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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – The Fall of Argome of the Four Devas

“But, well, hostile forces are still hostile, so…”

With that, Schild decided to capture Argome for his own.

Not after sex, but while in the middle of it.

“Ahiiinn♡♡ Afuuhhaa♡♡ My pussy♡♡ My pussy feels so good…♡♡♡♡”

“If it’s with this, you won’t be able to escape.”


With both arms and his genitals to wrap around and fix her in place, Schild ensured that Argome could not move.

And just like that, the fouth of the Four Devas was captured and restrained.

“I will bring you back to the castle with me, so help me get dressed.”


“My hands are full restraining you. So you’ll have to dress me up yourself. Or shall we travel naked like this? It’s your call.”

“Wait, waiiit!”


With Argome’s “help”, Schild managed to finish getting dressed, and immediately, he turned towards the direction of the royal capital, away from the forest where their secret meeting took place.

“Wait a minute! What about me? I’m still naked with my pussy still connected to your cock!”

“It won’t be a problem if you cover us with my cape.”

And so, just like that, Argome entered the royal capital of the Human Race still naked, with Schild’s penis between her legs.

She was held up in what was called stand and carry sex position throughout the scene.

Although she was wrapped in the cloak Schild had originally worn as a warrior’s mercy, she was completely naked underneath it.

And because they were in such a foolish and strange state, they attracted even more attention from the capital’s people instead of not being noticed.


“You’ve been spying on my sex all this time with your powers, haven’t you? If so, isn’t this a good atonement?”

Because you’ve been spying on people’s embarrassing parts, it is only fair that you should expose your own embarrassing parts to others.

Although they had covered their nakedness with a cloak, it was easy to guess that Argome’s genitals were connected to Schild’s because of their positions.

But the reaction of most of the people of the royal capital was the accustomed “Prince Schild was doing it again?”. This was not a surprise as Schild’s debaucheries and antics had already been known since the days when he was still famous as the “Slayer of Forty-Eight.” If yo u a re abl e to re ad this me ss age, yo u are re ad ing from an un author ized agg reg ate site . R ad at my Wo rdPre ss at sta bb ing wi th a syri nge. ho me. blo g to sup por t me and my tr ansl at ions.

“Hiieeeee!! He’s watching me! They’re watching me! They are staring at me as I have sex with you!”

“I’ve covered our naked bodies with a cloak. They aren’t staring at anything.”

“Ooohh♡♡ Ahhh♡♡ Don’t poke me deep in my pussy while I- Ooohh♡♡ You’re doing it again♡♡ Ahh, they know now♡♡♡♡ They definitely know now that we’re having sex in the open♡♡♡♡”

And so, cutting through the streets with their bodies in close contact in this way, Schild and Argome eventually reached the royal castle.

“Hey, I caught one of those of the Demon Race.”

“What did you say-“

Naturally, the castle became in an uproar.

One of the top executives of the New Demon Lord’s Army, whose movements were still uncertain, was taken prisoner.

What’s more, the one who accomplished this was none other than the commander-in-chief of the Human Race himself, Schild, their primary opponent, which added even more to the panic.

“I-in that case, we need to interrogate them…uwaaa!! Wh- why are you having sex with…her?!”

“Do you need a reason to have sex?”

“I see, so it was a woman! As expected of His Highness Schild! Anyway, gentlemen, leave the room immediately! No matter how much of an enemy they are, you can’t expose a woman’s indecent appearance to so many men!!”

And so, the assembled male dignitaries were immediately removed from the conference room, and only the females remained.

The reason for this was the strange theory that it was OK for them to be present at the sex scene if they were also female.

In the meantime, Schild was still kneading Argome’s naked body, which was now laid on the conference room desk.


“Ahhn♡♡ Ahhh♡♡ Noo!! I can no longer escape because my body was already numbed from my pussy being fucked repeatedly♡♡♡♡”

Argome was completely captivated by the pleasure of sex.

“As expected of our Schild… or so, I would like to say, but I also can’t help myself anymore…”

Those who remained were not just the usual members of the royal court’s women: they were Cymbium, Carney, and Lesnussa.

“…She is Argome, one of the Four Devas of the New Demon Lord’s Army. She has the ability of clairvoyance and is in charge of information control of the enemy.”

These “leaders” were trying to be serious about the information provided by Schild, but they couldn’t help but be concerned about the sex going on next to them.

If it were another situation, they would have already said, “This is a serious topic, so stop it!” but they also knew that Argome was currently incapacitated because of the pleasure brought by Schild’s cock, so they had no choice but to let this one pass.

“In any case, this is an unexpected stroke of luck. We still have no legitimate information of this New Demon Lord’s Army, and yet we were able to capture a senior enemy leader, and an intelligence officer at that.”

“There is a high possibility that she is in possession of some very important information due to her area of work. We should interrogate her right now and make her tell us everything she knows. The information we get here could lead us to victory.”

Both Cymbium and Lesnusa were excited, but next to them, Argome was…

“Ahiaaah♡♡ My pussyy…♡♡♡♡ Keep fucking my pussy more…♡♡♡♡”

…also excited in another meaning.

The meeting should be a serious one, but it was not, thanks to the panting and moaning of this woman all throughout.

Unable to hold it in, Cymbium was the first to pour out her thoughts.

“…Um, Schild, you can stop having sex now, you know? After all, you already brought her to the castle, so there should be plenty of other ways to restrain her.” Thi s cha p ter tr ansl ation is ma de poss ib le by sta bb ing wi th a s yrin ge t ran slation s. che ck only up-to- da te tran slati ons on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

“I’m not restraining her. I’m having sex because I want to have sex. That’s all there is to it.”

“…I guessed as much.”

[Sex should not be used as a means of restraint, but rather should be enjoyed as sex.]

Schild’s thorough approach to sex left Cymbium no choice but to give up.

“You call this eyeball a ‘terminal’? It looks… like a toy than a real eyeball. And it feels like one too, like a rubber ball but with a creepy design.”

On the other hand, Carney was interested in the “terminal” she pulled out of Argome’s hair.

“And you say that you can make these eyeballs fly long distances and instantly transmit what it sees to the main body? You Demon Race sure have pretty impressive abilities.”

After that, Carney removes her pants and underwear, leaving her naked on the bottom half of her body.


Because all the men were kicked out except for Schild, who now has his ass in full view, it was fine, and in that state, she started examining each of Argome’s terminals.

“…this one is too big. I need something smaller.”

The eyeballs that Argome uses as “terminals” vary in size. Some are like large fruits, others are the size of small peas.

“This is about the right size.”

Everyone at first was puzzled about what she meant by right size, but soon as Carney picked out that moderately-sized eyeball, everyone was shocked.

It was because the eyeball she picked up, she…

…put it inside her vagina without batting an eye.

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