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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 7 (FINAL) Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Heading Towards the Throne

“I think I’m ready to become the king now.”

“I don’t care, just fuck me more… eh?”

Princess Cymbium, her buttocks shaking in the doggy-style sex, clamped her vagina at the abrupt offer of Schild.

Their bed is currently filled of beautiful women, their crotches overflowing with his seed.

“Eeeh!? That’s… I’m very happy to hear that but… um, that… A-anyway, could you please stop dropping bomb statements out of the blue and just focus on having sex first?!”


It was already weeks since Schild returned to the royal capital, after meeting with his father.

After coming back, King Preslate I was then announced to have died of a debilitating illness while being taken hostage by the Demon Race.

A grand funeral was held, many complicated ceremonies were completed, and now the threatening situation finally came to an end.

The war with the New Demon Lord’s Army was finally declared over, and everything has settled down.

The next question to be discussed was who would take the vacant throne, and this was Schild’s suggestion.

Nevertheless, the timing was really out of the blue, and it surprised Cymbium.

“Are you serious, Schild!? No more lies!? Because I, for real, will gonna proceed with this in such a way that you will never be able to take it back!” If yo are a ble to re ad th is mes sage, yo u are r ea ding from an unaut horiz ed aggr egat e si te. Re ad at my Wo rdPres s at stabb ing wit h a syr inge. hom e. b log to supp ort me and my tr nslati ons.

“I see that you’re still skeptical, Cymbium. I’ll cum inside you to prove that I’m serious.”

“Isn’t that what you always do…♡♡ Ahhh♡♡ It’s pumping so hard in my pussy…♡♡♡♡”

Cymbium went into ecstasy as semen was poured into her womb for the umpteenth time, but she quickly pulled herself after.

“I can’t stay like this! Wake up, everybody! Especially those of you with jobs related to the kingdom’s politics!”

She said in a thundering roar to the beautiful women who were rolling around naked.

“We shall immediately convene a congress to discuss Schild’s accession to the throne! There may be no opposition at this point, but we must firmly establish the will of the people and set a date for the coronation ceremony!”

The beautiful women who had been violated by Schild in the harem play and were lying on the floor rose up all at once.


They included Lirica, the head of the guild branch; Serenea, the second princess; Rezahata, who had officially succeeded as the head of the Leschbeins; Shokki, the secretary; and a number of other beautiful women who held bureaucratic positions at the royal castle.

All of them stood naked, their breasts shaking, with semen leaking between their legs.

“With our own hands…!”

“…we will make Master Schild the king!”

To these beautiful women lined up side by side, with their asses thrust out, a penis was again inserted from one end to the other.


“Schild♡♡ Waiit~♡♡ We don’t have time for sex anymore♡♡ Can’t you see we’re going to be busy♡♡♡♡”

“We already had plenty of sex before this…♡♡”

But Schild didn’t listen to their complaints and continued playing with them.

Thus, even though he had announced it, the preparations for his coronation were still delayed.

Schild continued to slam his hips against the beautiful asses without saying a word.

“Lord Schild, are you… despite saying you’re gonna step up to the plate, now that you have declared it and all… are you still undecided in your heart and are trying to delay the arrangement by having sex?”


Carney, also in the violated women’s group, saw right through Schild’s heart.


“That’s underhanded of you, Lord Schild.”

A chilling rebuke came from Carney.

Unable to refute, Schild continued to smack her ass, still trying to keep up his compromised deception.

“Oh, my Goddess! Carney! Keep Schild’s cock locked up inside your pussy so that he won’t be able to bother us!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“The other girls follow me! You’ll be busy until the coronation! And no, no whining! And don’t envy Carney!”

Cymbium and the other women, having dressed themselves up, immediately rushed off to their various places.

Schild will be king.

He had stubbornly refused to become king, but his change of heart was naturally influenced by his conversation with his father, Preslate.

Restoring the kingdom, which had been weakened by the rise of the aristocracy, was a major project for the previous king’s reign.

And now, the will-be-reign of Schild, the most powerful man in the kingdom, will be the culmination of the project and the completion of the absolute monarchy that his father had been aiming for.

Naturally. it was irksome for Schild to become king here as if he were following his father’s plot. Th is chap ter trans lat ion is mad e possi ble by sta bbing with a syr inge trans lations. che ck o nly u p-to-d ate tran sla tion s on my Wor dp res s si t e.

But somewhere in his heart, Schild also knew it was his destiny.

One’s fate resides in their character.

Since Schild’s nature is inescapably suited to be a king, it could only be said that it was his destiny to take this position.

All women as lovers.

All men as friends.

All elders as parents.

All the young as his children.

And they have no enemies.

For he kills as soon as he catches sight of them.

If you have these qualities, the throne will come to you whether you want it or not.

For Schild, that fateful day is approaching.


The nobles in the country had lost much of their power due to the intrigues of the previous king, Preslate. Also, because of his accomplishments as a subjugator, the support of the common people for Schild is already unmatched.

Schild’s ascension to the throne is now a foregone conclusion, but there is still one last hurdle to overcome.

“The rite of passage, huh?”

Yes, that’s right. Wait, why are you acting like you already knew of this?”

“No, I knew nothing. You must have heard something else. Please continue.”

“Is that so… well, going back to the topic, the ‘Rite of Passage’ is a baptism that all kings must undergo. Each successive king would undergo this rite in order to have a ‘holy body’ that would set him apart from the rest, and only then he would take his rightful place on the throne, or so what the church has told us”, Cymbium, who was once the first candidate to succeed him, eagerly taught Schild.

…though it was exactly the same words Schild had heard from his father a while back.

“We have already notified the Furfanil Temple, which will be in charge of the ceremony. Please visit the temple in the next few days to undergo the rituals and become fit to be king!”

“Got it. While at it, care to have one more round, Cymbium?”

“Again!? No, absolutely yes! Fuck me again, Schild!”

Thus, Schild’s visit was again delayed by his sex with his lovers.

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