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Reincarnated Elf Prince Volume 5 Chapter 3

 Chapter 3 – Demonic Sex Skills

This chapter contains words, phrases, images, and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

Glinnis continued squeezing me until I finished my load.

After that, she scooped the remaining semen on the edges of her lips with her fingers, before putting it in her mouth.

“Mmmmm~! I knew it, it’s thick! This is the first time I’ve seen such an elf like this!”

She’s like a girl who likes to eat sweet things and just found out a new dessert.

Well, she’s a succubus, so……this might be just the dessert for them.

A few minutes after that, she cleaned up the remaining semen from me.

“It was very delicious, thank you very much!”

“you’re welcome, as long as you are pleased, I’m also happy.”

Well, more like I’m also worried.

I have been done single-handedly by Glinnis.

However, I can’t just let her gain the upper hand in the next round.

“Apart from that, is Glinnis satisfied?”

I tried to stir her up, but she somehow just laughed. Then she replied.

“No way, I can hold out even forever! How about you, can you still continue?”

Glinnis touched my fuck stick again, still with her mischievous grin.

I was able to rest a bit, so I had already regained my strength.

Also, my pride won’t allow me to give up like this.

“Wow, you’re getting bigger again…… and here I thought Elves were just plain upstarts…… Allan, you’re quite amazing.”

“I’m not just quite. And please don’t compare me to a common elf. I don’t like it.”

“Fufufu, that arrogance, I like it!”

Glinnis looked happy at my boasting.

She’s still pretty much motivated, it seems.

“Well, it looks like it’s my turn now.”

I moved my hand towards her waist, then rotated her body.

Then, I put her hands on the wall in front of me.

While standing up, I shifted the clothes Glinnis is wearing upwards.

“Ahn, am I going to be violated this time?”

“You will surely be. A little revenge from earlier.”

This is the first time I have been wrung so one-sidedly.

Even though I somewhat expected it because she’s a succubus, I can’t just let this matters go.

I want to make her come with my own hands- err, cock.

“Uwaa?! Your eyes are pretty scary right now. What will happen to me, I wonder… Ehehehe~!”

Did she read my intentions from just one gaze? And to think she even responded with a joke, what a nerve.

I’ll make sure to break that confidence of yours; you just wait.

“You made me do this, so you got to bear the consequences.”

I pressed my sex rod to her precious hole.

“Nnah…… it’s so hot!”

“What, you’re this wet already?”

Even though I haven’t touched hers until now, Glinnis’ entire vagina is already soaking.

It’s like a pussy after the end of a deliberate massage.

“Just you know, a body of a succubus has a feature that allows us to have sex anytime. Now, quickly, come on!”

Not bearing to wait any longer, she pushed her waist against my fuck stick.

Even with just this, my glans has already gotten entwined by the muscles in her wet vagina.

If I took my time even for a moment, my seed would certainly be wrung again.

I gathered my renewed energy once again, trying to push my hips forward once more.

“Haa, aahn! Your penis is entering mee~”

Glinnis went drunk in the pleasure of insertion, her back arching to the other side.

Her vagina wriggled greedily, as if grandly welcoming my now hard dick.

After that, the meat of her insides clamped, creating great pleasure with just a slight movement of my hips.

“Wow, as expected of a succubus, really.”

“Feels good, right?”

“Yeah, it’s hard to move, but still possible.”

I said so, then started shaking my hips.

As my waist banged that indecent ass of hers, it made that dry slapping sound every time.

“aa, haaaan! Amazing, you can still move after putting inside me.”

“What, you still don’t have such experience?”

“Because, all the men I have mingled with becomes unable to move once they put it in.”

Certainly, Glinnis’ vagina is that excellent.

If a man isn’t used to embracing women that much, he won’t be able to move for certain because he will ejaculate immediately.

However, I have the sexual experience surpassing many times that of an ordinary man.

I also have the ability to get hard again after ejaculating once, twice, thrice, even more depending on my sexual desires.

