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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Weak Men Create Hard Times

“Since the throne is given to boys first, the nobles who had pre-empted me were relieved for the time being and did not go into a rage, for I already have an heir, even if it was temporary. To sum it up, I’ve succeeded in maintaining the status quo from her birth alone.”

“I wonder what Cymbium’s face would look like if she heard that.”

“Don’t worry. She’s a woman who can sense such subtleties unlike you.”


As if it hit the bulls-eye again, Schild didn’t say anything.


“As I said, this made me prolong my value of existence, or at least half of it. As for the other half, well, there was still the threat of the Demon Race as a force. A king back then was needed as a symbol to unite the country and fight against these Demons.”

“From there, you successfully destroyed the Demon Race and were praised as a great king.”

“On the surface, yes. In reality, however, the Demons had already been suffering a series of defeats even at the time of the previous kings, especially from grandpa Waldborn’s time, and were already a dying force. It was a merit held with the cooperation of generations of kings.”

The old King Waldborn, upon arriving at his peak of achieving greatness, handed over the throne to his son Protesto.

However, the second king didn’t continue the legacy of leading on the frontlines, which was almost complete, and indulged himself in debauchery instead. If yo u a re a ble to rea d this mess ag e, yo u ar e re adi ng from an unau thoriz ed agg rega te s ite. R ead at my Wor d Press at sta bbin g wi th a syri nge. ho me. bl og to supp ort m e and my tr ansla tions.

As a result, the work and burdens of two generations were passed on to the next generation Preslate in its entirety.

“Despite treating me as a tool, the nobles had high hopes for me. After all, I was the only prince raised by the “Warlord” Waldborn, well, with the exception of my father, of course. Because I was under his tutelage, I was expected to unleash results at least comparable to him as a warrior. After all, that’s what grandpa was known for.”

Actually, it would have been better for the nobles if they had been more active in the war, like what they had done during the previous generation Protesto’s reign.

But for these aristocrats, the Demon Race was just a distraction – annoying extras – that tagged along with their internal disputes from time to time.

“Maybe they had lost their patience with them, or maybe because they were gaining ground, the eradication of the Demon Race became an essential task that was put to me by these nobles. But for me at that time, it was nothing but a heavy burden. The reason being, if I successfully destroy these demons, these nobles will have one less thing to worry about, and I’ll lose value even more.”

In the final battle between the humans and the demons, the mental state of the king of the Preslate was at its worst.

Yet, he faced the battle bravely to destroy the demon army.

He has to win the war, but if he wins the war, there will still be nothing but a despairing life once he comes back.

The king, who was no longer of any use to the nobles, would finally be made into a complete puppet, and a system would be established in which the nobles would control the country for their own personal greed.

For Preslate, his ascent to the honorable top of the Great Kings was no different from the thirteen steps leading to the gallows.

“A king should have the power to destroy his own country……or something. You said that earlier, right?”


“That’s not true. I’m a king, yet I had no power. I had no backing because of my low birth, and even before that, the kingdom that should be following my rule was already in tatters because of the incompetence of the previous king. I had to become a puppet who did as the nobles wished in order to save my life!”

“And you didn’t like that, did you?”

“Of course, I did not! If you were born with a slave mentality imprinted on you to obey people, you might have felt happy in that situation. But I’m still royalty. This abominable bloodline could not bear the humiliation of having its fate controlled by others, and it was even more for me, who had spent half of his life under the tutelage of a great king!”


Being under his grandfather’s direct care, the young Preslate had also grown and become exposed to the stories of King Waldborn’s past sagas, the time when the warrior king still ruled the country with his own might.

It was an era where the king lived in prosperity, and all the glory in the kingdom was his.

“During those days, the king was the true ruler, not a puppet or a placeholder of some sort, completely different from Protesto and me. His tales were like……like a fairy tale aimed for successors like me. However, the more I grew up, the more miserable I felt each time I recalled them. After all, I couldn’t help but compare my reign to his, which always makes me depressed each time.”


“Nevertheless, the kingdom’s army is steadily exterminating the demons, and at the speed that even I didn’t expect. I was reminded again that once this battle is over, this feeling of being “alive” in near-death will also be over. And I will return to live as their lifeless puppet for the rest of my life. I was really backed into the corner that time. It was then… when a certain girl came to the private quarters I was resting, probably employed from the village we were in. “Is there anything I can do for you, Your Majesty?” I still remember how beautiful she was when she asked me those lines.”

Schild’s eyes blinked furiously at those words.

“That’s……my mother?”

“Yes, you’re right. Soon as she entered the room with that dainty and defenseless body of hers, the extreme stress accumulating inside me all burst out and transformed into sexual desires. Before I knew it, I already bedded her, which should have been impossible because of my constitution after that deal.”


“It was the first time in years I had fucked a woman out of pure lust, and also never expected that that night would become the most memorable moment of my entire life.” Th is chap ter transla tion is mad e possi ble by sta bbi ng wit h a sy rin ge tran slati ons. check on ly up- to-dat e transla tio ns on my Wor dpre ss si te.

These matters weren’t of the kind that should be talked out loud in front of everyone, especially your own son, but Schild remained calm and collected as he listened to his old man.

“I was born out of your wrath, wasn’t I?”

After a while, Schild finally spoke.

“Wrath? Those are big words, and I’m pretty sure that that description does not qualify on what I felt at that time. “Anger” is more fitting. After all, there’s nothing more pointless than the “anger of the weak”. “Wrath” is only a word reserved for “strong” people, like you.”

Anger, at the absurdity of what was happening to him. Anger, at himself on whose royal authority is belittled.

All of this anger got compressed and solidified into a single diamond.

And that diamond was Schild.


And when he came to being, the boy immediately pursued the path of finding his father’s footsteps and knowing about his “roots of origin” from him so that he could finally be “himself”.

Now, his roots have been revealed by that very same man.

And that he had been a product of a feeble king’s anger all along.

“For some reason, I immediately knew I had given life to the village girl I violated. I also knew right away that she would be carrying a boy. No. I wished for it to become a boy.”

From here on, King Preslate began to state himself joyously, as if his depressing demeanor was just a lie.

“At first, I was dismayed at what I’ve done. but then, like a flash of lightning, it struck me – a plan to take back from the impudent nobles the power of authority a king should be having in the first place.”

And so, the feeble king’s far-reaching plan was started from there.

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