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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 7 (FINAL) Chapter 5

Final Chapter – King Schildride the Strong

King Shildride II.

This title was given to Schild after he became king.

In the nation’s long history, Schild was the first king to be named after the father, Primera.

The name Schild was given to him by his father with the intention to honor him alongside the greatest of all the founding kings.

Together with the previous king Preslate, he accomplished his father’s legacy of eliminating the threat of the Demon race by defeating the New Demon Lord’s Army that appeared to avenge their previous defeat, on which he successfully defended the country with his overwhelming military and authoritative prowess.

This boasted immense popularity among the people, and the power and influence of the royal family remained strong, which resulted in his internal enemies, the aristocrats, becoming unable to move against him.

The power of the kingdom remained centralized on the royalty for the next half-century.

But even after becoming the king, Schild never showed any moderation in his libido.

Rather, he continued to embrace and love women as he had in the past, which became the source of all sorts of amorous tales.

However, any further than this would be regarded as unrelated to the story.

For Schild is no longer an “abandoned bastard” but a king in charge of his own kingdom.

Thus, the story of his saga will end here.

To bring the story to a proper closure, here are a few notes about the people involved in Schild’s life.

First, Schild.

Of course, even after he became king, he continued to embrace numerous women.

He had many wives and gave birth to many children, regardless of age or stature, and regardless of the advice of the goddess.

However, unlike his grandfather Protesto, and because of his bad childhood and almost parentless upbringing, Schild enforced in his regime a strong parental system that focused on supporting a large number of his children, which wouldn’t only ensure that the kingdom won’t be plunged in another civil war, but would also strengthen the power of the royal family and prevent the aristocracy from using them. This system would then last for several centuries without any change in form.


She married Schild as the first queen, as originally planned.

She and Schild gave birth to 18 princes and princesses, the most of any of the King’s wives, also maintaining her reputation as the first queen.

Because of her generous and vibrant personality and her cheerfully managing the king’s harem, which usually tends to be inherently gloomy, she prevented every court dispute between the royal family, thus preventing any casualties altogether, unlike the previous Protesto’s rein.

This was later regarded as the most incredible miracle in the history to come, the most successful achievement that historians of later generations would unanimously decide later on, and that King Schildride II’s reign wouldn’t last if it wasn’t for her assisting beside him.


The supposedly ‘half-sister’ to the powerful King Shildride II, she was the second queen and one of the most eager and primary supporters of Schild’s administration, mainly in politics.

Her astuteness was so excellent that her name was well known throughout the rest of the world.

She had five children with Schild.



Like Cymbium, she is also a ‘half-sister’ to her brother Schild and became the third queen.

At the time of the war, she was still too young to play an active role, but since then, she has shown rapid growth and developed into a woman of great talent who lives up to her Oscar House name.

She even led the army on Schild’s behalf in times of war, protecting not only the nation but also her own family, which went into decline due to the incompetent leadership of Elovairo’s son.

She had seven children with Schild. If yo u are ab le to r ead this messa ge, yo u are read ing fro m an unau thori zed aggre gat e sit e. Re d at my Wor dPr ess at stabb ing wi th a syr i nge. hom e. blo g to su ppor t me and my t rans lations.


After serving as the head of the Subjugators’ Guild’s branch in the royal capital, she was welcomed into the royal court, where she became a distinguished bureaucrat.

Although she never joined the royal family as a concubine, she was still regarded as Schild’s mistress and was eventually chosen as his prime minister.

She gave birth to two children through Schild, who were regarded as illegitimate heirs because of her position.

However, it was an open secret that they were also raised under Schild’s love and affection, as with their other half-siblings.

Mariastel and Nancy

She was the lord of the large territory of West Adele, and her estate management set an ideal example for others to follow.

She was an unmarried woman until the end, yet she gave birth to a son, where she gave up the title of the lord to him and lived her life as a noblewoman without much trouble.

Servant Nancy, her right-hand woman, remained with her throughout her life, and had three children. Like her master Mariastel, she also remained unmarried all her life.


She was renowned as a strong female subjugator, but at some point in her life, she was appointed a commander position in the service of the royal court.

At the same time, she became a concubine of King Schildride II and gave birth to sixteen children, second only to the first queen, Carney.


Despite being a foreigner in another country, she also entered the inner court as Schild’s consort. She devoted herself to the upbringing of princes and princesses without being a soldier or a bureaucrat.

Although she had only six children, she disciplined the children of other members of the queen’s entourage equally and became the object of awe and inspiration for all the princes and princesses for her excellent teachings.


Carney’s older sister and the legitimate daughter of the Leschbein House, she officially took over the reins of the family at an early stage, becoming the head of the family even though she is a woman.

As head of the family, she had many people offering their sons to take her hand, but in the end, no one was able to take her into her bedchamber. Before she retired, she passed the reins to her eldest son, born to Schild.


Her twist of fate began when he took in Schild as a lodger when he was still an abandoned bastard.

Even after his accession to the throne, he would still visit her at her residence with his queens whenever he grew tired of state affairs.

She declined to join the royal court because of her old age and spent her life protecting her mansion, her late husband’s legacy.

Nevertheless, she still gave birth to one child with Schild.



Born to the abovementioned Lady Nazah and her late husband, she graduated with honors from Salena University. She also became a fellow mistress of Schild and played an active role in his entourage after her talents were spotted by Lirica.

She and Schild had three children.


With Schild, who became the king, as her patron, she showed an even greater talent and fulfilled her life as a dancer.

She gave a total of 470 performances until she was forced to retire due to an ankle injury.

