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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Contrasting Feelings of Pleasure

“Now, for our beginning therapy, first, you must hug Belle!”


As pushed by Carney, Schild hugged Berzeld as he was told, where he felt through his skin the frailness of the woman that could not be captured from her appearance alone.

“She’s so slim and fragile… It’s like she’s going to break from a mere touch…”

Though Schild was saying this, his penis only became more and more erect.

Meanwhile, Carney also embraced Berzeld from the opposite direction, making the petite lady get sandwiched from both sides by the muscly and broad adult pair.

“Ahh… Mmh… “

A voice leaks out from the petite lady.

Schild heard Berzeld’s voice for the first time.

“Is this all right? Won’t this sandwiching induce even more of her claustrophobia?”

Schild became concerned as if he wanted to escape, but Carney stopped him and made him stay.


“Indeed, physically, she is being squeezed tight. But this is a loving embrace, so it’s different. Unlike her cold, suffocating armor, we are warmer to the touch and more refreshing. Besides, won’t it be better for Belle to know firsthand that being loved and embraced is not a thing to be afraid of?”

“I see.”

Though Schild said that, he wasn’t able to understand the logic.

The next thing will be Berzeld lying on the ground to penetrate her.

By the way, the place they were in was still the courtyard for the woman not to trigger her phobia, but now the difference is that the audience was driven off.

They were doing it in a well-maintained patch of grass so that it won’t be hard on their backs even if they lay and roll on the ground.

All of this was because Berzeld, or “Belle”, is afraid of the indoors.

“Mmh……!! Haaah……!!”

The petite woman’s mouth let out a cute girlish gasp as the angry tension of the warrior king invaded her crotch-hole.

“Ugh. Careful, careful, careful… right.”

Schild was cautious in his movements not to injure the woman, carefully pushing his penis on the miniature hole, only to be reminded at the last minute that the vagina he was penetrating belonged to the toughest and strongest of the Demon Lord’s Army, even stronger than the three female warriors combined. If yo u a re a ble to rea d this m ess age, y ou ar e rea ding fro m an una uthor ized agg regat e s ite. Re ad at m y Word Pr ess at st ab bing wit h a sy ri nge. hom e. bl og to su ppor t me an d my t ran sla tions.

It could be said that despite her size, this woman already has the most powerful cunt Schild has been in.

“Ui……?! hii……!!?’

Berzeld screams in agony at the feeling of being pushed through her virgin vagina.

Was she having difficulties receiving a man with this physique?

If this continues, it may cause further trauma to her, which may get him blown away.

“Keep going, Lord Schild!”

While Schild was thinking this, Carney urged him to continue.

“She has always been afraid of being in an enclosed space. But now it is different, for it is now she who is on the side of providing the enclosed space! See this, Belle? You are now enclosing Schild’s cock in your own pussy!”


“Lord Schild! Now is the chance to push through! If we can make her get through this, we’ll be able to make her overcome her fear!”

Schild still couldn’t grasp the idea of what Carney was saying, but now that he had inserted his penis inside a vagina and hadn’t yet ejaculated, he no longer had a choice but to keep going.

From here, Schild commenced his usual back and forth motion inside Belle.

“Hiaahh…… Mmhh mmhiii…… Abbuuh……”

The voice coming out of the petite woman’s mouth also went louder and louder at the sensation of being slammed into her cervix.

However, it was not Berzeld, but Schild, who was in distress.

“It’s really tight! It’s like I’m putting it in a place it shouldn’t be!!”

Whether it was because of Berzeld’s innate strength or Schild being too cautious, Schild could not perform his deed well.

The pleasure was exhilarating, but at the same time, it was something that did not amuse him.

Even though he is exercising self-control in his brain, his penis was playing truant and greedily seeking pleasure by itself, brazenly trying to move back and forth to the seemingly fragile vagina that is also the toughest of all existences.

“Ihiieee… Hiii… Ohieee…♡♡ Ahieee…♡♡”

In the meantime, Berzeld’s cute voice began to take on a woman’s glamour.

