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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Crazy War God VS Three Female Warriors

The battle for the Demon Cradle Castle has begun.

With the expeditionary force led by Carney, Lesnussa, and Lagothe, the human side had already arrived at the enemy headquarters and had started their attack.

The enemy put up heavy resistance, creating a state of intense melee.

In the midst of it all,


“What was that? Men are being blown sky-high one after the other!”

“And friend and foe alike? What the hell is that? What the hell is going on over there?”

Dozens of people were being thrown into the air at once, including soldier ants who were supposed to be on the Demon Lord Army’s side.

It was an indiscriminate attack that made no distinction between friend and foe.

At the place that should be called the epicenter of the attack, a mutated warrior in full body armor was standing.


It was the “Mad Demon Warrior” Berzeld.


The third of the four heavenly kings, the one who has been called the worst and the craziest of all, has finally made their appearance.

They were wrapped in full-body protective plate armor, and not even a crack of bare skin could be seen beneath them.

It looked as if their armor was attacking them from the inside, as their movements were that of a crazy person trying to remove their bindings. But compared to a crazy person, this being was a lot worse, as every tremble they made with their body was eerie, like it wasn’t for that armor, that madness inside of it would have already spilled out and devoured the whole battlefield by itself.

Although dressed in knightly armor, the being had no sword or spear in their hand. Seeing them beating up anyone in company with their gauntlets, friend or foe alike, was a bizarre sight.

“That thing has finally shown up!?”


Shouted Carney, who was in command. She could clearly see the enemy’s viciousness from afar.

“Our casualties?”

“The soldiers who were blown sky-high were still alive, but the rest are being beaten up from one side to the other! What is odd is that they are beating up anyone they see, regardless of whether they are friends or foes! This is no longer an act of sanity!”

The report was almost identical to what Carney had confirmed from afar.

“The enemy has no other unusual activity? If so, give me a situation report.”

“As you wish.”

The messenger bowed his head, then he continued.

“While the enemy defenders are all soldier ants previously created by Lady Ante, we haven’t yet spotted any other beings of the Demon Race. Furthermore, the movements of the soldier ants are chaotic and disorganized. I believe this is due to the lack of a chain of command since Lady Ante has switched sides.”

Before, the movements of the soldier ants were orderly and efficient, giving Carney the impression that they were bio-weapons designed to fight. If y ou ar e abl e t o r e ad th is me ssa ge, yo u are re ad ing fr om an una uth or ized agg reg ate s ite. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess at stab bi ng wi th a syr inge. ho me. b log to sup p ort m e and my tr ansla t ions.

But now, it has changed.

That is because the “Ant Sovereign” Ante, the creator, and leader of these ants, who is also acting as a commander that relays orders, have become the “Queen Ant” and is now on the human side.

With no one else to command these ants on the battlefield, they are no longer different from monsters.

Even if you have the best of the best of the troops, with no capable commander on top, they will be no different from a usual mishmash of soldiers.

“This is like sending the best of the best out to die.”

Carney felt pity for the ants who could not show their true value and were just getting killed, but she also knew that it was improper to feel this way, as there should be no room for sentimentality on the battlefield.

Or rather, being the commander of the enemy camp, she has to utilize this opening to her advantage.

“Tell Alfredo, the veteran subjugator, to take over the command! I’ll take care of Berzeld, the “Mad Demon Warrior” myself!”

Carney then gallops her horse and heads for the center of the battlefield.

To the middle point of the war, where the battle was most heated and swirling.

And Carney was not the only one who took such action.

Two “meteors” also rushed into the whirlpool from other directions on the battlefield.

“Sir Lesnussa! Miss Lagothe!”

They were a female knight and a female warrior taking command in the other directions.

“We’ll go as planned! The three of us will hold off that formidable foe!”

“As expected, the opponent seems to be inflicted with the “Hex of the Gladiator”! Ordinary weapons will get destroyed the moment they hit them!”

“But that’s why we’re here! If it is as predicted, that “hex” won’t work on us!”

Lagothe was the first to reach the target. She swung down her greatsword as if to make the initial strike.

Berzeld reacted reflexively and raised their arm to defend.

The blade of the sword clashed violently with the armor of their hand, sending sparks flying.

“It’s hard! But it didn’t break my weapon! Argome’s theory is right!”

Lagothe barks as she takes her distance as if she has confirmed something on that single strike.

