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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Surprising Outcome of the Battle

The Demon Cradle Castle had fallen.

Schild received this news in the capital.

“What? We already won!?”

Naturally, he was surprised.

He had expected the siege of the castle to be difficult and protracted and that he would eventually have to go to war, but contrary to his expectations, the camp he sent out had won without even him stepping out of the castle.

“The enemy general Berzeld was defeated by the three commanders of our army, Lady Carney, Knight Commander Lesnussa, and Miss Lagothe. After that, no enemy generals came on the enemy side, and eventually, the whole army collapsed at once!”

The messenger who preceded to report the war situation enthusiastically gave Schild the details that led to their victory.


“But even though we have made a lot of efforts to raid the castle, it was all wasted as its insides were an empty shell. There were no signs of the [Evil Virgin] Zaria, who is regarded as the commandant of the enemy army, so it was anticlimactic when we declared a complete control of the enemy base.”

However, midway, the report suddenly took an unclear direction, making Schild couldn’t help but feel a sense of discomfort.

The alleged enemy base fell too easily, and the enemy commander-in-chief was still at large.

To such sickening nature of the situation, it was no doubt that Schild was reluctant to announce a complete victory.

“Argome, Ante.”

He suddenly called the two “Devas” that had surrendered to him.

Schild had been patting their butts with both hands for a while now.

“Is it really true that that Demon Cradle Castle is your primary stronghold? What I mean is, are there more strongholds than this that you know?”

“There are none, Master Schild! And all the information I gave to Master is correct! I would never lie to you, Master!”

“In the first place, Zaria would always return to the Demon Cradle Castle each time she accomplishes her goal. There’s also the fact that she did a lot of research inside that castle, including the “Hex of the Gladiator” curse. I don’t think she has any other base, at least from what I know.”

Schild could feel their true intentions through his hands massaging their buttocks, so he was able to decide that they weren’t lying to him. If y ou ar e ab le to re d this me ss age, you a re re adi ng from an una uthor ized agg rega te si te. Re ad at my W ordPre ss at stab bi ng w ith a syr inge. ho me. b log to su ppor t me and my tra nsla tio ns.

Of course, it also has another purpose.

“But if she’s not there, then where did Zaria go?”

But he was received with no reply.

Feeling that further discussion of the missing person would be futile, Schild changed the subject.

Primarily on the now-subdued [Mad Demon Warrior] Berzeld, who is also one of the enemy leaders and the biggest obstacle in this battle.

No matter how mad they were, they should not remain completely unaware of what had happened over there.

But when he asked the messenger about it,

“W-well, about that…”

Along with the main body of the returning expeditionary force, Berzeld, who had been taken prisoner, was also brought along.

“Who is this cute lady?”

This was the first impression of Schild upon their arrival.

It was a pretty girl who did not fit in any of his imagination of the enemy, which was more of a brave muscular man.

Carney and Lesnussa, who had brought her with them, also couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“But first, welcome back. As expected, the best way to bring the campaign to a close is by being victorious in it.”

“It’s our greatest honor, Master Schild.”

“Thank you, Lord Schild.”

“By the way, who is this?”

Only giving light praise of the fact that they had won a huge war, Schild asked straight what he was the most interested in currently.

It was a cute little lady.

Though “little” is an overstatement. She was more like a “petite” woman.

Though despite her age, she was acting like a child, clinging behind Carney as if a kid who was confused with the unfamiliar environment.


With her bluish silver hair, it was obvious at first glance that she was not just a human being, but her gestures and facial expressions were completely those of a young girl despite being of marriageable age if she was a human.

“She is one of the Four Devas of the New Demon Lord’s Army, the [Mad Demon Warrior] Berzeld.”

“That girl!?”

“Yep, the one and only.”

That’s a lot different from the impression I’m getting, Schild thought.

“No way! This can’t be Berzeld!”

“Berzeld is much gloomier and snappier! They are a being who has a very strong “you should never get close to them” aura! They are not the kind of princess that makes you want to protect her!”

And it wasn’t only Schild. Even Ante and Argome, who were supposed to be her colleagues, were perplexed.

“I heard that……the “Mad Demon Warrior” Berzeld has the appearance of a warrior covered in full body armor?”

“Yes, she was. She was like that when we fought her.”

“Then about this girl?”

“She was the one in that armor.”


“That’s what I’m telling you. When we took off their armor, out of it came this petite girl.”

From there, Carney, who said she interviewed the person in question beforehand, began to explain. This cha pt er tran sl ation is m ade p os sible by sta bbi ng wi th a syr inge tra nslat ions. che ck on ly up -to -d ate transl ati ons on my Wor dpre ss si te.

Berzeld, the “Mad Demon Warrior,” is an individual who, as far as they know, was created to be the strongest singular fighting force in the New Demon Lord’s Army.

By condensing flesh and magical energy to the utmost limit, a super-dense body will be generated, boosting the body’s inherent combat capabilities.

This was the concept behind the creation of Berzeld, the “Mad Demon Warrior”.

The physical body was so thoroughly condensed that they ended up being a bit more petite in size. Still, it was apparently welcomed at first because of its advantage of being small enough to maneuver around and easily avoid enemy attacks.

However, a problem was discovered after the person in question was completed.

Although she passed the physical test, a problem was discovered in her personality.

When Berzeld woke up, she was so timid that even jumping insects frightened her, and she would run away.

She was too weak-willed to be utilized in battle.

The commander-in-chief, Zaria, at a loss for what to do with the strongest yet weakest member of her force, came up with a plan.

Berzeld also had another character flaw.


She was severely claustrophobic.

It was speculated that this was due to the high-density condensation used to generate the strongest “gift” for her, but Zaria decided that the cause was irrelevant and continued to create a suit of armor for her.

A well-sealed plate armor covering their entire body.

What happens when you throw a claustrophobic person into such a thing?

“Well… that’s the gist of it…”

“Gist of what, exactly?”

Schild was still not convinced after Carney’s explanation.

“In other words, the reason why Berzeld was on a rampage like a maniac, regardless of friend or foe…”

“Is because she was claustrophobic and trapped in full body armor and was just too tight and scary for her!?”

As for the petite lady, she was still clinging to Carney from behind and would not let go, as if she was still afraid of Schild.

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