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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Good Times Create Weak Men

“A dream?”

“You still want me to continue? We can end it here as it will turn stranger later on.”

“No, please continue.”

“You see, before you become king, you must first undergo a so-called “Rite of Passage”.”

“There’s something like that before you become king?”

“Has Cymbium not told you this yet? Ah, it must be because you’re not still resolved on becoming a king.”


“Hahaha! Looks like I hit the bulls-eye again! Anyways, before a member of the royal family becomes the king or queen, one must first undergo a… how do I explain this… some sort of ritual, perhaps? Of which they would take a ‘holy body’ that sets them apart from the rest before sitting on the throne.”

“And how does it relate to Cymbium and Serenea not being your daughters? Or following the words you told Cymbium, them “becoming daughters of the throne” and not the daughters of the king?” If yo u ar e abl e to re ad this m ess age, you ar e read ing from an un aut hori zed ag greg ate si te. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess at st abb ing with a syrin ge. ho me. bl og to su pport me and my tr anslat ions.

“That is because the seed – semen that made them into a human being came from that “ritual” and not from myself.”

“Excuse me!?”

“Yes, it is as you have heard. Before sitting on the throne, they have to first visit the Temple of Furfanil, where they shall receive the Goddess’s Blessing. From there, they will only be classified as a proper king.”

“A ritual you must undergo to become king? Sounds so bogus to me.”

“You will know why it is when you get there. Anyway, to answer your question. You see, when I got there, I made a deal.”

“A deal? With whom?”

“I don’t know. My mind isn’t clear what sort of entity I encountered, but all I can say is that because of that deal, I was able to progress with my plans, which led to here. Also, haven’t you noticed it?”

“Noticed what?”

“That every prince, no matter how lustful they are, would become docile once they become king. Well, there are a few exceptions, but the majority are like that.”

“I have heard of this somewhat from the old man of the Oscars. But I thought it was just a “taking responsibility” thing.”

“Elovairo, huh. That sends me back. Is he still fine? Err, anyways, it is more than that. You could say this ritual is the most vital part of being a king.”

“Most vital? Why?”


“Haven’t you noticed anything, Schild? No, let me ask you a question. Of how many women you came inside, how many got impregnated with your seed?”


“That’s right. None. The same for every prince once they get to become the king. So even if you fuck or get fucked by a royal family member, unless they have undergone the ritual, they would never bear offspring, no matter how lustful they are.”

“So you’re saying that this entity you made a deal with has the power to make the “sterile” royal family “fertile? And that this ‘holy body’ they are receiving is a blessing of fertility for the royal family?!”

“I don’t know. Back then, I was literally a ball of hate. ‘I don’t want to be a king’, ‘The throne can go fuck itself as I care’, just like you, but greater.”

Preslate was already engaged to the two queens at that time, of which he loathed them also.

Petrome was thinking too highly of herself, spewing harmony, yet they did nothing when the country was in turmoil at his time, and Olivia for her obvious power-mongering tendencies.

“To sum it up, I too hated to become the breeding horse for their offspring that they will obviously use as a tool later on.”

“So that’s why you didn’t spend much time with them.”

“Yes, but that isn’t only it. In any case, I knew I would be thrown away like a whore who has finished her service as soon as I give birth to an heir. I was only a puppet to them, after all. And so, fearing for that, I struck a deal regarding me becoming fertile. I didn’t know it was possible, though.”

And that deal was for the ability to choose the traits of the offspring he would have to these women he was engaged to.

“With that, I was able to select the traits of my future offspring, their personalities when they grow up, their timing of impregnation, and most importantly, their gender. It may sound like an absurd fairy tale, but here we are now.” This cha pter trans lat ion is m ade possi ble b y st abb ing wit h a sy rin ge tran slatio ns. check onl y up -t o-d ate trans lat ions on my W ordpr ess site .

“Is that the reason why Cymbium became more proactive instead of harmonious and Serenea being selfless, the complete inverse of the traits of their family?”

“Yes, and also the reason both of them are female, and the fact that I was able to time their pregnancies in that order. It wasn’t without a consequence, though.”

“There are consequences for that?”

“There are, unfortunately, hence the deal. And what was put in the table to exchange is-“

“Your libido, is it?”

“Oh? You noticed?”

“I just felt it.”


Schild is not exactly right. What was really “replaced” in his father is his seed, which will, in turn, impregnate the women of the child he wants, when he wants, and how he wants it.

“But this “seed” is just too much for a human like me to bear, so I was only given two chances to do it, and after that, I won’t grow hard again. But for me, that was enough.”

And from there, Preslate “sired” Cymbium and Serenea with his “seed” that wasn’t exactly his but that of this “entity”.

“Wait. If you are only given two chances before becoming impotent, how was I born?”

“That will be later on in the story. Now, where was I? Right after having that dream, I “implanted” those seeds in the two Queens. Then I went impotent, proving that the deal was real. But instead of being dismayed, I was only relieved. Then, I found out that my firstborn was a girl, of which had the traits I deliberately chose.”

“That was Cymbium.”

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