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Reincarnated Elf Prince Extra Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Erune’s Fellatio Service

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Damn, I can’t give up, not at this time!

I confirmed the figure of the succubus coming after me.

I’m running away as hard as possible, but I still can’t shake them.

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“Ahaha, I’ve already memorized the layout of this castle! I’m not a commander of the intelligence unit for nothing you know!”

“You’re showing off your skills at this place!?”

I ran away while seriously cursing.

The Succubi used to play active roles as intelligence agents for the Demons.

And their leader is Glinnis. Of course, she would have high abilities as a spy.

But to think she really memorized the whole castle perfectly……

“Kuh, still, I have lost Erune. Only you are left……!”

I couldn’t find Erune’s figure anymore, but for sure she wasn’t as familiar with the castle as Glinnis.

That’s why, I decided to use my special technique.

“See ya, Glinnis!”

When I turned at the corner of the hallway, I touched a part of the wall.

Then that part disappeared like an illusion.

I slide my body into the gap, then closed the wall by touching same place again from the back side.

“Here you are! EEh!?”

I could hear Glinnis’ shocked voice from beyond the wall.

It’s impossible for you now. It’s a secret that only the King and the Prince knows after all.

You can already tell how high the secrecy is, as even the Queen haven’t been told by this either.

“I’m sorry, but I’m one step ahead of you.”

Following the road with a smile, I went up to the second floor of the castle.

This floor is designated for guest rooms only, and people usually don’t enter here. It’s also close to the stables where the horses are.

“Now, how to get out of here…”

When I thought so, the door that was on my side suddenly opens.

Then a hand came out, pulling me inside.

“Uooo! Who the hell are you!?”

I was completely ambushed and taken in.

It continued pulling me inside, then pushed me down the bed that was in the room.

“Rest assured, I’m not the enemy. I’ve been waiting for you, Allan.”

I heard those words above me. I finally realized who it was.

“So it’s you, Erune! Haaa, things have been a lot confusing these days……”

The one who suddenly brought me into the room was Erune, whom I thought I have lost in the chase. 

Why is she in such a place … was it by chance?

“Don’t look at me so strangely. Well, it’s not surprising, suddenly dragging you into a room after running away”

On the contrary, she looked at me with a proud face.

“Well, it is strange. How did you know I was coming here?”

Only my father and I should know the hidden path.

These are not included in the floor layout, and everyone who made it are already dead.

Even its very existence is told only by words from the King to the Prince.

My father says that there are some passages that have been forgotten in history due to that oral instruction policy.

“You know my former workplace, don’t you? Every castle will definitely have an emergency escape route”

“I see, there was something like that over there too”

“I thought you’ll definitely go to this corridor because it leads to the stables, and you need a ride to escape, and I was right”

It seems that she doesn’t know the hidden path itself, but she seems to have calculated where the course leads to for a person who intends to escape.

As expected of the commander of the order of Norceheim. She knows a lot about how a royal family acts.

“But I too want your seed, so you have to give it up.”

“I-I understand. I will do it with you from now on!”

Upon agreeing to her terms, she squatted in front of me then slipped her body in between my slightly opened legs.

Looks like she’s intending to give me a blowjob first.

“I too am Allan’s wife. I don’t intend to just get fucked by you forever”

“Hoo? So you’ve been studying sex?”

Of all my consorts, Erune often tend to play passively.

So seeing her actually taking the initiative is a little unusual for me.

This chapter came from If you are reading this note, then you are reading from an unauthorized aggregator site. Support the translator by reading it from the site itself. Thank you.

“Ah, Cecil said something. If you gave him a good liking, you will see his really pained face”

Erune said to me with cheeks a little red.

She took out my dick out, then without hesitation sucked it inside her mouth.

“Haahmuu! Nn, mugumugu, leroleroo”

My lascivious stick which wasn’t erect yet was sucked easily up to the roots.

Her tongue added more stimulus as it twirled inside her mouth. 