Her frail hands and feet also intertwined around Schild’s body, full of wetness and warmth of a mature female.


Surprisingly, that last sound did not come from Berzeld.

It came from Schild.


As for the reason, when she clamped on him and wrapped him on his back, Berzeld unconsciously used all of her force, making Schild feel the full weight and power of the third Deva.

“So this is the strongest singularity of the Demon Race!”

The strongest arms of the Demon Race and their strongest vagina had almost crushed Schild’s body, both his ribs and his penis.


If it wasn’t Schild and instead another human being who was doing the deed, they would have been done for then and there.

But it was Schild. And the latter was his penis.

As if detecting its life was in danger, Schild’s body became more swollen and stiffer. The same also went for his rod.

As for the woman,

“Ahhh, my crotch, my crotch is…♡♡ Something big is rubbing it…♡♡ And it feels good…♡♡ Especially deep inside my hole♡♡♡♡”

“That hole is called a “pussy”, Belle.”


Carney then started to teach the Demon about the organ that is most useful for Humans in procreation.

“Yes♡♡ A pussy is an amazing hole that can enclose a man’s cock and make him feel good♡♡ See? There’s nothing to be afraid of in being enclosed upon♡♡♡♡”

“I see♡♡ It’s good to be enclosed♡♡ I’ll do my best to enclose it more♡♡♡♡”


It was Schild who once again responded with a moan.

Or rather, he was the one who was feeling claustrophobic now, as he felt like his penis was about to get crushed. But he also felt extremely good at this “crushing” that it almost felt like a curse. Th s cha p ter trans lat ion is m ade po ssib le by st abb i ng w ith a s yrin ge tran slation s. ch eck on ly u p-to- da te tra nslat ions on my W o rdpre ss si e.

A curse he couldn’t remove.

Painful, yet much more pleasing.

Finally, while stroking her undeveloped chest and pinching her fully developed nipples, Schild and Berzeld exchanged lips.

“Mmmhh sllurp♡♡♡♡ Sho good, do it again♡♡♡♡ Do that again to my pussy, that back and forth thingy♡♡♡♡ Do it more♡♡♡♡”

As she said this, Berzeld again wrapped her arms and legs in a tight, almost crushing grip, causing Schild to have no choice but to get closer and ram his cock deeper than ever.

They were so close together that Schild wasn’t sure if it was she or him that was having the claustrophobia anymore.

Berzeld’s embrace was so tight on him that Schild already had an illusion that he had become the penis itself, all enclosed inside Berzeld’s vagina that was crushing him tight, and that is even though the other party and he had a great difference in their builds.

And yet, Berzeld successfully stimulated Schild. Because she is that strong.

But of course, Schild also didn’t let this go by. He retaliated by swelling his muscles more and putting more force.

Both his body and his dick.

“Ahhh♡♡ My pussy, my pussy is being stretched open♡♡ It’s going to tear apart♡♡♡♡ But I’m so happy♡♡ This feeling is making me so happy♡♡♡♡ Ahhh, I’m cumming♡♡ I’m cummiiinnnggg♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Oddly, even though she was not being taught by anyone, Berzeld screamed the word “cumming” on her own.

A gush of semen was poured into her right after.

After having sex for the first time in her life and conducting various therapies and “therapies” on her, Berzeld’s claustrophobia was finally cured.

She was able to spend time indoors with both Argome and Ante, her colleagues who were also of the same race as her, and she was never again turned into a “Mad Demon Warrior” when the armor was put on her.


Before they knew it, the Human side had already become advantageous in the war, with the three out of the Four Devas of the New Demon Lord’s Army completely surrendering in Schild’s hands.

But it couldn’t be denied that one such problem still remained.

Enough for Schild to sit uncomfortably in his seat.

And that was the supreme commander of the New Demon Lord’s Army.

The first and last Deva, was yet to be captured.

“Just where did the “Evil Virgin” Zaria go?”

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