four of us immediately got naked and are now in bed.

The three immediately began to service me with their mouths, together with their fingers and their breasts.

Sounds of saliva and wet tongues rubbing against each other reverberated across the room.

“Ohhhh, that feels so good…”

Each of them played with my cock in different ways.

Mina always gave me a blowjob filled with praises, Mary a boob job with her big tits, while Ingrid a delicate hand job with her fingers.


“How do you like my mouth, Sir Lian?”

“Fufufu, my tits feel good, don’t they?”

“I have no intentions to lose.”

Despite their cuteness, the girls showed quite the rivalry each time, but they were still able to work together as one when it comes to attacking me. As expected of a proper team.

And because it was always these girls whom I was having sex with the most, all three of them already knew where I get pleased the greatest.

This is why it’s no wonder that whenever we have sex, my arousal was quick to rise whenever it’s them, and just like today, I reached my climax in almost no time at all.

“Ugh, cumming!”

Still, one or two ejaculations aren’t enough to wilt me. If y ou a re ab le to r ead th is mess ag e, you are r ead ing from an un auth ori zed agg re gate site. Read at my W ordPr ess to su ppo rt m e and my tran slat ions.

So without holding back, I showered the three of them with my first load.


“So hot!”

“Lian’s flavor……fuaahh”

Mina and the others squealed with delight as they accepted the cum shower I unleashed upon them.

After this, it will be my turn to return the favor.

I lined up the three of them on the bed, then started groping and licking their pussies in turn.

“Hyaaaa, ahhn, Sir Liannn.”

“Ahiiii, hnnn, no, I’m weak at that spot.”

“Liaann, I’m gonna melt if you lick me there….”

Just as they knew my pleasure points, I also knew all the places where the three of them felt best.

That’s just how many times we’ve gone over each of their bodies.

──but at that moment, a blinding light flooded the bedroom where the four of us are having sex.

This is…….?

“Ara ara. I see you guys are having fun.”

The one who appeared was a beautiful woman who radiated a divine aura around her.

She had long pink hair that reached her feet and white wings that spread out from her back, and along with it, a mischievous smile on her superbly beautiful face.

“What? Why? How are you ……here?”

I shouted in surprise.

I stared at her in astonishment – at Elciata, the goddess of love, who had suddenly descended upon us.

“It’s been a while since we’ve met, so I came down to check up on things. The gods aren’t supposed to interfere with the human world, but since you and I have a history, I thought I shouldn’t waste the chance to sneak in.”

Elciata talked to me like a kid who had succeeded her prank.


I thought gods couldn’t come to the human world that easily?

The last time we met was after a fierce battle with the magic armament Fenrir, I believe.

It was due to the aftermath of the collision of enormous energies, enough to distort the space around the ruins, that gave her the chance to meet me again at that time.

I thought about it for a while, and then I realized something.

……perhaps the aftermath of my battle with the demon lord class monsters caused a similar phenomenon?

“No way, Goddess of Love, Elciata, ……?”

Mina exclaimed with a stunned look on her face. This cha pt er transl ation is made po ss ible by stab bi ng with a s yrin ge tran slat i ons. check up- to-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdp ress si te.

As if in a panic, she immediately got off the bed, knelt down, and bowed deeply.

“Eh, the goddess in the flesh……?”

“A Goddess……in this lower realm……!?”

Mary and Ingrid were also staring at Elciata as if they were stunned.

It was a sudden situation, but if they could sense the divine aura she radiated, they could probably guess that the woman in front of them was a real goddess.

“You don’t have to be so formal. Come on, raise your head, too.”

“Elciata’s smile bloomed even more.

“Thank you for your graciousness.”

At these words, Mina sobered and raised herself up.

“After all, it is me who should be sorry for interrupting your lovemaking.”

Elciata then looked at us one by one. Not removing her meaningful smile.

“I was going to ask Lian how he was doing in this world and what progress he had made, but…… Since you’re having so much fun, I might as well join in the fray.“


“It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted you, Lian. Since then, you’ve been through a lot of women, so I expect you’ve had become a better man. I hope that this time, you’ll satisfy me even more.”

What is this goddess saying out of the blue?

“And you… you should join us as well.”

Elciata then raised up her right hand.

A light came out of it and then illuminated the short sword propped up on the wall – my Milfa.

Then, there came a puff of white smoke.

“Eh? Ehh?”

With a voice that sounded surprised, Milfa appeared in human form.

“I can’t believe I’m meeting Master Lian in this form again…”

A smile appears on Milfa’s cute face.

It was a smile full of bliss.

“Yeah. it’s been a long time, hasn’t it, Milfa?”


Milfa nodded enthusiastically.

“ “ “Sir Lian’s sword……is a girl!?” ” ”

Mina, Mary, and Ingrid shouted in surprise at the same time.


─ After that, I enjoyed a harem sex together with these five people, including Elciata the goddess of love, and Milfa who had taken her human form.

Against these five, I penetrated them one after another and cummed inside them while also making them climax.

The sex with Mina and the others whom I was used to was full of bliss, but because it had been a long time since I had sex with Elciata and Milfa, I was even more excited compared to before.

These five beauties then lined up to me, hugging and kissing each other while soaking up in their afterglow.

It was truly a great sight.

“You’re still going strong, Master Lian.”

“Sir Lian, I want you to pour it inside me again.”

While I was lost in bliss, Mina and Milfa came leaning on me from both sides.

“Oh, that’s not fair. Me too.”

“I want you to feel good inside me as well.”

Mary and Ingrid came next, each of them hugging me from behind.

“Oh, my dear Lian, would you do the grace and make your goddess cum once more?”


Meanwhile, Elciata smiled from the front and kissed me on the lips.

As if influenced by it, Mina and the other four girls also competed and took my lips one after another.

They pushed me down, and then it became my turn to be squeezed by them in a cowgirl position.

After this, our harem sex continued, filling ourselves with dizzying pleasures on and on until the night had turned bright.

Truly a peerless harem for this elf magic swordsman.

Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman: Paving a Path to His Peerless Harem


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