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Reborn as a Holy Knight (Remake) Volume 2 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – The Holy Knight’s Duty, Part 1

“Then, for the Goddess’s sake, please impregnate my wife!”

“E-even if you request me like that, I..”

“Please! Just this once!”

Joey kneeled on the floor and bowed his head.

I see. Dogeza is also a culture in this world…wait, that’s not it!

This is no longer the time to escape reality here!

“I, I just want my wife to have a baby!! A baby that I can never give to her! Please!!”


What should I do about this?

If I refuse, his wife will have to give up having a child, but if I accept, I will be cuckolding the husband instead.

I don’t like NTR, no matter how much it is approved by either party.

But shouldn’t I prioritize childmaking as it is a part of my mission as a Holy Knight?

I don’t know.

But still, there’s something I need to confirm.

“Is your wife aware of this?”

“It’ll be alright! As long as you’re willing, I’ll be able to convince her!”

I heard that Joey was watching from the outside as I was doing my role as the Apostle of the Goddess.

And that he was envious of me being able to do what he could not.

So he began tracking me.

He had guessed that since he came from the outside, then the holy knight would be staying at an inn.

And with the only inn here being the “Cat’s Forehead”, the rest of it went easy.

Of course, he had not told his wife anything yet.

“But you sure know a lot about me as a Holy Knight.”

I changed topics in the meantime, as there was something I couldn’t help but be curious about. If y ou ar e abl e to r ead thi s mes sag e, yo u are rea di ng fr om an unauth ori zed ag greg ate si te. Rea d at my Wor dPres s at sta bbi ng wit h a syr in ge. home . blo g to sup port me and m y tran slat ions.

It’s not like I’m hiding my identity as a holy knight or anything, but I didn’t actually tell anyone about it.

So when I heard the news that someone was requesting me to give some people my blessings, I was kind of surprised.

“Ah, about that, you know, when news spread that Alma had gotten pregnant, the whole town went in an uproar. Well, it’s mainly the women who were, but they kept saying that you are the Holy Knight of Legend, and well, this is a small town, so…”

Damn. The Wives’ Network really is terrifying, even in another world.

By the way, what’s with the Holy Knight of Legend?

I’ll ask Xaneela about that next time.

“Anyway, your wife’s feelings will come first. If she doesn’t like it, then this conversation is off the table.”

“I understand! Then let’s meet at the Temple of the Fertility Goddess at night, around the 20th hour, okay?

“No problem on my part.”

“That settles it, then! I’ll see you later, Mr. Holy Knight!”

With these words, Joey left my room.

But then again, I couldn’t help but think that I got caught up in a crazy situation.

“To think making a child would be this difficult….”



I met up with Joey at the appointed time, and he led me to a magnificent detached house with a garden.

I heard that the money he had saved during his military career and his veteran’s pension was already enough to allow him to live a reasonably comfortable life, but to think he would be this rich.

That aside, isn’t this house a bit too large for only two people to live in?

“So, Mr. Joey, how did you convince your wife?”

“Oh, that? Well, how do I put it… you know, I gave her one last push… so, please. I’m counting on you.”

It was a rather cryptic response, but thankfully, I was already prepared by the time I got here.

I have already decided what I have to do, and all I need is to actually do it.

As soon as we entered the house, I was shown to the bedroom.

“Are you the Holy Knight?”

In the bedroom, his wife, Katie, was waiting for us in her underwear.

From the looks of Joey, I thought Katie was going to reject him, but from the looks of her outfit, I wonder if she has already agreed?

Katie was wearing a camisole and a pair of panties.

She was not wearing a bra, so her taut breasts and nipples were thinly visible beneath them.

Overall, Katie is a beautiful brown woman with slightly quirky black hair, a pair of blue eyes, deep cleavage, and thick lips, and was exuding a very sexy atmosphere that almost rivals that of a Hispanic model.

Of course, that also includes her body, as she was about 170cm tall, had taut, firm-looking breasts, a curvy waist, a huge pair of buttocks, and plump pair of legs.

