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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Still Under Argome’s Watchful Gaze 2

In the garden with no trace of a man in the vicinity, all the women Schild had gathered are already present, their bodies naked.

Standing confidently in the garden, they swung their pubic areas, nipples, and anuses in the open air without reserve.

The garden at the back of Lady Nazah’s mansion is blocked by a high fence and trees. Thus, the insides couldn’t be seen when viewed from the outside.

Because they are all in the open area, the possibility of being caught is still there. However, not a single one showed a hint of embarrassment in movements and bodies, even in this fact.

“The weather is perfect, too. A warm sunny day and no raincloud in sight.”

Saying this, Schild also stripped naked, exposing his penis to the women. After a good night’s rest, it again pointed up to the heavens as if he had never dived into the vaginas of numerous women yesterday alone.

“Today, I want to thank you all for coming together in this gathering. Really, who would have thought that a mere musing of mine, to the point that I had almost forgotten about it, would blow up and become a festival this grand? Anyway, for you to support me, even though it was only a whim, I could have never been so grateful.”

Yes. All of this grand gathering of women began with Schild’s mere musings.

At one time, he thought it would be a spectacular sight to gather as many beautiful women as possible and have them urinate simultaneously.

So he set a date and gathered all the beautiful women he knew.

All to make them urinate at once.

Since it would be difficult to clean up afterward if the event was held indoors, not to mention the clean-up would be a big turn-off after that, they decided that an outdoor setting would be more… preferable.


The garden of Lady Nazah’s mansion was chosen as the venue. If it’s a soil instead of floorboards, he thought they would be able to pee as much as they wanted.

For this, Schild thought that a gathering of about ten people would be enough. Yet, these ten people unexpectedly ballooned and reached a hundred people, much to his surprise.

“Hundreds of hot women peeing all at once… this will be a spectacular sight!”

While Schild was overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery of nude women prancing about, the women, on the other hand, were busy drinking the refreshments distributed in the yard.

Some were steadily filling their bladders with water, while some hadn’t urinated since this morning. Of course, they knew that holding back their urine too much was bad as it would cause complications, hence some taking a refill as they have already dumped the early batch, but in the end, their enthusiasm to give a good squirt could already be traced in their faces.

“Well, then, it’s time to move on to the final event.”

Schild, the organizer, began the opening ceremony.

The naked women in front of him are beautiful women who had received his semen in one way or another. In other words, they were already prepared to do anything for him, no matter how shameless it could be.

“As you have already known, I have gathered you here to make me witness a grand spectacle of beautiful women peeing simultaneously. But I think just peeing in front of me would be too simple since it has already become a grand gathering. Thus, I will be asking you to pose in various embarrassing positions later on to further enhance our excitement.” I f y ou a re abl e to re ad th is m ess age, y ou are r eadi ng fr m an un aut ho ri zed ag gr egate sit e. Rea d at my Wor d Pre ss at st ab bing wi th a sy r ing e. ho me. b log to su pp ort me an d m y transl at ions.

Naturally, there was a commotion in the abrupt change of rules, but no one was bothered. Instead, they were all showing signs of anticipation.

“Everyone, follow my instructions and assume the positions as you are told. First, sit down on the grass, then open your legs wide.”

All the women present obeyed Schild’s instructions, even though they were naked and outdoors.

Shedding their last human dignity, they opened their legs. They exposed their special places to the open air, those lovely places they would typically never expose in public, even more so in the soft greenery of someone else’s garden.

The degree to which they performed varied from person to person. While all the women were already doing the best they could, some still couldn’t open their crotches wide because they were still not used to the movements.

“Uhuh. Good. You, over there. Open your crotch more. Use Carney here as an example. Yes, that’s it. Good, good! Keep stretching your legs until they’re almost in a straight line. Keep it up, keep it up!”

With Schild’s coaching, the women were able to open their left and right legs successfully. Well, more or less as he wanted.

As a result, the pelvises at the center of those legs got exposed in full view.

However, Schild was far from being done. He isn’t satisfied with just that.

“Okay, now that you’ve opened your crotches, let’s go to the next step.”

