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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 7 (FINAL) Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Culmination of it All

The Goddess Furfanil is a secret goddess that has been monopolized by the royal family in its succession for generations.

The power of the first king, “Primera” Schildride, who established the kingdom, was given by this very Goddess.

With this unrivaled power, he pacified the tribes that were then occupying the now-erected kingdom’s lands and established a nation.

Since then, she has witnessed the accession of new kings for dozens of generations and has measured the caliber of its kings.

And that was the ‘Rite of Passage’ that is conducted for every ascension of a king.

Yes. Today, Schild was about to undergo the same baptism that his father had undergone, his grandfather had undergone, his great grandfather had undergone, his great grandfather’s father had undergone, and so on.

“Ahhh…♡♡ Ahhhh…♡♡”

Schild’s penis is currently being swallowed into the depths of the Goddess’s wide-opened crotch.

That’s right. Schild is having intercourse with the Goddess right now.

Although one cannot say how many men in the world have the achievement of embracing thousands of women, they are guaranteed to be no rarer than a man who has embraced a goddess.

“Well done, you have reached the depths of my pussy…♡♡ But this is not the end♡♡ Firmly rub my walls with your cock and show me your kingly qualities♡♡♡♡”


“You slut Goddess. You mean to tell me you’ve sucked the cock of every man who’s ever come to you like this?”

While saying this, Schild moved his penis back and forth inside the Goddess’s vagina, enjoying the sensation.

“Not all of them…♡♡ Some of the past rulers have been queens too, you know…♡♡”

Even in this generation, if Schild had not intruded, Cymbium would have been the queen – the ruler of this country.

At that time, Schild thought Cymbium had already had lesbian sex with this Goddess.

But apparently, this was not the case.

“For all the kings who come here, I would always start by asking questions.”

“Like you did to me just now?”

“Only those who demonstrate certain qualities in their questions will thus have a chance to get to a skin-to-skin with me, to know more about their further qualities…nchuuu♡♡ mlemmlem♡♡♡♡”

Schild joins his lips with the Goddess, fully tasting her tongue, all while their lower halves are still connected. If y ou ar e a ble to re ad this mess a ge, y ou are re ad ing from an una u thorize d agg rega te s ite. R ea d at my Wor dPr e ss at st ab b i ng wi th a syri nge. hom e. b log to sup port me and m y trans lati ons.

But even though she is a Goddess, Schild finds it hard to judge whether the pleasures being given by her body really match her title.

The feeling of her vaginal flesh was only on the level of Carney’s vagina or Cymbium’s.

It was also like Berzeld’s vagina, which was small and tight, but also like Lady Nazah’s vagina, which was ripe and full of stickiness.

It was like a virgin vagina that had just been fucked, but it was also like the whore Delpoix’s veteran pussy who has engulfed many men.

The faces of all the women he had ever fornicated with came to mind and even accompanied Schild with the illusion that he was having sex with his mother.


Their lips parted after enjoying a deep kiss with plenty of salivae mixed in with each other.

“Does having sex with you measure how much of a king I am?”

“Yes♡♡ So please fuck me more♡♡♡♡ and freely as you like♡♡ Please dominate my body as you would dominate the kingdom as well♡♡♡♡”

“Then let me do all kinds of things to you.”

Schild withdrew his penis once and stared sullenly at its pubic region.

He already ejaculated several times, and semen was pouring out of the opening he was just in.

“Since fucking a Goddess is only a one-time-opportunity, let’s take a good look at her. So this is the pussy of a Goddess, huh.”

“Ahh♡♡ This is so embarrassing♡♡ You’re staring so hard at my thing…♡♡♡♡”

“You’re embarrassed? Is it still embarrassing for a goddess to have her pussy looked at so intently?”

“Isn’t that obvious♡♡ If I wasn’t embarrassed, sex wouldn’t be as fun♡♡♡♡”

From that statement alone, Schild could tell that this Goddess is essentially a slut.

“In that case, let us make you feel even more embarrassed. With this.”

Schild traced the rim of her opening with his fingertip.