Her sensational dancing was highly acclaimed, and even after her retirement, she continued to contribute to the cultural development of the kingdom by supporting various artistic fields.

She and Schild had nine children, four of which will become dancers in the future, leading the generation of arts to flourishing age after their mother.

Delpoix (real name unknown)

A famous prostitute who reigns over the largest entertainment district in the country.

It is said that she welcomed Schild as a guest when he was a prince, but after his ascension to the throne, in accordance with the unwritten rules of the brothel district, she never took the king as a guest.

She died suddenly only two years after his ascension to the throne, without having any contact with Schild.

Her sudden death, with no known cause and without warning, stirred up all sorts of speculation among the people of the royal capital.

It was said that her face resembled that of a little girl who refused to grow up, yet also an older woman who was tired of her life.

A woman that remained mysterious until the end.

Queen Dowager Petrome, formerly the First Queen, and Queen Dowager Olivia, formerly the Second Queen

After Schild’s ascension to the throne, they officially retired from the royal court. They are still respected as Queen Dowager and live peacefully away from the affairs of the state.

They each reared another child secretly and are raising it in their respective family homes.

The father, of course, was kept a secret from the public.

The Four Devas

Argome the “Hundred-Eyed”

Ante the “Queen Ant”

Berzeld the “Mad Demon Warrior”

Zaria the “Evil Virgin”

They are artificial demons created by the former king Preslate.

After the war, they were freed by Schild to establish a monster nation.

As for why Schild left them alone, like his father, he also thought that a potential enemy would be necessary to tighten up the domestic affairs of the country.

“Hard times create strong men.”

Of course, it couldn’t be denied that he was also looking forward to the birth of a nation led by a future Demon King – a demon king of which would be the product of breeding Zaria with his seed.

Apart from the abovementioned, there were still numerous women that Schild held in his embrace.

Since it is impossible to recount all of them later in the story, let us end this with one last mysterious tale that has been passed down through his country.

A traveler was passing through the wilderness, but he got lost on a flat plain with no landmarks and was at a loss of what to do.

Nevertheless, even with his sense of direction completely off, he clung to a hope of a possibility of finding the end as long as he looked for it, and sure enough, his hope was repaid.

He soon discovered an old cabin that suddenly appeared in the middle of the wilderness. Th is chap ter tra nslat ion is m ade possi b le by stabbi ng w ith a syri nge tr ansla tions. ch eck only up -to -da te transl atio ns on my Wor dpr ess sit e.

He knocked on the door, seeking help from the tenants inside, and soon enough, there was an old man who took pity on his plight and offered him lodging for the night.

The house had enough food, water, and a safe place to sleep, and it was like a godsend oasis in a desert.


Why is there only one house in such an empty wilderness? Why is it possible to live and secure food in such a place where not even a source of water can be found?

The more the traveler thought about it, the more they began to wonder.

However, the man who seemed to be the owner of the house was much kinder than necessary, and he took great care of his wandering guests and was happy to make small talk with them, erasing all suspicions.


The traveler also noticed that his favorite topic of conversation was gossip about what the king had done in the capital.

Several travelers a year stayed at the “Cabin in the Wilderness” and survived their deaths because of it, and before long, it became a popular story as a place of refuge for those in distress.

However, those who intended to actually search for the cabin ended up with empty results; thus, the cabin’s existence was doubted, but even after Schild’s reign ended, the legendary tale of the “Cabin in the Wilderness” continued to be told.

With this, the tale of After being Abandoned, the Bastard of the Royal Family turned out to be the Strongest and is now Embracing every Woman with He Likes with his Extraordinary Prowess has come to an end.

May the land he ruled be prosperous for future generations to come.

“Lord Schild! No, Your Majesty! No, dear!”

“What happened, Carney? Calm down!”

“Listen to this! I’m having a baby again!”

“Another baby?”

“According to the doctor, it’s been three months!”

“Carney sure is good in giving birth. Anyway, this calls for a celebration!”

“Hehehe~. Praise me more. I did my best for you. After all…”

“After all?”

“This is for me, for you, our future grandchildren, and all the people who live in this country.”

“…that’s right.”



After being Abandoned, the Bastard of the Royal Family turned out to be the Strongest and is now Embracing every Woman with He Likes with his Extraordinary Prowess.

This is the end of the story.

To those of you who have read this far, thank you very much for your patience.

This is the first erotic work I have attempted to write publicly, and I had a lot of fun writing it while making fresh discoveries.

In particular, the pleasure of going in with all guns blazing without brakes was unimaginable.

It gives me the illusion that my brush tip is a cock. I’m typing on a keyboard and writing with a pen, though.

Anyway, I am very happy that this work, which I wrote as my libido dictated, has been well received and published in book form.

And again, I would like to thank my readers once again for helping me to bring this story to a conclusion.

Schild’s woman-hunting is over now that he has become king.

The story would no longer be “The Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family,” and the title would be a fraud if we continue from here.

However, the author’s libido hasn’t subsided yet, so they will write another erotic story with new settings and situations in mind.

Will it be a development that would whip more erotic developments in a smart way, or will it be a development that would focus more on the story and has eroticism in the middle?

I intend to start in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned.


We are pleased to announce that the second volume of the book version of “The Strongest Prince Abandoned” will be released by Orgis Novel.

Schild’s activities on paper will continue, so we hope you will stay with us.

We will keep you posted on the release date and other details in the activity report or, if possible, on the page of the new serialization.

Please stay tuned!

Translator Notes:

The main story proper has finished, but the series is still far from over. There are still the commemoration chapters for the release of the second book of this novel, so please, stay tuned~!

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