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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – King

“Your Majesty, by ‘plan’, do you mean…”

Schild was too shocked by the consecutive revelations that he unconsciously addressed his father politely.

“…restoring the king’s authority back to the royal family? To revive the royal power ruined by the incompetent former king and to constrict the haughty nobles?”

“Yes. And all that hope, which I thought I had lost, came when I saw your innocent face, Schild. No, it was even before, because I already knew that what will be born in your mother’s womb will be a strong baby, which will become a strong man later on.”

While Schild was still in her mother’s womb, the king had already begun formulating a plan based on him.

“First, I made a backroom deal with the Demon Lord in the midst of battle to obtain the power to control monsters in exchange for the Demon Race’s safe escape from the country. And I think I did a good job. I did not even let old man Elovairo, one of my closest aides at the time, know of my move, so that was a big victory for me.”


Elovairo Oscar was the real name of the Oscar’s retired patriarch, who is assisting Schild now.

“If I were to put it in a bad way, I have now possessed a powerful tool to fight against the aristocrats. However, what is supposed to be my trump card… was also my only card, for I was weak. I was a helpless, weak king, and I have learned that the hard way.”

Preslate says this in a self-deprecating tone.

“But you, you are different. You are born with something, and I just knew it. It is still possible for you to grow into a strong king. A strong king, undeterred by bloodlines or the “Majesty of the Lion” or anything like that. Grandpa Waldborn had it. Protesto and I didn’t have it.”

A must-have quality for the next king.

“I was brought up under a strong king, but in the end, I never developed the qualities of a strong king. I have lived in fear of the assassinations of nobles. After all-”

“I was wondering what you are talking about, but in the end, this is just your excuse for leaving me behind, isn’t it?” If you a re ab le to re ad this m essa ge, yo u ar e re adi ng from an un authoriz ed aggr eg ate si te. Read at my Wor dPre ss at sta bbing wi th a sy ringe. hom e. blo g to su ppo rt me and my tran slation s.

“That’s because I really wanted you to reach the capital on your own feet, against all odds. I believe that the soul of a true strong king resides in the achievement of overcoming ordeals. Believing this, I began my preparations for the moment you arrive in the royal capital.”

First, he activated the seed he implanted in the second queen, Olivia, together with the traits of being selfless, which gave birth to the second princess, Serenea, two years later, to ensure that the Oscars would be held back in the inheritance order. He also chose it to become a girl.

As for why he chose it a girl again, it was also to ensure that a struggle for succession would break out under the royal bloodline, as it would become a battle between two female heirs, and to make the nobles reduce their power amongst themselves once Schild steps in.

To put it simply, he used the ‘seed’ provided to him by the ‘entity’ to create civil unrest.

“That’s another story Serenea must not hear.”

“She’s my daughter too, so she should be fine. Even without my gene, she still has the Oscar’s blood in her. And the women of that house are strong.”

The king laughed like he was talking about something else.

“After ‘defeating’ the Demon Race, I began researching monster creation and control methods behind the scenes while ostensibly allowing myself to become a puppet for the nobles. It wasn’t so hard since it is the nobles who are doing all the work, and bacause I was just a puppet, it has left me plenty of free time. Of course, that action also brought me merits to my own survival.”

The more he immersed himself in his research, the more the impression that he was a ‘puppet king uninterested in political affairs’ spread through the court, and the king’s safety became more ensured.

“Research went on, and Zaria, Berzeld, Ante, and Argome were ‘born’ next. As for Why I ‘birthed’ them, I needed those children as difficult enemies that you would eventually have to fight.”

“But why, though?”

“Because a strong king needs strong adversaries. He needs enemies to show his strength, his power of ‘might’. For the crucial difference between nobles and kings is whether they fight with swords or not. At least in this country, that is.”

If his son were to reach the royal capital by his own power, then he surely must have an incomparable power that is fit to be a king.


“But power is meaningless unless you have the chance to show it. As a father, I wanted to give my son that chance. To show off that power to the populace.”

“This is where new demon army enters, huh? Along with those “Devas,”. They’re like mares brought to a stallion which is me, in order to test my readiness to mate, or in your words, to be a king.”

――A king recognized by all the people, even though he came from the outside. That is what Preslate wants.

“May I speak frankly?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“This is batshit insane. You didn’t even see me when I was a baby. What would you do if I didn’t grow up as you expected? You even willingly bet the fate of the whole country on such a thing.”

If Schild didn’t appear in the royal capital, or even if he did appear, but without the strength to overcome his trials, the kingdom might have well been destroyed by the New Demon Lord’s Army.

“I don’t know what kind of instructions you gave, but Zaria and the others were serious enough in their mission to destroy the kingdom. Seriously, what were you thinking, doing this to the kingdom you are supposed to rule?”

“My royal creations cannot do something that grand. In the first place, I’m just trying to claim the center of power back to the royal family.”

The king said simply.

“And I wasn’t worried. You will come. You will come, and you will overcome all the challenges I have prepared for you. And all this has come true.” This cha pter trans lat ion is ma de possi ble by stab bing w ith a sy ringe trans la tions. che ck only u p-to -date tra nslat ions on my Word pre ss sit e.

With his tremendous physical strength, he became the most powerful monster slayer, and his name became well-known.

Because he has played an active role in various battles masterminded by Zaria and others, he got recognized by all kinds of people.

With his unparalleled “Majesty of the Lion,” he has taken many women by the hand and won them over to his side.

He is now regarded as a hero for his victories.

“The nobles have been exhausted by the long struggle for power and were reduced in number by the real war that has recently occurred. Also known as the “Monster Swarm Extermination Battle.” Adding that you have seized substantial military power, the Knights, and the support of the people on your side, there is longer any way for them to resist you.”



“The kingdom has regained its original form. The king now stands at the top of the kingdom and rules with authority, as he has been. The foolish nobles who ruled the country died out, and only the nobles who remained were those who were wise and who should be the king’s hands and feet. My job here is done.”

Preslate’s far-reaching plan is now fulfilled.

“…Then what about Zaria, Berzeld, Ante, and Argome? What will happen to them afterward?”

Then Schild’s bitter, vindictive voice overlapped with his father’s.

“Especially Zaria. Was she only a pawn in your game, a stepping stone for the rigged match you’re creating? She was looking up to you, you know! And so are Berzeld, Ante and Argome! They all look up to you as a parent! As a father! And you’re going to throw them away like that, like some sort of used goods?!”


“That’s not all! Indeed, many nobles died in the battle you have caused, with most of them being arrogant ones, but among them are also innocents who died as collateral damage! In fact, if I weren’t there, Serenea would have died in it as well!”

There must have been many more who had their fates twisted by the king’s schemes.

“Is this what a king does? To despise his people, whom he should be facing, and to take advantage of them through a scheme? In the end, the only one who has benefited from this ploy is you! You who –“

“It isn’t me who benefitted from this in the end. It is you.”

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