Njuuu, leroleroo! It’s hard to get it bigger……”

However, it was not easy for her to get me an erection.

After all, I have gotten used to the superb services of Cecil and the others, so a rough play like this is already not enough for me.

“Uumu……I remember being told to serve him like this……”

She tried blowing me several times, but it only made my dick wetter and didn’t really lead to an erection.

I could already see the impatience in her face.

“What should I do about this? If it doesn’t get hard, I won’t be able to hold it between my breasts”

Tittyfuck is what Erune is best at. However, it won’t mean anything if I don’t get hard first.

Her big tits will eventually push my floppy dick out by its own pressure when that happens.

“I-I’m not really suited to be a Queen Consort. I’m a clumsy woman after all……”

She finally lost her calm, sinking down to the floor with tears in her eyes.

I couldn’t bear seeing her like this, so I decided to help her a bit.

“Erune, move your tongue a little more slowly. It doesn’t feel good to get rough from the start”

“Can I really do it? No, I got it. I’ll try”

She sank her head to my waist and resumed the blowjob once again.

Then, she licked my dick slowly but thoroughly, much better compared to her rough one earlier.

“Good, keep going. You’re getting good”

I could gradually feel the sensation of her smooth tongue increasing my lustful desires.

Little by little, my excitement rose,  and so is my cock, becoming harder and harder as times pass.

Of course, Erune too felt my thing go up, and with that she made her movements more intense than before, probably happy that I finally got an erection.

“Amuu, Yes, make it bigger! Jyuuppu, jyuupupupupu!

She continued her fellatio, now with dynamic movements to stimulate me further.

Now, my cock is half-way through a complete erection.

With this, I have finally refueled my desires. All it needs is one spark to flare it all up.

“Wow, it’s getting harder and harder”

Now feeling glad upon seeing my standing cock, Erune vigorously continued her fellatio.

And all of this took her just a moment too.

“Erune, can you hold it in your mouth for a bit?”

“Okay. Leave it to me. Making you feel better is my happiness”

She swallowed my lewd stick again.

She sucked it to the roots like before, but this time it’s erect, a big difference compared to the floppy one from before.

The tip that has gone hard plugged her throat completely, without any gaps in between.

“Nguuu, gubuu……it’s a bit painful but……judzudzdudzdudzdudzudzu!

Each time, Erune tries to deepthroat it all the way, even having a coughing fit as she do so. Though it was already a torture to herself, her throat creates a vaccum-like sensation as if it’s drawing the semen out from my very depths.

“Kuuh……It’s coming out!”

To think i was the one who taught Erune this wonderful service, that this is exclusive for me and my sake only, that fact stimulated my desire to dominate her even more.

“You want to let it out? Here, dump all of it in my mouth!”

Gently, she then crawled her tongue around, stimulating it from the root up to the glans like licking a dripping ice cream on a cone, then bobbing her head in and out of it as she squeeze my balls at the same time.

She has really reviewed everything i taught. What a fine woman.

“Erune, go deeper! Suck it deeper! I’m going to cum”

“Nguuu! Jyuruu, juzuzuzuzuzu!

Dobyu, dobyurururururu!

Finally, I ejaculated inside her throat as I held her head towards mine.

“Uaaa……it feels so good that my hips might fall off……”

I blurted out, expressing my true impressions while being physically and mentally fulfilled.

To think there’s still a lot of room for her to grow, this woman is an epitome of evolution. I could definitely say that her blowjob, even if it’s not the best one yet, will become one very soon.

I anticipated myself on the future Erune that was about to become. Meanwhile,

“Ngunguu, gokkun! It’s so much……Hamuu”

My woman who heard those praises drank my semen in delight.

This chapter came from If you are reading this note, then you are reading from an unauthorized aggregator site. Support the translator by reading it from the site itself. Thank you.

I patted her head while enjoying this sweet and wonderful feeling of anticipation in my heart.

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