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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – The Offering of the Present Oscar Head

When Schild received the news that the current head of the Oscars, not the retired Elovairo, but his son, offered up a woman, he became on full alert.

“Why him? What is he planning?”

As he had known, the current head of the Oscars wasn’t totally like Elovairo, who is still capable and meticulous even though he has long retired. He is weak and incompetent, and it is widely believed that the Oscar House would fall in his reign.

The whole case of Marquis Sambani rebelling was also because of him being unable to put him in check. He was so incompetent that he couldn’t even see the signs that the lords he allied with were plotting against him.

Schild himself heard a glimpse of his voice during sex with the Second Queen Olivia. Still, even the tone of his voice and the content of his speech alone was enough for him to immediately distinguish how small this person was, and it was clear that he would never be able to lead a large force alone.


And such a man, right now, dared to say he would offer a woman to Schild.

“Why now?”

Is he trying to flatter Schild?

According to a secret conversation that Schild had overheard, the current head of Oscars was unhappy with Schild’s existence appearing in the capital.

The Oscar House had a clear vision that the second princess, Serenea, the daughter of the sister of the current head of the family, must succeed to the throne, but now, due to a change of plans, it has been given to Schild instead. If yo u a re ab le to re ad th is mes sage, y ou ar e read ing fr om an unauth ori zed agg rega te sit e. Re ad at m y Word Pres s at sta bbing wit h a syr inge. hom e. bl og to sup po rt me and m y trans lati ons.

The retired patriarch and the second queen, who had the ability to make snap decisions in the House, saw through Schild’s brilliance and immediately transferred their bets to him. Still, the current head of the family remained indecisive and hesitant about what to do.

Now, there he was, suddenly revealing his flattering attitude toward Schild.

Does this mean that he has finally made up his mind?

Or was it something else?

In any case, Schild decided to look at the offering first, then he would decide from there.

Despite the giver being totally unworthy, the “gift” they offered was the reverse. If it was a thing, it would be akin to a superb and bewitching sceptre that was truly worthy of a tribute to a king.

“It is a great pleasure for this humble one to see Your Highness, the Prince, in person.”

The “offering” began with a polite greeting.

If ten men saw her, nine or ten would sigh in admiration at her gesture alone.

Such is the polished charm of this lady, who is now in front of Schild.

“What is your name?”

Schild asked shortly.

“My name is Maria.”

Which was also returned with a brief reply.

“I’m sorry you had to go to all this trouble, but I generally turn down offers of this kind.”

“Offers of this kind?”

“The kind of which that offers a woman as a gift.”

Schild then began his talks.

“Surprising, isn’t it? The recently crowned crown prince, Schild, is a licentious man. He is a bastard child of lowly upbringing, so as long as he is given a woman, he will be oh so delighted that he will no longer pay attention to anything else. He’s a very convenient puppet to manipulate and control… you know the gist, right?”

“And? are you not pleased with it? Or are you just putting on airs right now because of your position? You might get branded as a pretentious man, you know?”


“I don’t care what the nobles think of me. And even if they did dare show it, sooner or later, they will have to face the truth. This truth.”

Schild tapped his trusted sword to the side.

It was the same sword he used to cleave Marquis Sambani and his associates, the “Aristocratic Federation”, whom tried to confront him just some time ago.

“As you have already known, I am not lacking in women. I never have. So if you expect me to jump for joy upon receiving you from that trash, then it’s a pity because you won’t see any of that. Ever. There is also the fact that it would be troublesome if someone forced me to accept something I could win on my own, only for that same someone to make me feel like I owed them something later on.”

“In other words, it will be worth more if you take something with your own hands than to have it given to you? If this one is what Your Highness believes, then I won’t stop you. But this one thinks otherwise.”

The sound of shuffling and rustling of clothes was heard after that.

This was because the lady, who identified herself as Maria, began to undress in front of Schild.

Her dress fell to the floor, revealing her lacy violet underwear.

“What do you think? I am different from other women. I am first-class in terms of beauty, intelligence, and charm. And now, all of this will be yours to embrace.”

“You came to be embraced? So you’re saying that you don’t care about the intentions of the current head of the Oscars, who offered you to me as a gift?

“It’s not like I am naïve to his intentions. Or should I say that he, too, was being used by me? I used him so that he would carry me to His Highness the Prince personally.”

“I see. I wouldn’t have believed that you have used the head of the biggest noble faction here as a stepping stone, but after seeing that man personally, I get strangely convinced that you could certainly pull it out.”

(But still, isn’t she quite arrogant? I would have immediately lost interest in fucking her if it were the usual. Nevertheless, I could also see a great level of ambition in her eyes. It told me that if I left her to her devices, I would be in big trouble later on. I must not let her get away, at least not yet.) This cha pt er tra nsla tion is ma de pos si ble by st ab bing wit h a sy ri nge tran slatio ns. c heck onl y up-t o-da te tran sla tions on my Wor dpr ess si te.

“My body, which I will give you, is worth more than any other woman you can win over. Now, what will you do? Are you brave enough to approach my pussy and not run away from it?”

“Oh? So you’re challenging me?”

“Of course. You can’t fuck me without getting closer, can you?”

To the woman’s provocation, Schild rushed and dragged her over in his arms, where immediately after, he sealed her lips with his own.

His hands also simultaneously squeezed the woman’s buttocks.

Then, to her underwear that was in the way, he tore it off with such force that her bra and panties ended up in shreds before falling on the floor.


“Mmph, chuup. Fufufu, quite rough, aren’t we?”

The ambitious lady spoke to Schild. She was now completely naked, and all that was left in her was her marble sculpture body that was so sexy as if it only pursued to embody beauty over everything else.

Breasts of the most ideal size and roundness.

Skin with not a single blemish nor mole, and fingernails with not a single distorted shape, and even radiated the luster of a cherry shell.

This woman with such a body, too, hugged Schild back with her slender arms.

However, rather than romantic, the gesture strangely resembled the forelimbs of a spider catching its prey.

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