Reincarnated Elf Prince Extra Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Tipsy Service of Two

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

When I came back my senses, I was already being sandwiched in between Cecil and Fran.

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I know I’m bad for drinking too much, but this situation is now turning a bit unpleasant, as the two are pressing at me, creating a tense atmosphere between us.

“Cecil…… Prince is clearly on my side today……”

Fran declared on my left as she envelops my arm between her voluptuous chest to the highest degree.

Fran’s eyes aren’t smiling, however, indicating she doesn’t want to give up in monopolizing me.

“I wonder about that? Can’t you see that he leaned towards me a couple of times now?”

Cecil on my right raised her voice.

She’s not only holding my other arm, but also placing her chin on my shoulders.

As it is rare that Cecil usually approaches like this, it makes my heart flutter somehow.

Well, aside from that feeling of pressure to secure me that she’s releasing from time to time.

“What is this…… I can’t move one step……”

Even being drunk, I am next to an Elf with a high physical ability, followed by a half-elf.

And also, partly due to the fact that I’m being pulled to sit over, I wasn’t able to separate myself from them.

As I think on how to keep the situation from getting worse, Cecil made a suggestion.

“How about making Allan-sama decide which one of us is better suited to attend him?”

“……That’s fine by me. I won’t lose.”

“Oioi, don’t leave me out of this. I am right here in the middle you know?”

However, my words are entirely ignored by them.

Still in tow of the two, I was made to stand and was brought to the bedroom, different from the one Helena’s sleeping from.

While I was relieved by that, it was already clear to me what will occur from on. I could only take a sigh.

“Now, Allan-sama. Please take it off”

“So it leads to this after all. You’re really drunk, Cecil”

Those were the words that she doesn’t say everyday. Even more, while standing in a dignified manner.

“I’m not drunk! This is a serious match with Fran-san”

Her eyes were already set.

It was a completely calm state, one that you would not suspect of at tipsiness at all.

“If you can’t take it off, them shall I take it off for you?”

From my side, Fran stretched her hand to my clothes.

“It’s okay……wait, you’ve taken yours off already?!”

When I turned around, she was already naked. Fran is.

None of the cloths covering her beautiful limbs remained, so now she’s retaining the appearance similar to when she was born.

“When I thought that I would sleep together with prince, my body has become this hot……”

She casually pressed her chest against my back.

The soft sensation spread throughout, making me accumulate sexual desire.

“Don’t just focus on Fran-san. Me too……”

Not to lose to Fran, Cecil began taking hers off too.

It brought to open her attractive limbs not losing to Fran.

“Prince, you too. Don’t leave us hanging and take it off already”

Even if you say so, I really don’t want to move right now. Geez, I have no choice then.

Once I have taken off my clothes in a similar way, I was immediately pushed down by Cecil and Fran.

“Fufufu, I won’t let you go. I’ll fully serve you a lot”

“I’ll make you remember which one feels better”

They declared while looking at me underneath.

“Y-Yeah……I got it, I understand”

Since I don’t know what they will do to me if I refuse here, I can’t help but to agree with them for now.

However, it was obvious that the relationship with the other will deteriorate if I ever choose one of them.

But if I don’t break this situation, then……

“Why are you staring blankly, Allan-sama?”

It was Cecil that moved first.

She grappled my waist and sucked on my dick right away.

“Amuuh! Ahfuhafu, jyururu, pupu!”

“Cecil, I haven’t wipe it yet……”

I was filled with sweat for walking around all day long.

However, she already did a mouthful of sucking without even caring about it.

Jyurururuuru! Lero, peropero……tastes like semen”

After she licked my lascivious stick all over, she looked at my face.

“You did it with Effie-san, or Helena-san? when we got separated……”

I could only nod at her perceptive glance.

At this moment, my instincts are telling me not to go against the woman before me.

“Well, good. Now is the chance to compare it properly with my service…… jyupu, chupu!”

