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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – An Effective Way to Cure Trauma

The full-body armor that Berzeld was wearing, or rather was confined in, was found to have been specially made by the [Evil Virgin] Zaria.

It was deliberately made to be several times larger than her petite build so that Berzeld, who is claustrophobic, would lose her mind from the phobia of being locked in.

As for how she was able to move properly – or rather – violently, even though the size did not fit, Zaria made it so that it would be able to respond to the wearer’s innate mana and muscle movements. With this, she was able to make her rampage without any problems.

Of course, for Berzeld, who feared enclosed spaces, this was nothing but torture for her mind.

Her bouncing around and rampaging was in order to break through her armor. Combined with her fear of everything, she would punch and kick anyone approaching her by reflex, regardless of whether they were friends or foes.

That was the truth behind the [Mad Demon Warrior].

“What a terrible thing to do. That [Evil Virgin]…”

Schild’s dismay deepened when he heard the attempts made by the [Evil Virgin] Zaria, who was in overall command of the New Demon Lord’s Army.

“Even if it’s for the sake of gaining strength, to not even have a fragment of conscience in doing something that will make their allies suffer without their consent is nothing but the height of arrogance. That Zaria is like a kid of a noble who suddenly learned about the power of authority and flaunted it by treating those lower than her like trash.”


“That’s not all, Schild. To tell you the truth, this girl’s claustrophobia is so serious that…”

According to Carney’s testimony, Berzeld was extremely reluctant to enter a place surrounded by walls on all sides, even after being taken prisoner.

She could not enter an inn where she could stop to sleep, nor could she pitch a tent and sleep in it.

If they tried to make her enter, she would display her strongest military power befitting of a Deva and collapse their houses until she is no longer surrounded by them.

“Thanks to that, we stayed in the open all the way back from the battlefield.”

“I’m so glad it didn’t rain on the way here!”

Lesnussa and Lagothe, who had returned with Carney, spoke next. They also looked a bit tanned on their faces.

“You guys could have just slept at the inn.”

“I can’t leave such a vulnerable girl alone in the open!”

“That’s sweet of you.”

By the way, the venue for the audience to welcome the triumphant, victorious army was not inside the castle. It was held in the courtyard outside the royal court.

It finally dawned on Schild why they were so persistent in doing it outside, which could be easily affected by the weather.

“Anyways, the maltreatment of Zaria to this sweet girl has made her claustrophobia much worse. So worse that I think it needs to be addressed immediately. She needs an immediate cure, Lord Schild!”

Carney then started pleading.

“Please, Schild. I know that she’s an enemy, but with their very own ally treating her like this, and for her to be left untreated, I don’t think I can bear it!”

“That is very kind of you, Carney.”

Taking good care of someone helpless, even though they are their former enemy, was really like her. If y ou ar e a ble t o re ad this me ssa ge, y ou are re ad ing fr om an unau tho rized ag greg ate si te. Rea d at my W ordP ress at stab bi ng wit h a sy ri nge. ho me. bl og to sup po rt me and my tran slati ons.

To be honest, there should be no need to care so much about Berzeld. In fact, if he decided to end her then and there, though it may be unpleasant for some, there would only be a minimal complaint as she is still an enemy.

Was there something that triggered the motherhood of Carney after seeing Berzeld in such a state?

As for the person herself, now that she was freed from her full-body armor, she has turned into a meek person who has no traces of wanting to agonize Schild and the others.

Executing such a girl in public is a no-go, just because she was captured. She cannot be treated in the same manner as Argome and Ante either, as her claustrophobic tendencies would get in the way.

“Okay, I’ll let you take care of her. But what exactly are you going to do about her sickness? Does anyone even know how to cure claustrophobia?”

Schild looked around, but no one raised a hand, despite the fact that the audience of the victorious army was more crowded than usual.

“I’ve been thinking about it, Lord Schild…”

Correction, there was one.

It was Carney.

She was a woman who was unlikely to come up with anything crazy. At least at this time around?

“While I was traveling with her, I’ve been working out a plan, you see! If we do this, Belle’s claustrophobia will be cured in no time!”

“Belle? You mean Berzeld? Also, you know of such a method!? If so, why not just get on with it instead of telling me all the way here!?”


After all, Carney brought Berzeld in from enemy territory and stayed with her the whole time.

“That can’t do, Lord Schild! Because the cooperation of Lord Schild is essential for this treatment!!”


“Yes, that’s why I brought Belle here!”

What is Carney trying to make him do?

It was sex, of course.

“To think I believed you for a moment there. I should have expected this from you.”

Schild said this as he took off his clothes and exposed his penis.

In front of him is Carney, who was already undressed and exposing her big and taut body, and for some reason also, Berzeld, now showing her naked and petite body compared to the huge Carney on the side.

“Are you really sure about this? Will she really be cured if we have sex?”

Schild asked again as he observed the slightly petite woman before her.

Slim-built and flat.

She had a short figure that barely even reached Schild’s chest and a bottom that didn’t have the slightest trace of feminine fullness. This chap ter tran slatio n is m ade poss ibl e by sta bbi ng with a syr inge trans lat ions. che ck on ly u p-t o- date tr an slation s on my W ordp ress si te.

Though she was of the size that was already accepted for a “young woman” and not of a “little girl” that would surely put him in jail, Schild was still skeptical as the person in question was not in the right state of mind.

“Eh? It’s not getting hard?”

“You… Just what do you think I am?”

Schild may be a man who devours any woman he can get his hands on, but even though he is such a man, he knows that there is an absolute line that must not be crossed.

In the first place, Schild’s nature is that of a warrior.

A warrior is meant to fight, and fighting is done either to take something or to protect it.

The thing to be protected can be property, family and friends, or for personal justice.

For such fighters, vulnerable-looking women are the easiest target to protect.

And to fuck them just for the sake of treatment is an abomination that affects Schild’s self-esteem. A sort of taking advantage of their vulnerabilities for their own gain.


…even though the petite woman in front of him is in no way vulnerable because of her strong body, and that doing it with her would even be more beneficial for her for it will cure her sickness.

“Please, Schild. I know what you’re thinking, but Belle didn’t choose to become like this.”

Carney asked as she gently hugged the scared Berzeld.

“She was plenty traumatized by the harsh treatment that was inflicted on her, and only you, Schild, can make her do away with that! Only you and your pleasing sex can overcome her fear! Please, Schild! Make her feel the best with your cock so she can forget her trauma and cure her altogether!”

Carney’s words became a bit messed up in the end, But Schild had already grasped what she meant.

As for why he was worried over this, Schild also possessed an even bigger build than usual. Enough to even overpower the one with the biggest stature of them all, which is Lagothe.

After repeating in his head that “this sex is to help her overcome her trauma” and that “this sex is to cure her”, Schild proceeded to join bodies with Berzeld.

First, he stared at the maiden’s body.

Her breasts are smooth and flat, yet they have nipples as large as soybeans, a characteristic that she is no longer a kid and now a fully developed woman, despite having a petite build.

As for the rest, she looked no different from a male human, naturally, except for what was in her genitalia.

And as he had expected, there was no pubic hair on her smooth crotch, and there was nothing but a faint line between her legs.


Seeing this contrasting young yet mature lady, Schild finally got an erection…

“That’s my Lord Schild!”

…to which Carney exclaimed in delight.

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