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Reincarnated Elf Prince Volume 2 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Effie’s Sanctity

This chapter contains words, phrases, images, and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

Effie climaxed once again, but her lust wasn’t fully settled yet.

Therefore, I’m still here, still feeling the pleasure of her hips grinding on top of me.

“Nn, haaaa, aren’t we very compatible with each other? It’s the first time for me to feel this good”

“Isn’t it just the magic’s effects?”

The Temptation magic is as what its name indicates, a spell to tempt and allure someone. It has no direct effect on enhancing pleasure, or so that’s what I’m experiencing right now.

“Heee, then no matter how much pleasure you feel, you can’t blame it on the magic, right?”

I grabbed Effie’s waist, then slightly pushed up my hard cock.

“Ahhn, my womb……it was hit! And it’s grinding on my insides……!”

“Good grief, what a selfish woman.”

That said, I didn’t feel bad at all.

It felt good hearing her catching for breath in helplessness.

“Aaaaah! I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop anymore!”

Effie’s movements gradually shifted in intensity.

It looks like our spirit here has completely recovered from the aftermath of her climax.

“Then, can I go all-out now?”

At first, I let Effie do what she wanted from the time being.

But I have reached that point where I’m about to come already.

I couldn’t suppress my excitement anymore.

“Yaaah, it’s so sudden……!?”

She yelped in shock at the impact as I slammed my hips upward.

At the same time, her tight pussy clamped my dick even more, making the sensation of her folds excruciating as it strangled around my meat rod.

While enjoying the sensation, I pushed my hips towards Effie even more.

“Haaahaaa…… ahhn, iiiih……uuuuh!”

“What’s wrong, why did you stop your hips?”

Her moves that were so violent earlier now became sluggish.

No doubt, it’s the proof that she’s feeling good.

“That’s because…… I’m being tormented by this penis……Hauuuu!”

“If you can’t move anymore, when should I move on my own?”

“No! That’s no good! I will do it!”

Was she shaken by me? Effie adjusted her breathing, pulling herself together.

Then she put her hands on the bed and bent forward. After that, she raised her waist.

“I will squeeze out Allan-kun’s semen this time.”

She started shaking her hips once more.

While raising it over and under, slapping sounds reverberated, making me even feel it once more.

Is she doing muscle control? Her pleats squeeze promptly as she moved.

When her pussy swallows my dick whole, her muscles tighten all over mine, so tight that it feels like she doesn’t want to let it go.

“This is quite nice……”

Though I sound calm as I said that, my mind is already at uproar from her actions.

Has she already grasped the weak points of my cock? She’s arousing me even better than before.

If she is, then I won’t be surprised anymore.

“Ufufufufufu, feeling good now? I have confidence in my pussy, after all.”

“Certainly, I do now. I have never had experienced this technique so far. How much experience do you have?”

“Ara, it’s not good to ask women about their experiences, you know.”

I sighed at her point.

“Aren’t the life expectancy of spirits longer than elves?”

“Ara, you are telling me I’m old. I will get angry, you know?”

“Well, is that so? Sorry about that…..Uguh!?”

“Bad boy. You shall be punished. I’ll suck out your semen until it withers.”

Effie put up speed on her waist.

The stimulation from the insides of her vagina became even stronger as a result.

The pleasure is torturing me like a scouring pad scrubbing my brain.


“That’s quite a nice face you are making…… I wonder if you would last a bit more with this”

Effie teased me while I’m grasping the sheets, trying to endure the pleasure.

But she’s not excluded from this feeling either.

Also, I wouldn’t allow that I’m the only one feeling good here.


“haaahnn! Aah, that spot, yes! It feels good when you hit it! I’m going to cum too!”

Effie still continued with her techniques even while getting crazy from the pleasant sensation.

That’s the scary part of her.

Once she seized the initiative, it is not easy to get it back.

“Hey, Allan-kun, aren’t you pretty good too. Let’s cum together, shall we?”

“This girl……fine, I’ll take you on.”

“Haaa, aaahhnn! Such strength, I’m already-! “

“Cum! Cum inside me!”