Of course, I couldn’t say that I had them both, but either way, Cecil’s service became more intense.

Until then, she was just licking it in her mouth, but now she’s moving her head alongside it, causing every motion to bump her tender cheeks as she visciously lick me up to the root by her cute little tongue.

“You’ve grown up so well. Come to think of it, at first, you were already in shock just by seeing this…….khuuh.”

For my sake, Cecil has improved her sex skills by a lot, and the results are already showing themselves in her movements here. 

She even completely grasped on where I feel the most, focusing her tongue them so precisely, making me thought about ejaculating right away.

However, the other person stopped me from cumming.

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“Prince’s partner is not only Cecil”

Fran who has secured my fuck stick from releasing its load began attending to me from my waist up.

She lined up her naked body right above, pressing her chest and waist against mine.

“Also, don’t just look at Cecil’s. Look at mine too”

She kissed me to assert her existence, an unusual behavior especially to a person like Fran, who’s usually quiet at most times.

The effectiveness of that wine worked really well.

“Chyuu, nn……Haahaa……Prince, do you like my breasts too?”

After enjoying my dick and ending it with a kiss, Fran leads my arm to her white hills, telling me to do as I like.

“It’s boring just holding it in. Shall we do something even more fun?”

“My tits, my cunt, from head to toe, all belongs to you, Prince”

Any man will be dominated with lustful desire upon hearing these words from a beautiful woman.

Filling my desire of conquering her precious body, I slipped my hand towards these precious lands, beginning the conquest of caresses around them.

The first landing to was her chest. I had such inclination towards them after all, enjoying the soft and tender meat overflowing in my palms and fingers.

“Nhaa……you like breasts, Prince? I’ll wrap them up to you even more”

Fran began sandwiching my right hand between her breasts.

“This is……what a pleasant feeling……”

The entirety of my hands is wrapped in her big tits, and the pressure between them gradually becomes stronger.

While savoring that sensation, I reached my left hand towards Fran’s lower half, stroking her moist skin, then sliding downwards, rubbing her perk buttocks at the end.

My eyes tend to focus only at her chest, but this place is also quite something.

“Your ass is also good. I want to rub it forever”

“As long as prince desires, I am always available, whenever, wherever……”

Fran said before crawling her tongue all over my body.

I released my hands, and at once she began servicing me by pushing her plump body to the front.

She even twitted my nipples, raising my excitement even further.

Both of my hands became busy. One hand then went in Fran’s secret region, while the other pats her head as she buries her face in my chest in my sudden action.

“Nnn!? No, Prince, I should be the one serving you right now……”

“But I want to hear your voice more. I want to get aroused by your voice”

After I said that, she opened her legs a little. Looks like she accepted.

Now that it has become easier for my hands, I started caressing her even more.

“Hauuu, yaaan, hahii! Your finger, it’s entering my insides!”

Aside from the noises created from Cecil’s fellatio, Fran’s moans also resounded in the room, making me nearer to my climax, being served by two women at once.

“Kuh, it’s coming out!”

“Yes, Allan-shama, preashe, gib it to me!”

“Prince, yes, do as you like!”

Both of them respond in their own, unique ways.


Cecil swallows my fuck stick from below, this time aiming deeper.

“Kyaaah! Aah, aaah!”

Meanwhile, I ravaged Fran’s body from above.

“Haahaa……Prince! Nhcu, hamuu”

“Nnnn! Mugu, gokuh, gokuh!”

Soon, I ejaculated inside Cecil’s mouth while raping Fran’s lips with my tongue.

The two continued their service until my climax was over.

However, this isn’t the end. I couldn’t just leave without pleasing them. I’m a good man after all, so I have to repay them two-fold, at the very least.

This chapter came from If you are reading this note, then you are reading from an unauthorized aggregator site. Support the translator by reading it from the site itself. Thank you.

I raised my body, preparing myself for the second round.

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