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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Demon King

Currently, Schild is walking alone outside the royal capital.

He was in a remote wilderness where not a single person could be seen.

This is not a problem for him because he’s used to walking around in remote areas from his experience as a Subjugator, but because of this act, the capital is currently in an uproar.

After all, the most suitable man to be the new ruler in terms of ability and virtue has gone missing. Again.

Even so, Schild had to come alone, without his companions.

To this place.

The whereabouts of the Demon Lord.


It was the crucial information that Zaria, the “Evil Virgin” who had fallen at the end of their sex, had told him.

For some unexplainable reason, Schild’s premonition told him that he has to go there alone.

The Demon Lord’s abode is said to be in an undeveloped wasteland far away from the royal capital, across a mountain valley.

As he could not verify the exact location, Schild had to scour through the entire forest and the bottom of the valley by himself.

From there, he finally found his destination.

It was a small mountain hut.

It was not luxurious, but it was well built, and looking from the outside, it was fit enough for a single person to live in.

Schild found the front door and opened it without knocking.

The door was unlocked.

As soon as he entered the room, the smell of medicine immediately stumbled his nose.

It was a smell he had never smelled before, but it immediately reminded him of medicine anyway.

The inside was dimly lit.

Even though it was a small mountain lodge, its interior was divided into several partitions, and the way it was structured was very solid.

Just as he was about to go through the rooms one by one, …… ‘it’ appeared.


One of the doors opened, and from there, it revealed a person.

It was a middle-aged man.

Although his age could be read from his appearance, he didn’t have the sagging skin and obesity of that of the middle-aged people. If yo u ar e ab le to rea d th is me ssa ge, you are rea din g fro m an un au thori zed ag gre ga te si te. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at stab b ing w ith a sy rin ge. h ome. bl og to sup p ort me and m y tran slat ions.

Rather, he looked young.

Even through his clothes, Schild could tell that his body is toned and that he is not just a nobody.

However, his expression is smiling and gentle, with a generosity that seemed to envelop the viewer.

He is a great man with strength, gentleness, and various virtues in his body.

Such a man and Schild are now facing each other.

“Here you are. Finally.”

The man spoke.

Then, he turned to face Schild.

“But I’m not impressed that you didn’t knock. It made me nervous because I thought you were a thief. Well, even a thief wouldn’t come to this remote wilderness, would he?”

“I was never taught manners. After all, I had no parents to teach me.” Schild, too, says back as if nothing was wrong.

“And, even if I’ve learned any manners, I believe it is unnecessary to show them here. After all, this is the stronghold of a Demon Lord who wants to destroy the kingdom…… or should I say, King Preslate?”



A silent pause.

“You’re the Demon Lord, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I am.”

For the first time, the man – the King Preslate I- smiled with a friendliness that you would not expect from a king at first glance.

He greeted Schild like a kind father who has been deprived of ambitions, contented in only spending his life with his loving family.

But it was not like that for Schild.

“You must be Schild. This is the first time we’ve met, even for looking.”

“I as well.”

“I told you earlier that I thought you were a thief. That was a lie. I could feel your ‘Majesty of the Lion’ even from a hundred miles away……The truth is, I was thrilled to see you.”

The king’s smiling face was covered with a slight shade.

“I was really excited. My son is coming here for the first time. He’s grown up so well. I think he might resent me. But he’s still coming here to see me.”

“It’s not worth bearing a grudge against you. At least, not anymore.”

Schild said sharply.


“There was a time when I resented you. That I want to hit the sword you entrusted to me in your head. However, I have something more important than that now. I came here to get answers.”

“Fine. You’re my own child, yet I didn’t even buy you a single toy. I don’t intend to make up for that, but I’ll answer whatever you want to know.”

“Then, firstly. About the war between humans and demons that Zaria and her people started.”

Despite meeting his long-awaited person, Schild was in no mood for a frivolous talk. He stated his business right away.

“You’re the one who planned this, right?”


“So you were the mastermind?”


“And you lied about being sick. It was just a way to hide your plans.”

“I’ve been good at faking illness since I was a boy. Even the sharp-eyed Cymbium and Olivia were no match for my act.”

“How long have you been planning this? Since when did it start?”

“Since when, you ask?”

“Yes. For starters, how long have you been organizing this New Demon Lord’s Army to fight against the humans? And your purpose. What’s the point of doing all that?”

The true identity of the Demon Lord is Preslate I, the king of the humans.

He managed to manipulate Zaria and the others into attacking the humans. This act could only be interpreted as the doings of someone insane, but it was also the harsh truth that must never be shown to the public.

The disaster was averted because of the presence of a warrior hero named Schild. Otherwise, the kingdom might have been destroyed by the hands of the New Demon Race then and there.

But the fact that the king wanted to destroy the kingdom he ruled with his own hands was undeniably an incomprehensible act. Th s ch apt er tran slati on is mad e poss ible by st abbin g wit h a syr inge trans lati ons. ch eck on ly up -to -dat e tra nsla tions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

What kind of means he used to organize the demon army and how he manipulated it with his own will was also incomprehensible.

This mass of incomprehension which is King Preslate and Demon Lord Preslate, is now standing before Schild.

“Didn’t you……destroy the Demon Race in a battle twenty years ago?”

“Yes, that’s right. But the details recorded in the annals of history are……slightly different.”


“We……made a deal. Yes. Twenty years ago, I struck a deal with the Demon Lord who was leading his Demon Army at that time. I’m just a fake Demon Lord, but he’s the real Demon Lord. He was a true king of the Demons, the one who carried the fate of the Demon Race on his shoulders. Yes, no longer a “lord” but a “king”.”


Twenty years ago, King Preslate clashed with the Demon Lord as commanders leading their opposing armies in a battle to eradicate the demon army.

“I didn’t need to tell you about the result. It’s already etched in history, isn’t it?”

“……Yes. Your side won.”

“The odds were in our favor from the start. I was just finishing the strategies that the previous kings had worked on.”

“Then, why-“

“But at the last minute, I made a proposal to the Demon Lord. ‘Give me something I want, and we’ll stop the attack and allow the Demon Race to flee the country’, is what I said to him.”

“And what is that ‘something’?”

“The power of creating and manipulating monsters.”

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