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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Invasion of Argome, Who Has Reached Their Limit 1

The morning after the great mass peeing festival.

Schild was looking over the yard of the Nazah mansion, which happened to be the site of the fuckfest.

“…a hundred of the beautiful women’s pee has been absorbed by this lawn. And now, it has all been washed way.”

The first statement made Schild want jump into the lawn and roll around it.

He felt that it now had some kind of special blessing, like some fountain of youth.

But due to the complaints from their neighbors about the smell, it was all cleaned up, much to his dismay.

“Now then, shall I visit Tanifa’s university and have sex with a student today…”

But while he was saying his plans and was about to go out…


…a voice called out from somewhere.

Schild was surprised and confused. He should have been able to detect the presence of people easily as a practiced warrior, but he did not detect any sign when the voice called at him.

He looked around, but there was still no sign of anyone.

If so, was the voice he heard just now an auditory hallucination caused by smelling too much of the maidens’ urine?

[This way! Down, down, down!]

As the auditory hallucination told him, Schild looked down at his feet.

Then he saw something strange.


An eyeball.

Only an eyeball – a part of a human body was floating in the air, staring at Schild.


Schild jumped in surprise, but the eyeball did not stop staring at him.

It stared at Schild and did not move an inch. If yo u ar e ab le to r ea d this mes sa ge, yo u are rea di ng fr om an unaut hor ized ag greg ate sit e. Re d at my W ord ress at st abb ing w ith a syr i nge. ho me. bl og to su ppor t me and m y tra nsla t ions.

[I am “Hundred-Eyed” Argome, one of the Four Devas of the New Demon Lord’s Army.]


Naturally, Schild was baffled and astonished by the sudden introduction.

“Follow my terminal because it will guide you to the main body. I want to talk with you alone, personally.”

Schild responded to an invitation that could seem like a trap because the voice spoken through the eyeballs was in the tone of a woman.

Schild will not refuse a woman’s invitation in any way even if it’s from an enemy camp.

He followed the drifting eyeball through the air, across the city, through the gates, and out the royal capital.

“How far do you plan on making me walk!?”

Where he was led to was an unspoiled nature outside of the city, with grasslands, small hills, and dense forests spreading out in various places.

Some of these forests were perfect places for a prowler to hide.

After entering the forest around the royal capital and proceeding a little further, he finally found the end of the journey.

He was met by a plump, well-fleshed woman who, from all angles, looked like she would be worth raping if a bandit would see her.

“So, you said to me that you are one of the Four Devas.”

“Yes, one of the Four Devas of the New Demon Lord’s Army, Argome the [Hundred-Eyed].”

The eyeball that had guided Schild flew in an arc and hid in Argome’s hair.

She had lush hair so long that the ends hid her calves, which also apparently contained and concealed more than a hundred eyeballs inside of it.

The heteromorphy alone could make Schild recognize that the other party was truly of the Demon Race.

“The ant-being who attacked us the other day said something like that, too. What’s with the Four Devas thing?”

“The four most important beings who lead the New Demon Lord’s Army. They were created by the Demon Lord, each with their own role to play in the extermination of Humanity.”

Argome answered the question in a disciplined manner, which surprised Schild.

“The [Ant Sovereign] whom you defeated the other day, is tasked with producing soldiers. The insect monster’s ability to self-replicate is optimized on him to the maximum extent to mass-produce the elite of the New Demon Lord’s Army. As for me, the [Hundred Eyes] Argome…”

Numerous eyeballs shot out of her hair.

They floated around Schild and surrounded him.

“…using these ‘terminals’, I can see a thousand miles ahead and gather information from a wide area – information that will be useful for the Demon Army. With my help, we can foresee the dangers awaiting us and find the opportunities we must seize.”

“Information is the cornerstone of a soldier. I see that the Demon Race has done their homework.”

Schild was impressed, but he remained on his guard at the same time.


“…you say you were in charge of gathering information to the New Demon Lord’s Army. But what do you want, calling me all the way here?”

“Schild, the only male royal blood. Your presence is very detrimental to us Demon Race people. And I mean that in a very nasty way.”

Schild could understand what the other party was trying to say.

Schild’s existence as royalty was revealed only recently.

But here, she was already saying that he was an obstacle that they must surpass. The biggest one at that.

That it would pose a great problem to them if they did not pay attention to him and take countermeasures.

“I have been watching you. That is my ability. If I can watch you 24/7, I will be able to find out your faults and weaknesses, and from there, I can eliminate you on the spot.”

“I see. Now you’re making sense.”

With the “Hex of the Gladiator”, the Demon Lord’s Army was as good as victorious once Schild, its counter, was eliminated.

“So, how’s that working out for you? Did you find my weakness? I assume that’s why you called me… here…?”

“No. Sadly, I did not find it. Your weakness, that is.”

“Eh, you didn’t find it?”

Then why did a heavyweight in charge of intelligence, a post that would normally never come to the forefront, invite the very head of the enemy to her premises? Thi s ch ap ter tra slat ion i s ma de poss ibl e by st abb ing with a s yri nge tr ansla tions. che ck onl y up- to-d ate trans la tions on m y Wor dpre ss si te.

And one with the greatest firepower at the enemy side at that.

Normally, the only reason that comes to his mind is that they were confident of victory.

“I’ve been watching you for the past few days. And what I’ve learned is that ……!”

“What have you found out?”

“All you do is have sex!”


“In the morning! Day and night! Always having sex, anytime, anywhere! And not just one partner, but dozens! I was serious about counting them at first, but I gave it up halfway through!”

“I think there were about three hundred in the royal capital alone…? I have also given up on counting, though I could also feel that they’re still increasing.”

“You are too sexually licentious! Any store you go to becomes a brothel, and any woman will open her legs for you if you command her to do so! It doesn’t matter their status or age! And to top it off, what was that Peeing Festival last night? Do you know what I, a Demon, thought when I saw it?”

“An act of human madness?”

“That’s right! And this comes from a Demon who was taught that Humans are scary throughout our lives! I never imagined they would be much scarier, being able to hold such a crazy event!”

Argome gasped for breath, showing the zealousness of her protests.

“So that’s how it was.”

As for Schild, he began to understand the reason for the other party’s outburst.

She had been watching Schild’s every move for the past few days.

Inevitably, she saw Schild having a dazzling array of sex with numerous women.

Morning, noon, and night, they were having sex without a pause.


What would happen to the psyche of a normal human being if they continue to be exposed to such things?

Of course, Schild hasn’t forgotten that the other party is of the Demon Race.

However, seeing the other party no different from a human…

It could only mean one thing.

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