Yes. Oddly enough, compared to the weapons from the soldiers that clashed earlier, it was only Lagothe’s that didn’t break, despite being of the same material.


Before this, or rather, before the farewell foursome with Schild, Argome has speculated something about a “loophole” in the “Hex of the Gladiator”.

The “Hex of the Gladiator”, as they have known it, is a curse formulated ages ago and was bestowed by reigning royal families to people as some sort of curse. It was one of the several “hexes” lost in the generations.

This curse makes the possessor of it impervious to any blades, their bodies invincible from any damages, but it does not work against a person who is considered royalty.

But where does one draw the line with royalty? At first, Schild and the others speculated that “royalty” are those of royal blood. But upon checking the history, there are countless times that the throne was usurped by people not of royal blood.

Meaning they are not royalty by birth.

Then comes the question.

[Which one does the “Hex of the Gladiator” consider as royalty?]

Of course, the royalty comprised the king, the princes, and the princesses.

What about the Queens? They are not of royal blood, but they are still considered royalty.

For they are the wife of the king.

And now such Queens are gathering around the Mad Demon Warrior.

“I knew it! The “Hex of the Gladiator” loses its effect even on the queen!”

“And that is even though we are still yet to hold a wedding ceremony! As long as it’s a woman loved by the king, she is also considered as a part of the royalty, and the curse will lose its effectiveness!”

“Thankfully, because all three of us have become the property of Schild, even more, that he has fucked us all night until our pussies are filled to the brim of his cum, we are now able to face the “Hex”! It is all according to plan!”

With this, a new trump card was established against the “Hex of the Gladiator” besides Schild.

“But still, Lady Carney! Miss Lagothe! Don’t let down your guard! Even if the curse is ineffective on us, our opponent is still the “strongest singularity” of the Demon Race! We can’t be too complacent!”

“I’m having a desire to compete with who is the true strongest in terms of single combat with them, but right now…!!” This cha pt er tr nsl ati on is m ade pos si ble by stab bi ng wi th a sy ri nge trans latio ns. ch eck on ly up-to -da te transl atio ns on my Wor dpr ess si te.

“We don’t have time to pursue personal interests on the battlefield! In order for us to return in one piece and to make Lord Schild fuck our pussies again, we’ll have to make sure that all three of us will defeat this Berzeld for good!”


But before they could act, the battlefield was filled with the echoes of a madman.

Berzeld, the “Mad Demon Warrior”, is a close-quarters fighter without a shred of bladed steel in their belt.

Their only weapons are their hands, equipped with mighty gauntlets.

Their only means of attack is to rampage on the opponents head-on, a very simple action, but it also made their impression of madness even more striking.

“This petty officer is coming in first!”

The first to take the brunt of such attacks was Knight Commander Lesnussa.

“Baaaaaaah! Baahh!!! Bubba! Ogeebaaaaaah!!!”

A hail of blows came to her from the mad warrior, but thanks to her shield, no effective blow has passed through.

It also showed Lesnussa’s firmness, tempered by her legitimate training as a knight, and no sign of breaking was spotted in her even under the direct contact of Berzeld’s onslaught.

She had also sunk onto her rear deeply before this, so no matter how heavy the barrage was, it won’t have much of an effect as she had already secured every leverage that might collapse her defenses.


So, what would happen if you encountered an enemy with an almost immovable posture and was able to keep tanking your blows?

You would charge up to them an even heavier blow.

However, that blow would also give you an opening.

“Now’s my chance!”

Right after that gap, Carney swung her sword at Berzeld’s temple.

The opponent was in full body armor. Because of this, the blow Carney inflicted wasn’t fatal, but it was still powerful enough to shock the opponent and make their eyes roll back in their head.

That is, if the opponent is an ordinary soldier.

But the opponent this time is the strongest warrior of the Demon Race. As such, the blow only inflicted minor injury.

However, for some reason, the mad warrior showed signs of being frightened for the first time.

“Now! Miss Lagothe!!”


Of the three, Lagothe is the only one who has dedicated herself to fighting monsters since she first picked up a sword.

Carrying the huge sword she always uses to inflict fatal wounds against huge monsters, this same sword was swung down by Lagothe at the “Mad Demon Warrior” with all her strength.

This fierce-looking sword became the deciding factor.

As for what came next, it was the spectacle of the full-faced helmet that covered the crazy warrior’s head, leaving its owner and flying into the air.

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