I stared back at Joey.

As long as he corrects his expression and posture and gives some energy to that gloomy vibe of his, he, too, would be an attractive Latino man. Th is c hap ter tra ns lation is ma de pos sib le by sta bb ing wi th a sy ri nge t ransl ations. Che ck on ly up -to- dat e tr ansla tion s on my Wo rdp re ss sit e.

“Sir Alfred, this is my wife, Katie. Katie, this is Sir Alfred, the Holy Knight.”

“Uhm, hello.”


“Okay, I’ll leave you to it.”


Joey was about to leave the room with a slightly sad expression when Katie stopped him.

“Hey now, haven’t we talked about this? You’re not going to rebel at the last minute, are you?”

“I’m not going to do that. I just want to make something clear.”

Katie glares at me sharply.

“I have no intentions of being embraced by another man but Joey.”


“But Joey asked me to do this. If you are a real Holy Knight of Legends, prove it to me first. Only then will I allow you to embrace me.”

“H-hey, you’re being rude!”

“Oh, okay. So how do you want me to prove it?”

“If you really are the real deal, then you should have already known the answer, do you? Make me in the mood to be one with you, Mister Holy Knight. Make me crave your body or whatever it is to make me want you.”

Just what kind of man is that Holy Knight of Legend!?

Judging from the sound of it, isn’t that Holy Knight a lecherous bastard?

Well, considering the effects of the Divine Skills, it is true that it would make you do that in a similar way.


“If you become successful, and I became in the mood for it, then I lose. Joey can leave the room, and you can do whatever you want with my body.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Tuck your tail and go home.”

“Katie. You…”

“If you still want to insist, then I want you to fuck me- no, rape me in front of Joey. As violently as you can get.”

“What? Just what are you planning here, Katie!?”

“Joey, what you’re making me do right now is the most terrible thing of all. That’s how much to an extent my hate is to be embraced by another man. Even so, if he’s really the Holy Knight of Legends, then even my will would be pointless. If that happens, I will give it my all to be embraced by him. But if he’s just a crook, then I’m not going to get laid. He will then have to force it on me as hard and brutally as possible.”


This has already reached the level of being crazy.

It is clear that Katie has no intentions of backing down.

But I have no choice but to do my best, thinking this is also my mission.

I can’t just allow myself to be called a fraud holy knight, especially when I have just begun my journey, you know?

“Oh, and no touching of breasts or crotch. Kissing is also a no-go. Even if I’m not in the mood, I am not that naïve enough to make you touch me at my weak points.”

“Fine, then. We’ll do it with your hands.”

I took Katie’s hand while saying that.

“Hmph… as if this alone can….”

Then I activated one of the effects of the Divine Skill, which is [Fascination].

Fascination is a skill that makes me and the other party horny and want to desire each other, kind of like Aphrodisiac and Charm, though certain conditions must be fulfilled for this skill to take effect.

Previously, I had to kiss the other party and transfer my saliva to them for this to take effect, but when I embraced Karina, the level of this skill increased by one, gaining a new ability for me.

That is, at Lv2, I can now activate the [Fascination] skill via body contact.

In other words, as long as I am in direct contact with the body of the person, supposedly the skin, I can make the other person fall in love with me.

At first, Katie was foolishly smiling at me, but little by little, her expression became less relaxed.

Her breathing became ragged, and sweat began to bead on her skin.

“Uuu… kuhh… mm….”

I continued to activate [Fascination] in her hand.

Then, Katie’s eyes became moist, and her expression loosened.

Sometimes she would occasionally shake her head to keep her attention, but even those eyes began to lose focus.

It was clear that [Fascination] is beginning to take its effects.

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3 thoughts on “Reborn as a Holy Knight (Remake) Volume 2 Chapter 12

    1. Yeah I don’t understand why he didn’t think of that path.. Fertility goes both ways…. But as he has proven his ability to think intelligently has been in question a few times.


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