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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Under Argome’s Watchful Gaze 2

“Have you had sex lately?”

“…no, sir! I haven’t… Ah.”

The female banker just realized she had answered the question without thinking.

Immediately, her face became boiling red.

Nevertheless, she continued.

“I hadn’t done it since Master Schild fucked my pussy last month.”

“Then, would you let me fuck your pussy again?”

 “…Yes, I’d be glad to. Please make use of my pussy once again.”

Without stopping his right hand that was checking the paperwork, Schild raised his left hand and stroked the female banker’s ass.

Wrapped in a tight-skirted uniform typical of bank employees, her buttocks responded a unique tension and texture that made them very pleasurable to fondle.

“Mmmm… ♡♡”

The female banker, still red in the face, tried to bear it, but she soon couldn’t take it, and her hips began to squirm.

This was Schild’s other half of the reason for visiting the bank personally.

Or rather, this was actually the main reason Schild was doing his visits to the bank: he would fuck and play with the uptight female banker under the guise of checking his account balance personally.

From the establishment’s perspective, there was no way a single woman could resist the approach of a customer who boasts one of the highest deposits on an individual basis. Adding Schild’s “Majesty of the Lion” into the mix, the woman was as good as a whore in banker’s clothing.

Thus, this female banker, who was also regarded as the most beautiful and staunch woman in the kingdom’s bank, was now reduced to a meat toilet servant who would offer her vaginal hole to Schild whenever he comes to visit their establishment.

“Ahaa…♡♡ Master Schild♡♡ Once again, thank you very much for depositing your load into my pussy♡♡♡♡”

The female banker moaned this while taking off her tight-fitting skirt and panties and burying her indoor-work buttocks between Schild’s legs.

The banker’s spirit, which was her willingness to open her vagina in order not to miss out on a good customer, was already laced with the woman’s lust, and because Schild is now a prince on top of being a hero, her desires to be humiliated by him was boosted even more.


“Mmfuuh♡♡ Mmm♡♡ Mm♡♡ Mmmmh♡♡♡♡ How is it, Master? Does my pussy feel good♡♡♡♡”

“Quiet, please. It’s messing up my calculations.”

“Yesh, I’m shorry♡♡♡♡”

He was being mean, but in reality, Schild was actually pleased with the soft vaginal flesh of the uptight female banker.

The fleshy part of the meat inside her was so tender that it almost seemed it would melt away whenever he plunges his heated dick.

“Nfuuuh♡♡♡♡ Mmmhhh♡♡ Mmmhhhmmm♡♡♡♡”

But it wasn’t only that. Schild also found it cute that she was also desperately trying to hold back her moaning after being warned about the annoyance. If yo u ar e ab le to re ad t his me ssag e, yo u are rea din g from an un auth or ized agg regat e si te. Re ad at my Wor dPre ss at sta bbing wi th a sy ri nge. ho e. blo g to sup port me and my tr ans atio ns.

That made him want to be even meaner.

“Reading this paperwork is tiring in the arms. Can I put them on your back?”

“Nhaaa♡♡ Yes please♡♡ Feel free to use my back as a desk♡♡♡♡”

Schild and the female banker were in a position where the female banker was being nailed from behind. As such, when the papers were placed on her back, it made it seem like her body was a desk.

“A desk with a pussy, huh. Your bank sure is well-equipped.”

However, as soon as Schild restarted his slamming, the documents he placed on the “desk” fell over due to their movements, which made it even harder for him to check his accounts and balances, if he was actually checking them.

But they had already reached this point. Caring about these matters isn’t needed anymore.

So this time, they switched to a missionary position, where they embraced, overlapped their lips, and rubbed their genitals over and over and deeply against each other.

“Mmmghhhh♡♡♡♡ Please♡♡ Deposit your load inside my pussy♡♡♡♡ mlem, chuup♡♡ Deep inside me, please transfer lots and lots of it♡♡ While at it, make my pussy your main bank of your semen♡♡♡♡”

Blurt, blurt, blurt, blurt.

Splurt, splurt, splurt.

Just as the female banker requested, Schild deposited his load of semen deep inside her pussy until she had reached her “bank” limit.

