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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Debauchery with the Strongest Women

The girls, obedient to whatever he ordered, immediately brought their breasts to Schild’s face.

All three are blessed with ample breasts, and even the smallest, Lesnussa, have a certain amount of bulkiness in her.

Moreover, these female warriors’ udders are suitably full of flesh and bounce well when pressed with a finger.

As such, it was heaven for Schild to be covered not only by one but three pairs of breasts all over the face, even though it was to the point that it almost suffocated him.

“Lord Schild♡♡ It’s about time♡♡”

Schild quickly guessed the meaning of Carney’s gesture, which was fidgeting around her waist.

“About time for what? I cannot do anything to a girl who doesn’t ask clearly.”

But he chose not to say it. Instead, he decided to be mean.

Of course, there is also a reason for it.


Which Carney immediately understood, to which she responded next.

“Your cock♡♡♡♡ I want your cock in my pussy♡♡♡♡ This pussy that is meant for Lord Schild only♡♡ Please put your cock in this nasty pussy of mine♡♡♡♡”

This in itself is the usual Carney, but tonight she is not alone. There are now an additional two of the same ilk on both of her sides, and they, too, are dragged along by this woman to become lewd.

The first to be “infected” was Lesnussa.

“Master Schild♡♡ This lowly Lesnussa’s pussy too wants to ask for your great cock♡♡♡♡ Though I am but a vassal and asking my lord like this is nothing but inappropriate, this Lesnussa’s pussy has already become so erotic that it doesn’t care about etiquette anymore♡♡♡♡”

Then Lagothe.

“My pussy as well♡♡ It wants Schild’s cock too, this pussy that has long since been completely wretched open by Schild♡♡ Rape mee♡♡ Rape mee♡♡ Violently subdue my pussy until I can no longer fight back♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The three asses lined up on the bed showed their overwhelming volumes just by standing side by side. If yo u a re ab le to r ead th is me ss age, y ou are rea ding f ro m an unau thor ized agg r egate s ite. Re d at my Wo rdP ress at st abb ing wi th a sy ringe. h ome. b log to su pp ort me and m y trans lat ions.

These female knights and warriors have trained their female buttocks in battle, making their size and density drastically different from those of ordinary women.

Moreover, the asses of Carney, Lesnussa, and Lagothe, refined for functionality, were also trained by Schild through repeated intercourse. Thus, they now have the sweet taste of nastiness equivalent to superb sex toys.

Schild took his time to love such asses.

He played with them by slapping the tip of his towering penis against their thick buttocks.

“Ahhn~♡♡ It’s slapping me♡♡”

“Lord Schild♡♡ though I also like you playing with my ass, my pussy is getting lonely♡♡ Hurry up and fuck my pussy♡♡ And then, make me cum lots♡♡♡♡”

And so, in response to such heroines, his valiant penis is finally inserted into their vaginal holes that encompass a woman’s depths.


The first to taste this was Lesnussa.

The new commander of the Knights of the Royal Court.

And the female knight who should be the noblest and strongest in the country’s troops.

But now she is naked, shaking her own buttocks, and is in a state of confusion with the pleasure of having Schild, the king, inside her vagina.

Though she is lewd and vulgar as she is, this does not compromise her pride in being a knight.

For it is the king, or rather the future king, who is violating her.

And as a knight, she is even proud of the fact that the king is using her like a slave to sate his own satisfaction.

 “Oohhh♡♡♡♡ This knight pussy is trembling with joy right now♡♡♡♡ For I am not just any knight, but a female knight♡♡♡♡ And giving a nice fucking for the king’s cock with our pussies is what we do♡♡♡♡”

Splurt, splurt, splurt.

Sounded Schild’s penis as it ejaculateed vaginally without hesitation and as he devoured Lesnussa’s tainted knightly spirit in terms of servicing her king.

“Ahieeeee♡♡ The raping finally came♡♡♡♡”

This time, it was Lagothe’s turn.

Coming from a low birth, Lagothe has fought half her life as a lone female warrior.

Maybe because of this lifestyle, she has grown more rugged compared to the other two, with the most noticeable feature of her being her big physique that can look down on most men.

But even she has turned into a cute woman in Schild’s arms.

Yes. Her club-like arms and legs, reminiscent of a strong farming horse, was turned into nothing but pretty limbs in front of Schild.

