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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – The Truth Behind the Demon Race


Not only Argome but even Ante and Berzeld spoke in unison.

“Indeed, it is what you have said, Master Schild. The Demon Lord is more of a “deity” to us. Only Zaria knows where the Demon Lord is. And she told us beforehand not to make a fuss about their whereabouts, the being who is sacred to us Demon race people. But all I am certain of is that they do exist.”

“After all, it was he who has given Zaria full authority over the war with the humans and has instructed us to follow her, so no matter how bad that bitch’s leadership is, we had no choice but to obey her, for it was their orders.”

“The Demon Lord is the one who has created us. He is a really great person!”

Without any warning, the story totally went in a different direction.

The New Demon Lord’s Army has a real big boss, the Demon Lord, that is even higher than Zaria, but for some reason, they have left all the authority in the hands of Zaria and have done nothing themselves.

Because of that, their whereabouts are unknown. In the first place, if not for the Devas mentioning it, Schild wouldn’t even know such a being still existed.

“But what is a Demon Race, anyway?”

Schild was once again put in deep thought.


The Demon Race is an army that they, the humans, must lead their army to fight.

Schild had simply thought of them as a higher form of monster, but when he actually interacted with them, he realized that it was more than that.

“Their cunts were no different from a human!”

Argome’s vagina, Ante’s vagina, and Berzelda’s vagina were all superb! And what’s more, they are…

Schild put these true thoughts aside…then,

“What is it like to live among the Demon Race?”

“Come again?”

“I’m talking about everyday life. Even you Demons are living creatures, so you guys have to have a normal life, don’t you?”

If they proclaim themselves as a race, they need to have a certain number of individuals, and those individuals must gather together to form a community.

If they are as intelligent as humans, their community should become a society, then a settlement, then eventually, a country, with their own customs, traditions, laws, and way of living. If yo u ar e ab le to re ad th is me ssag e, y u are rea din g fr om an una utho rized agg regat e si te. R ead at my Wor Pre ss at stab bing wi th a syr ing e. ho me. blo g to supp ort me a nd my trans lati ons.

“Maybe that’s where the Demon King is? Somewhere out there is some kind of Demon Race country, and the Demon Lord rules there?”

It was very fitting to think that way. However,

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken, Master Schild.”


It was Argome who quickly denied these thoughts of Schild.

Then, she dropped an even bigger bombshell that was enough to shock him further.

“After all, there are no longer any Demon Race left but us Four Devas.”

“W-what did you just say?”

With this, the talks became even more complicated.

“The “Demon Race”, us, was created by the Demon Lord for one sole purpose: to fight against Humans, and for the time being, they placed Zaria as our temporary leader.”

“When I was created, though, Zaria altered our constitution in a way that we couldn’t harm her physically. That bitch! She knew I would get her one day that she decided to do that!”

“You were altered? I didn’t know that! Then, me being unable to get close to Zaria’s lab as per her order is also because she has also altered my mind and body?”

“That is just my conjecture, as the person herself hasn’t said anything. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if she really did that to you. As for me, I have already tested it myself, and sadly, I couldn’t even bear myself to punch that woman. No matter how angry I became.”

“Zaria is a bad woman. That is all I know.”

Ante was the one who spoke next, confessing something so shocking it left Argome speechless. The last one, Berzeld, spoke with a bit of remorse.

But the more Schild asked, the more he couldn’t understand.

The Demon Race wasn’t a civilization, nor it was as close to monsters or humans as he had imagined.

“All in all, the Four Devas at the top are to lead the monsters as soldiers to invade the Human lands. That is the new Demon Lord’s Army. “Eradicate the human race, then replace them as the new superior race.” That is the mission ordered to us. The rest is “Follow Zaria’s orders”, as what you have already known.”

“These were ingrained in our minds from the moment we are born.”

It was Argome, then Ante, who spoke.

“But now, I no longer care about those orders anymore! After having sex with Master Schild, for some reason, all my desires to follow those orders have been blown away!”

“I think it’s true that it would be too much trouble for us to eradicate all the humans now that I think about it. Why were we trying to do that in the first place?”

“I love Schild. I don’t want to fight anymore.”

For Schild, it was good that the girls were no longer hostile, but the eeriness of the situation only became even more apparent. Th is chap ter tran sla tion is ma de poss ible by sta bb ing wi th a sy rin ge tr ansla tions. che ck on ly up- to- da te tran slati ons on m y Wor dpre ss si te.

What in the world is a Demon? And just who is this Demon Lord?

Schild’s feelings were akin to a person about to complete a difficult puzzle, only to realize in the end that he was missing the final piece, and that he had no idea where to start searching for it.

There’s also one more thing that Schild needed to ask to the women who used to belong to the Demon Race camp.

Schild, however, left the room without asking it.

In a sense, it was something he needed to hear more than the whereabouts of Zaria or the identity of the Demon Race.

The whereabouts of King Preslate, who was abducted by the Demons.

Even after the fall of the Demon Cradle Castle, the stronghold of the Demon Race, there was no sign of the king staying there.

Where in the world had the king disappeared to?

In the end, Schild left their room without asking the most important question.

Was this conscious or unconscious on Schild’s part?

Even that was not clear.

While the search for Zaria, the “Evil Virgin,” continued, Schild was offered something.

A gift.

Moreover, the “item” was a woman.


Schild’s love of women was already well known throughout the country, so it was no longer unusual that there would be those who would try to curry favor with him by offering him a suitable beautiful woman.

But this time, he was wary.

For the name of the person who offered Schild the beautiful woman, this time, was Menschtrohardt.

He was the current head of the Oscar House, brother of Queen Olivia and the uncle of Serenea. And also the one known for their incompetence and mediocrity in leading the biggest faction of the three great noble houses right now.

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