That’s why I want to raise my sexual desires of Glinnis as much as I can.

“Haahaaa……it’s moving back and forth rapidly in my insides.”

“Hey, how do you feel? Is it pleasant?”

“Yes, though this is the first time for me.”

She’s panting. She’s feeling the pleasure already.

If so, then I shall continue violating her further!

I firmly grasped Glinnis’ waist and shook my own towards hers intensely.

Whenever my hard cock goes in and out of her wet pussy, love juices flew to the outside, before dripping to the ground.

Glinnis is really, really wet right now. The big stain on the ground is the concrete evidence of it.

“Aren’t you extremely wet right now? You’re practically gushing already. If you’re really a succubus, why is the man taking the initiative here?”

“I’m feeling too good with your penis; can’t you see that! More than that, I want to enjoy it more……Ahnnn”

“Then, let me make you cum from that.”

I pushed my sex rod and penetrated deeply, stimulating the womb entrance with a kiss.

“Hiyauuu!? It’s deep inside, no, don’t press it further!”

Glinnis raised a lovely request to my action.

Alright, with this, all at once……

“Uuu, don’t get carried away……I can fight back too!”

“What did- Uhguuh!?”

In her words, her vaginal movements suddenly changed.

Until now, it was just clamping my cock tightly in place.

However, as if a creature has woken up, her pussy tightened and loosened violently, as it enveloped all of my dick in the process.

“The movements suddenly changed……! Damn it, so you’re finally getting serious.”

Seeing my distorted expression, she turned around and said to me.

“It’s all because Allan made me serious, you know? Also, I haven’t felt such a good dick after a long time too.”

As if enjoying the change of my expression, she smiled at me once again.

That smile of hers is precisely like a succubus bringing a man over.

So this is her real nature!

“I can’t stand it anymore…… I’ll use all my strength, okay?”

After that, she began to move her hips. This time, violently towards mine.

Not expecting to be counterattacked by a woman standing with her back facing me, my movements became duller.

Getting that chance, she pressed her body in one go.

“Nnn, ahnn! Come on, come on! Feels good, right, right?”

She shook her hips while smiling, just like a succubus itself.

As if a different entity of its own, the meat pleats inside her pussy continued moving and squeezing my cock.

Its as if my sperm organ is perfectly linked to her waist.

Getting the feeling of my approaching climax, my hips started to tremble.

Before I know it, I couldn’t even shake my hips anymore.

“Fufufu, you’re no longer able to move your waist from the pleasure, right?”

Glinnis continued with her giggles.

Regrettably, I wasn’t able to beat this succubus who’s race initially specialized in sex itself.

“You are really a walking embodiment of lust. This is the first time I met such a woman.”

“Allan, too, is the best man I have ever worked with, you know? After all, you are so handsome, too, that I almost fell in love for a moment.”

“I’m used to being admired by women I have won over, but I never thought that I would be admired too in a situation where I lost……Kuh”

I tried to keep the conversation going to resist the mood, but her pussy was still as violent, causing me to flinch in a moment.

Now that it has come to this, I have to show my hand.

“Hyaaan! Your penis is still getting bigger? You’re about to come soon, aren’t you?”

“……yeah, somewhat. And I’m pouring it all to your womb.”

“That was so cool! My pussy, my pussy is going to get filled with Allan’s semen!”

With an expression that can tickle any man’s desires, Glinnis said those alluring words onto me.

At the same time, a stroking sensation enveloped my dick, still inside her vagina.

I was unable to hold on.

I reached my limit.

“Kuh, coming!”

“Come on, come on! Make me feel good, cum it all inside meeeeee!”

Dobyuruurururu! Dokudokudokudoku!

“Hyaaauuuu! Something hot is coming!”

My semen gushed inside her vagina.

This woman is also feeling it, but she also looked happy.


Because I felt that almost all of my load was ejected, I couldn’t even bear to stand for the time being.

And so, I sat down on the ground to catch up my breath.

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