In the end, he wasn’t able to check his income and balances well, but for Schild, who has accomplished his main goal, he was content.

After using the uptight bank as a brothel, he left the bank’s premises as it was.



Schild’s schedule has opened up a bit, though he is now only with a bit of time.

Schild knocked on the door of a house that caught his eye.

Judging from the size of the house, it was probably the residence of a middle-class nobleman.

“Hello. I’m the new Prince.”

Schild had no hesitation in wielding the power of royalty when it came in handy.

He was a man who used his power but never let his power use him.

“P-Prince Schild!? W-welcome to our abode!”

The man who greeted Schild as he stepped out of the house was a middle-aged aristocrat who seemed to be its owner, a typical small noble who would be willing to suck up the air of the powerful.

“I’m sorry to drop in unexpectedly at a busy time of the day. I was just passing by. Am I intruding on something?”

“No, no, you are not intruding, Your Highness. You are always welcome in our humble home! In fact, it is already our greatest honor that our future king has visited us!” said the noble, completely prostrating himself and not even hiding his intentions to suck up his authority.

“I’m actually a little horny still, so I was wondering if there is a young lady here who is old enough to have sex with me.”

“If that’s the case, leave it to us! We have a daughter who has just reached a marriageable age! No, actually, we have two! An older sister and a younger sister! Which one shall I give to you?”

“I want both of them if you please.”


And as Schild has expected from him at first glance, the aristocrat was the type of noble who would do anything, even offer her daughters without hesitation as lambs for slaughter, just for him to gain power.

“Just to be clear, those girls don’t have fiancées or boyfriends, do they?”

“They are all fine and single, Your Highness! They have no such relationships with anyone else!”

(I wonder if that’s true.)

Schild was worried at first, but after having a private conversation with the girls themselves, he discovered that they were not accompanied by hesitation or sadness in their movements which is typical of an engaged woman. Schild decided to embrace them with peace of mind. Thi s ch ap ter tr ansla tion is mad e poss ibl e by st ab bing wit h a s yri nge tra nslat ions. check o nly u p-to -dat e transl at ions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

“Thank you, our prince, for waiting for us.”

“We will serve you to the best of our ability.”

The two ladies were dressed in fine clothes and acted with refinement as expected of noble daughters.

Though these soon didn’t matter as Schild immediately stripped them naked and made them scream like sluts.

“Ahhh♡♡ To have the prince’s cock in my pussy, I’m so happy♡♡♡♡”

“It’s not fair that only big sis is getting it♡♡ Please give your cock to this pussy as well♡♡♡♡”

Even though both of them were virgins, the noble ladies were already able to use vulgar language that aroused the men in bed, signifying that they were already taught the language in the bedroom.

“To be able to receive the prince’s cock, my pussy has never been so happy♡♡ My pussy is so happy right now, Prince Schild♡♡♡♡”

“Your Highness♡♡ Please have grace on my pussy too♡♡ Please grace it with your big cock, and not just my sister♡♡♡♡”

The daughters of the nobility, who were supposed to have been raised as butterflies and flowers in a greenhouse, were having their virginity scattered in a mood of passing the time.


But even though they were actually being tossed about by the power of the aristocratic society, the two still seemed happy.

Was it because they are now in the arms of a rare hero named Schild that they feel safe?

Or was it because they are now being embraced by the future king named Schild that they feel secure?

“Hnyuuuuuuuu♡♡♡♡ Come inside♡♡ Cum inside me, Your Highness♡♡♡♡ Please fill my pussy with your royal cum♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Me too♡♡ I too, want to be impregnated along with my sister♡♡ Please make me pregnant along with my sister, Prince Schild♡♡♡♡”

Just like that, the sisters were all ejaculated vaginally, and once he was satisfied, Schild withdrew his penis.

Using their buttocks, he wiped off the semen and love juice from his penis, cleaned himself up, and then got dressed.

Schild politely declined the aristocrats’ invitation to dinner and left the mansion, and once again, he was free and at a loss of what to do.

“…I’m still not content. No choice then, let’s go to the brothel.”

Upon deciding on what to do, Schild went to his last destination for the day, which was none other than Brothel Rafflesia.

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