” ” ” ” ” “Next step!?” ” ” ” ” “

Many women were surprised, but Carney and the other old-timers immediately accepted the eventuality.

“With your legs spread, spread your pussies apart with your hands. I want to see your pussies down to your very holes.”

It was a demand more shameful than before.

This puzzled many women, but without asking questions, Carney, Cymbium, and the other old-timers held their labia with the tips of their right and left fingers and spread them grandly for Schild to see.

Under pressure from the old-timers, the novice maidens also spread their pubic areas and shamelessly exposed their shameful parts, which they had yet to show to anyone.

Not only the vulva but also the spot where their clitoris and the urethral opening, literally everything one could see inside.

It was as if a hundred flowers made of flesh had suddenly bloomed in the garden of Lady Nazah’s mansion.

“Good, very good. Now, the moment you have been waiting for. While maintaining that position, squirt it out of the hole above your cunt to your heart’s content all the piss you have been holding back! Do it as hard as you can!”

The moment the signal was given, the humidity in the garden rose dramatically.

At this moment, the women holding back finally let out what must be let out.

Holding back was a struggle, both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, when the signal for its release actually happened, a tsunami-like wave of euphoria immediately engulfed their minds.

The calming feeling of having it released.


And it is not just for one person, but dozens… hundreds of them.




The momentum of urination varied from person to person. Yet, all of them flowed together to create the appearance of an arcing waterfall.

An arcing, relieving waterfall.

Normally, urinating is a shameful moment that should never be shown to others, even more so for the young women here, who are the majority, as they are sensitive to shame.

However, it all changed when it was under the orders of a king.

Although he wasn’t a king yet or considered himself as such, Schild was already experiencing what could be called a “king’s moment”, with a hundred women peeing naked on his command. Th is cha pt er tran slat ion is ma de po ss ible by stab bi ng wi th a s yr inge tr ans lati ons. che ck on ly u -to- at e tra nsl ations on my Wo rdp re ss s ite.

And yes, it wasn’t really an order, but a mass volunteer, as all these women offered themselves to Schild. But because none of them were forced, the pleasure that was well received by Schild increased a hundredfold.

“While you are doing that, proceed to the next step, and that is…”

” ” ” ” ” ” “There’s still more!?” ” ” ” ” “

The women screamed at Schild’s insatiable desire.

“Stand up and turn on to your backs, and this time, pee the rest while spreading your buttocks wide! I don’t care if it flows through your legs! Let’s make it more embarrassing this time!”

Because they had already reached this far, the women decided to follow Schild till the end.

Any shame in the newbies was immediately turned into shreds in this new form of shame training.

And because all of them desired Schild, they had no choice but to obey his instructions.

They turned around on their heels, spread their buttocks with both hands, and exposed their anuses, continuing to urinate in that position.




It was a spectacular scene.

The splashes of urine different from before resounding in the garden,

The wastewater that was coming out of their bladders and dripping onto the grass like dew before they got sucked into the ground with various water noises,

The hundred-plus maidens urinating in a hundred unique ways,

And finally, the odor of the gallons of wastewater being dumped in one place, which gave the pungent smell of ammonia all over.

Stimulated mentally and practically by this grand event, Schild’s penis got more ravenous than ever.


“That’s it! Your disgrace, show it to me! Make my cock feel hard by it! Because I’m gonna fuck you all later! And I’m gonna fuck every last one of you until you drop! So spread your pussy more and pee with your best!”

After that, Schild attacked the women one after another and began a mad party that would last until morning the next day.

In the middle of it, Carney complained to Schild.

“Aahh~ what a waste of pee. I’d loved to drink them all one by one.”

Only to be replied by Schild in the end.

“Good idea, Carney! That would be our project for a later date!”

On a side note, after the party, Lady Nazah received numerous complaints from her neighbors about the noise they had heard yesterday.

“Can you keep your cats down? Their noises are a bother, and I could hear them even though we are far away!”

“How many dozens of those pussy cats do you have in your house!? I could smell their pee from a mile!”

…and so forth were the contents.

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