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Reincarnated Elf Prince Extra Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Conceiving the Female Knight

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Nguu, hauu……”

Erune took my horny rod out of her mouth.

She has just swallowed the load I ejaculated entirely, so she’s giving quite an erotic atmosphere around her.

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“It’s so thick, I feel it sticking to my throat.”

She said as she wiped her mouth with a towel nearby.

“Well, that’s because Erune’s service has become that good. I didn’t expect you to become so skilled right away.”

At first it was so-so, but after my guidance, she immediately got better. Her learning speed was just too fast.

I have been doing the same thing with Cecil before, who was already a genius, so I believe my scales were already high. To think she tilted the scales just like that, she has completely won my favor.

“Haahaa……What’s wrong, Allan?”

She looked up at me while breathing roughly.

“What? Oh, no, nothing.”

I denied, but she approached me as if she felt something.

She got up and looked closely at my face.

“…….Maybe, you want more?”

“I don’t know about that.”

“Fu, fufufu……I see”

Erune laughed as if she was convinced of my answer.

She knows that she is clumsy, but she is still a woman.

I thought it would work well without her knowing, but it seems it wasn’t that easy.

“If so, then you just have to tell me. I’ll do whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want.”

She spoke such enticing lines as she crawled on all fours, turning her ass onto me.

“Here……how about it? Did it turn you on?”

Looks like the successful blowjob has given her back her confidence. She is now becoming more aggressive.

Her perky buttocks shook a little as she swayed, and my eyes moved accordingly to it.

“I give up……”

To tell the truth, I was already ‘in’ right after hearing Erune’s invitation.

And so, I stretched out my hands, immediately rubbing her tight ass cheeks as soon as I touched them.

The combination of softness and elasticity of her white butt is really excellent.

And to boost my excitement further, I knelt and took out my fuck stick, then rubbed it against that tight butt.

“Uuh, Allan’s stuff is hitting my butt……its so hard and hot”

“Erune made it this hard, so you have to take responsibility”

Now that we’ve come this far, I won’t be satisfied until I finished till the end.

I witnessed her body stiffening momentarily upon saying those words to her.

“Ahh……Yes! Fuck me, mess me up and make me bear your child!”

Erune regained herself immediately, and even provoked me in the process, in which I rammed her at once.

As her pussy is already wet from the previous actions, my dick quickly went deep inside her.

“NHaaaaa! It entered so fast……!”

A hoarse scream came out of Erune’s mouth. It seems she felt that more than I expected.

I broke into a smile then pushed my hips even more.

“Uhii, ahn! Come, cum to my womb……! Pierce me, pierce me more! Aguuuu!”

The head of my dick pried her meat pleats apart, finally reaching the entrance of her womb by her request.

I know she won’t be satisfied by just pushing it in, so I began shaking my hips wildly, which made her scream in delight whenever I ram into her babymaker.

“If you scream like this, you won’t last long. Let me explore you a bit”

I poked around to her side walls, stimulated the ceiling of my vagina, then the vicinity of her entrance. I explored various parts like an rpg player rummaging through all of the stuff inside a room.

“Haaahaaa……! You’re piercing me everywhere!”

As a consequence, Erune’s lust increased even more.

She even developed a new sensation, that even if I moved my cock at a random place, she will quiver and give a satisfying reaction, guaranteed.

This chapter came from If you are reading this note, then you are reading from an unauthorized aggregator site. Support the translator by reading it from the site itself. Thank you.

“I’m still not done, so keep yourself up, Erune”

“Even if you say such a thing……Ofuuuuuuuuu!”

I thrust my dick towards her cervix in one go. She let out a really pitiful gasp, as her body trembled from head to toe.

I am glad that she’s feeling this much, however, I have to proceed with caution or I’ll fall down before her, so I relaxed the movements of my waist and focused arousing her elsewhere.

And that focus went to her breasts.

“I really want to enjoy you, Erune. Let me rub them for a bit.”

I started rubbing her huge tits as I reached them from the back.

Since I don’t intent to move my waist yet, I played with her tits to my heart’s content for a while.