“I don’t like the word ‘thing’ when referring to this part of the body. I think you should say “pussy”. That way, it would be more vulgar.”


“But that’s…♡♡ I still have to keep up the dignity of a Goddess, you know♡♡♡♡”

Schild violently slid his finger in and out of the hole.

To which the Goddess writhed in pleasure as semen which had just been injected into her was scraped out of her vagina.

“I-I understand…♡♡ Pussy♡♡ This part is a pussy♡♡♡♡ A pussy for a cock to fuck♡♡♡♡”

“Say it more.”

“Pussy♡♡ Pussy, pussy, pussy♡♡♡♡ Pussypussypussyyyy♡♡♡♡ And my pussy feels sho good♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The Goddess is, in the end, a pervert by nature.

A little pressure was enough to make her say it, and she began to get wild, like a piece of grease paper on fire.

“The Goddess is singing the word ‘pussy’ so enthusiastically. Am I a good prophet now that I am hearing all this?”

A prophet is a person who is entrusted with words from the Goddess.

“…and “Pussy”, the Goddess spoke to us. How will the believers react when they hear that?”

“Mou…♡♡ Are you going to humiliate me further…♡♡ Ahh, my pussy is…♡♡♡♡”

Even though she was saying this, the Goddess, exalted yet degraded, ordered Schild to humiliate her more.

As if to adhere to this, the Goddess’s body, which had been on her back, was turned over to reveal her wonderfully large round buttocks that almost covered Schild’s entire field of vision.

It was a magnificent ass.

It has a roundness unique to women, but its surface shone like a pearl or, for that matter, like gold, like it was a butt that descended from heaven. Thi s cha pt er tran sla tion is made possibl e by stab bi ng wi h a sy ringe tran sl ation s. check onl y up-t o-d ate transla tions on my Wo rdp ress s ite.

If that were all, it would just be beautiful, if not holy, but it was not, for there is a hole in the center that definitively establishes that the area is a disgusting area of shame.

“The goddess has an asshole?”

After stroking a lot of the surrounding buttock flesh, Schild stroked the asshole with his fingertips, which should be the final destination of everything that would come inside her mouth.


“If the Goddess has an anus, does that mean she too has something to put out of here too? Or are you so drunk that you have to put something in your body that doesn’t even have a function?”

“How can you say such things♡♡ And to a Goddess, no less♡♡ What you’re doing is a desecration of the Goddess’s dignity…♡♡♡♡”


“In a distant foreign mythology I have heard in my travels, a goddess pulled all sorts of food out of her ass and gave it to the mortals to feed. Does that mean beans, wheat, and other gratuitous things came out of this asshole too?”

“Why are you showing off your knowledge at a time like this♡♡♡♡♡♡”

By the way, Schild’s fingers are already diving deep into the Goddess’s anus, providing sexual stimulation to her entire ass.

“My butt is feeling so good♡♡ My asshole too♡♡♡♡ It’s feeling good from being churned up so hard♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“In that case, let’s apply some more perverted make-up.”

With his free hand, Schild squeezed his phallus, to which the appropriate stimulation caused his semen to spurt out white fluids.

By his splashing of the white liquid, in turn, the buttocks, which shone a mixture of golden and whitish glow, got soiled, adding an obscene touch to the already sculpted art.

The end result was a Goddess who has been violated by a man to the point of becoming a slave to their lust, her vagina gaping open, and her lower body covered in semen.

If her divinity’s source is her virginity, then this woman would have already lost her goddess status then and there.

But this Goddess did not lose her sanctity even when covered in semen. Making her divinity another matter entirely.

“After all, the more a woman embraces, the more sacred she becomes. For to conceive, bear a child, and be a mother is the root of a woman’s holiness.”

Furfanil pushed her goddess’ ass and turned her body over again, this time exposing her ample breasts and her obscene pubic mound.

Since meeting with Schild, she has never tied her legs together. On the contrary, she even opened her legs wider to show off her crotch.

“…It’s not over yet, Schild♡♡”

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