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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Hard Times Create Strong Men

On his journey to search for the Demon Lord’s whereabouts, Schild unexpectedly met his father for the first time.

From there, he discovered that the true identity of the Demon Lord was also him, King Preslate I.

But as if this revelation wasn’t shocking enough, it was also revealed to Schild that those who led the attacks on the capital were his father’s creations, not the actual Demons of the past but evolved monsters that were brought out by his power.


And right now, Schild is having a drink with such a man.


Soon as he sipped the alcohol his father poured, a piercing medicinal smell filled Schild’s mouth.

(He said that snakes were thoroughly soaked in it to get their extract, but there must have been many other medicinal herbs in it as well.)

The alcohol content applied was high in order to bring out the extract of the snake, but because of it, the taste became so pungent that an ordinary person would have spewed it out in his mouth on his first sip.

However, Schild just rolled the liquor around on his tongue, examining the taste carefully before swallowing it all.

“Oooh, looks like my son, too, is a good drinker.”

King Preslate spoke, impressed. Then, he poured another into the now-emptied cup of his son.

“You like drinking?”

“I like it, but I like some things better than others.”

“How about women?”

“That, too, but I also like fighting and mingling with different people. Maybe because of my life until now, I’ve also taken a liking to traveling around and seeing new things. I’m always fond of accumulating insights.”

The fact that he was so talkative was probably because he was trying to look good in his own way. I f y ou ar e ab le to r ead this m ess age, y ou ar e rea di ng from an un aut oriz ed a ggr eg ate si te. Rea d at my Wor d Pr ess at sta bbin g wi th a sy rin ge. ho me. blo g to sup po rt me and my tr ansla ti ons.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Schild was surprised that he still had the desire to make himself look as big as possible to his father, even though they had never met before.

“But you still like women best.”

“……why are you so persistent about that?”

“No, no, I didn’t mean that. Well, I don’t blame you. All the guys in the royal family are like that. Even I couldn’t control my lower body until I took the throne, and because of that, I used to go to the brothel almost every day……. That takes me back. Do you know the Delpoix Brothel District? You’ve been there at least once, haven’t you?”


Though he was seen fathers saying such dirty jokes related to ”lower halfs”, Schild didn’t expect it to be more embarrassing to be subjected to it personally.

(Why is he so insistent about these topics?)

“Well, my father…your grandfather was very promiscuous, too. The last King Protesto. He was known to be the most debauched of all the kings.”


“To be precise, he was a king whose only distinguishing characteristic was his debauchery.”

Most of the past kings were lascivious and devoured many women, but they were also strong in battle and vigorous in politics.

“You, my son, are also the same.”

“You’re making me sound like I’m a stereotype.”

“But unlike you, my father, King Protesto, was only interested in women. Most of the time, kings only have affairs when they are still princes, and once they ascended the throne, they’ll stop playing with women and only take care of their queens or concubines.”

From this, Schild was reminded of the testimonies of the Queens and the favorite prostitutes that had copulated with this king in front of him.


“But my father, Protesto, did not care about anything but women even after he ascended the throne. He never stopped going to brothels, even up to the point that he frequently had his way with the maids who worked at the royal castle. He even had an affair with a nobleman’s wife at one time, which almost became a political issue.”

“He’s an idiot.”

“That’s your grandfather.”

Because the topic suddenly shifted to strangers he didn’t know, Schild was even more puzzled about what the king was trying to tell him.

“I was born to such a prodigal father. My mother was one of the women he devoured in his debauchery. She was a lowborn and not even eligible to be his wife.”


“Just like you.”

From there, Schild began to understand.

The story the father is trying to tell his son from the very beginning.

It was…… the very moment when King Preslate was born in this world.

“I’ve had a low status ever since I can remember. I was a prince in name only. As there were already a number of older brothers and sisters born from the bellies of queens and concubines in the castle, they looked down on me. I’ve been branded a failure just because I was born from a lowly mother’s belly.”


“But look at me now. I’m the king. Why do you think that is?”

What was the reason that a lowly and powerless end-ranking heir was able to beat out his many competitors and grab his father’s throne in the end? Th is ch a pter tran slat ion is ma de poss ibl e by stab bi ng wit h a syr ing e tr ansla tions. che ck on ly u p-to -da te tra nsla tion s on my Wo rdpr ess si te.


“Because they’re dead. All the heirs to the throne except me.”

“A power struggle?”

“Good answer. You have also experienced it, haven’t you?”

“I can’t help it. In the end, everyone wants me to be their king.”

“That’s because you’re strong. Strength is always the highest criterion for selecting rulers in this country, after all. The weak fall under the thumb of the strong.”


“Back to the story. King Protesto, despite him laying his hands on many women and giving birth to many princes and princesses, he failed to announce a strong successor before he died.”


They were all mediocre, with no clear advantages or disadvantages.

Such a group of mediocre people was the brothers and sisters of the now King Preslate.

“My father Protesto was really an ordinary man except for his libido. As I said before, he was so preoccupied with sex that he gave no interest in politics, so his underlings went and did as they pleased.”

“Isn’t that horrible? If I were him, I would try to at least maintain a good state of things even after the generation changes. He should have announced at least one preferred successor that will take over the throne.”

“Exactly. My son is really clever.”

From there, an ugly, dark struggle began in the royal castle.

Each nobleman, one after another, feted a royal family member who was related to them, saying, “This one is worthy of being the next king,” while making all sorts of fuss.

Since there was no talent difference among the royals, the court battle became a quagmire.

“From there, it didn’t take long for someone to take the last resort.”

“Assassination, huh.”

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