“Ahn, Allan really likes breasts. Now that I mentioned it, you made me sandwich yours in between them when we did it for the first time”

Well, yours were of a superb quality. Even the sight of them already entices me.”

The greatest place is still the vagina, but Erune’s tits are always fun.

Thinking that I am the only one who can do whatever I like with these pairs of treasures, I wasn’t able to hold myself back, to violate them even more.

I pinched her nipples with my fingers. Her body bounced back.

“Uhyuuu! No way, my nipples are no good, it’s electrifying my head!”

Looks like I hit a nerve out there while trying to penetrate her erogenous zone.

Her expression became slovenly, too, as a matter of fact.

While I couldn’t see it from behind, I was able to determine it through her voice.

“Erune, I’m going to get serious now”

I could already feel myself approaching my limit.

Thus, I began shaking my hips toward hers again, this time with all my might, in order make her cum first.

“Nhaaaaaa……! I haven’t prepared myself yeeeeet, aguuuh!”

While firmly grabbing her butt, I nailed her waist with more force, making slapping sounds resound in the air as my body bumps to her ass.

“Feel more with my stuff, you nasty knight”

“Haa, hahii! Allan, you’re too good, it’s driving me crazy!”

Erune’s upper body began to crumble as her confidence gradually disappear.

At first she was fully in all fours, but now she’s pressing her face against the pillow.

“Fuu, auu, aaaaaaaah! My womb will permanently open if you hit it so much!”

“Isnt that great? If you keep it open, you’ll have plenty of my seeds”

I pushed the glans further onto her womb.

The opening of her uterus slowly melted away and began accepting my hard dick. 

Haaaaa, it’s melting, my womb is meltiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!”

Erune’s lower body convulsed in pleasure.

However, because I’m firmly holding her in place, she couldn’t fall down yet.

I shoved my cock with full force into her butt that was fixed at a good height.

“I’m going to let it out soon, cram it all up!”

Feeling that my climax is near, I let Erune know.

Then with her remaining power, she tightened her vagina with all her might.

“Agii, hahiiiiiiii! Please let it out, let it all out inside me, let me bear your child!”

She made a vulgar exclamation that you wouldn’t imagine coming from the usual female knight.

Of course, there is no reason not to get excited even more with this, so I violated her even more.

“Guooo, I’m going to cum, get pregnant with this!”

I banged my waist with all my power, and together, we reached the climax.

“Cum, cum, stab it in my womb and cum. I’m cumming, I’m cumming too!”

Byuku, byurururururu!!”

“Ohiiiiiiiii!? your seed, it came! It’s filling up my womb……!”

Erune, receiving my ejaculation which resemled a broken water pipe, trembled her waist while she grasped the sheets in agony.

She too climaxed, and seeing my sperm not pouring out of oour connection, I can say that I came just in the right timing of her clamping. She couldn’t bear the sensation, though, and soon after, she is now in a hopeless state.

I felt great satisfaction, seeing the female knight being so vulnerable.

“Kuh, I can’t cum anymore……”

After ejaculating as If it lasted a few minutes, I sat down on the bed.

A lump of semen dripped from her insides where my cock was pulled out, soiling the sheets down below.


Erune was still trembling at the reverberations of the climax, with her hips still raised high.

But eventually, like a puppet with strings down, she plopped to the bed facing down.

Semen splashed outside her pussy even more from the impact.

“Aaaah, hhaaah,.Even though I clamped it with so much effort, it still leaking out……”

“Don’t worry. You certainly have gotten enough for your womb.”

What’s coming out of her right now are those that couldn’t fit in there. 

Still, it was so much that even I was amazed.

“I-is that so? I’m glad”

“Let’s take a rest here for a while. I’ll tell them to clean up later”

“Okay. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. I also want a child with Erune. Though I prefer a little gentler method than this”

When I said that, her face turned red.

This chapter came from If you are reading this note, then you are reading from an unauthorized aggregator site. Support the translator by reading it from the site itself. Thank you.

I stood up from the bed with a bitter smile after that.

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