Effie looked back and gave me a smile filled with bliss.

“that’s right! Fill me up! Cum lots and lots, put it all inside me! Ahhh, your penis, I can feel it twitching!”

“Effie, your pussy is so tight!”

“Of course, it is! It’s been wanting Allan-kun’s semen for long! Pump it in! All of it inside me!!!”

The pleats in her vagina moved and tried squeezing the semen out of my hard cock again.

A drastic groan came out of my mouth with the movement that was more intense than before.

“Kuhh,……this erotic spirit……”

“Erotic spirit, Lewd bitch, horny-slut, call me whatever you want! Just pump it in, quickly!”

“Then, I’ll pump it as you wish.”

Feeling close to the limit, I hit back the end of Effie’s pussy with my cock to her depths harder.

Following the stimulation of her womb entrance, she raised great moans.

“Ohoooo!? Cummingcummingcumming! I can’t take it anymore!”

“Me too……Cumming!”

Byurururu, byurururu!

All our lust exploded, my semen spouting like a puncture that was made in a tank.

“Ohh, ogohhh! It’s so much!? It can’t fit in my womb anymore!”

Bikyun, Bikyun, Bikyun!

My pumping still continued, and with that, the excess semen overflowed from our connecting parts.

“Haaahaaa…… I thought my womb will burst……”

Effie fell on to the bed, breathing hard.

When my dick, which was plugging her vagina, came off, the semen remained inside spilled out from the crack that has opened gapingly.

“……Of all that, it’s still so much……”

I smiled wryly at the terrible sight before me.

If I’m affected by Effie’s crazy lust, the sexual desires inside of me might have run wild even more – with me unable to control it.

“As expected, you can still do another battle, don’t you?”

I spoke to her, who is lying timidly before me.

“I can’t feel my waist anymore, but I would still welcome it if Allan-kun still wants to do again.”

“Give me a break. I’m all dried up already”

I said so and lay on the bed.

Though it has gotten wet from the sweat and love juices, I’m so tired I don’t care anymore.

Effie is a strong opponent, and has nasty techniques, body, lust, everything.

However, it is a big boon for us to have a traveling magic user as our companion.

The problem is how I would explain this to Celis now……

Nah, let’s think about this later. I’m so tired now.

I closed my eyes and parted with my conscious, to heal all the fatigue accumulated in mind and body with all that series of love-making.

After having taken enough rest in the hut, we rejoined with Cecil and Fran.

With the aid of Effie’s far sight magic, the search for them became smooth.

“Where did you go, Allan-sama? Also, who is the woman behind you…… a fairy?”

When we approached the two who seem to have set up a camp, Cecil noticed Effie immediately.

“Yeah, about that, didn’t I tell you earlier that I heard a voice before we split up? It was this fellow.”

“What’s with this “fellow” you’re saying…… I’m your onee-san, you know?”

“Even though she’s one, you don’t have to be reserved when it comes to Effie……”

There will be no end to it if they compete with a woman who is an expert in frontal and fast assault.

“You seem to be very close……”

When I faced front, there was Cecil, staring at me with suspicion.

“A bit, yes. This is Effie. And as you can see, she is a fairy. She had encountered trouble while in the middle of the forest. Also, she can use magic, too……”

Of course, despite being tempted by her, and we had sex a lot, I didn’t tell them. Who knows how many times I will apologize if I said to them that.

Therefore I tried my best to shake it off in my explanation.

“You are Cecil-chan and Fran-chan, aren’t you? I have heard you from Allan-kun. Looking forward to have a foursome with you two.”

“Same to you- what?”

“Yep, that’s right! Allan-kun is amazing you see. In addition to his huge penis, his sexual desire is bottomless! Despite being young, I have never experienced anything so good before!”

In contrast to Effie, who spoke of me with bliss, Cecil’s face became stiff.

“Please don’t run, Allan-sama. We will be going to have a thorough conversation about this”

To the woman who is giving off an intense pressure incomparable to the Spirit King, I could only nod in silence.

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