“Ahh, I’m so happy♡♡ My pussy is so happy right now that it met Schild♡♡♡♡ If Schild hadn’t put his cock in me, my pussy would never have known real sex in my life♡♡♡♡”

With a look of debauchery that she had never shown to anyone, this woman flirtatiously indulged Schild as he violated her vagina and shook her huge ass as lewdly as she could.

Nothing else but Schild’s rigidity was able to make her huge buttocks reminiscent of a wild horse’s ripple in sex.

The giant cock of Schild also penetrated the depths of the giant woman, forcing the female warrior to remember that she is a woman, even though she had long tried to forget this feeling.

“Ahieeeeeee♡♡ Ahieeeee♡♡♡♡ Ahiehieiiiieeeeeeeeee♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Splurt splurt splurt.

After dumping his load into the second vaginal canal and pulling out his penis, causing the semen to overflow to the outside, Schild finally sets his sights on the third and last pussy.

He went straight inside Carney’s vagina. And that is without even wiping Lesnussa’s and Lagothe’s love juices in it.


“Yess♡♡ The cock is finally here♡♡♡♡”

With her becoming the most accustomed to having sex with Schild among the three, the last one, Carney, is also a monster subjugator like Lagothe belonging to the Royal Capital Branch and a person who has experience as a knight like Lesnussa.

In short, she is the hybrid of the two.

But her ass and pussy are also the same – all packed with muscles nurtured in actual battle.

Of course, it isn’t only that. Her vagina also possessed the plumpness of a freshly peeled shrimp.

This could be easily felt by the tip of his penis, giving Schild the ultimate sensation of being fucked to the max.

“So good, it feels so good♡♡ Yes, fuck me♡♡ Fuck me more♡♡ Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck meee♡♡♡♡ Fuck my pussy with your big, hard cock♡♡♡♡ Oooohhhh♡♡♡♡”

These vulgar words, which seem to never end, came from Carney, the same Carney who is not only a knight but also a daughter of one of the greatest noble houses in the kingdom.

But despite going on and on and continuing to fuck Carney until he was used to it, Schild never got tired of her. Thi s cha pt er tra nslation is ma de pos sib le by sta bbi g w th a syri ge transl at ions. che ck onl y up-to-d ate trans latio ns on my W ord press si te .

Though part of it was because of Schild’s teaching, was it because of her training beforehand as a knight that the quality of her vagina became what it is today?

“That’s it, yesshh♡♡ Fuck my pussy moree♡♡♡♡ My pussy feels so good if you do that♡♡♡♡”

“Yes, Master Schild♡♡ Ahhh♡♡ My pussy will always be happier if you put your cock in it♡♡♡♡”

“Conquer my pussy, Schiiildd♡♡♡♡”

Anyways, just like that, the night before going to war was spent in debauchery as the three muscly vaginas got filled repeatedly.

The theme of this evening’s sex was intended to encourage the female warriors who were going off to battle.

It was for this reason that these three women were invited into the bed-chamber while the rest of the women were refrained.

Now, three freshly-painted buttocks are piled lazily on top of each other, while the culprit of it, Schild, panted on the corner as he watched.

“How is it? Do you think you’ll be able to fight comfortably tomorrow?”

As one would expect, Schild was physically drained after fucking not only beautiful but also well-trained and muscular female knights and warriors.

The process of fucking them was to give them courage for the battle to come, and this goal has been achieved.


The force that came on him was so strong that he had to retaliate with a stronger force, or else he would be devoured by their pleasure.

Of course, the sensation they had gained for it is massive, but nevertheless, it was still very exhausting for Schild.

“Yes♡♡ Thanks to Master Schild loving my pussy, I now have enough to push on for tomorrow’s battle♡♡♡♡”

“But you see…♡♡♡♡”

“We prefer to be fucked more in our pussies, so that we can have enough energy to win over the Demon Race all the way…♡♡♡♡”

They are thick, fleshy beauties and such have surprising toughness.

Despite being vaginally ejaculated on more than once, they never ran out of stamina and even crawled up to Schild on all fours as if the night had just begun.

Huge, thick, resilient, and beautiful.

And on such women who are used to battle, volatile sweat is also mixed with their natural sweet scent, making the man before them crave for more.

“…I’m glad that I rejected Cymbium on the way here.”

If she, a mere princess, had participated in this carnal sex, she would have been crushed and become out of play long ago.

Anyways, Schild continued to have sex with the girls with the same determination as if he were going into battle.

Later though, a passerby around the room testified that he thought they were fighting because the noise coming out of the room was too intense.

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