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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Farewell Foursome

The countermeasure against the “Hex of the Gladiator” has been formulated, and the expedition will be led by Carney, Lesnussa, and Lagothe as planned.

And as decided, Schild will stay in the capital, to defend the base and also to prepare for the climax of the battle that was sure to come.

On the eve of the departure of the army.

Carney, Lesnussa, and Lagothe, who are to lead the expeditionary force, were summoned by Schild.

In Schild’s bedroom.

It was obvious what was going to take place there, without needing to ask.


After finishing his meal and when he was about to head to the bedroom at the royal castle, Cymbium, her “half-sister” and the first princess, called on to him.

“Can I join you?”

Again, it was obvious what Schild was going to do when locked in a room with women.

That is, of course, sex.

And as Cymbium is also a woman who has been having sex with her “half-brother” Schild, it is only natural that she would be tempted to join in the debauchery that is about to begin.



“I’m sorry, but not today.”

The princess was met with a sullen reply from Schild.

“Of course, it is. I am sorry.”

Tonight’s sex will be a parting gift to the women warriors who are going off to battle.

Cymbium, who will be staying idle in the castle, is not qualified to participate.

“I know what you’re thinking, but that’s not it.”

Schild, who was aware of her intentions, immediately sent a follow-up.

“How do I put this…”


“Today’s sex will surely injure you if you participate half-heartedly. Worst case scenario, you will die.” If yo u ar e ab le to r ead th is mes sage, y ou are read ing fro m an una utho rized agg regat e si te. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at st abbin g w th a syri nge. hom e. blo g to su pport me and m y tran lat ions.

“What do you mean by that!?”

The three people Schild will be embracing tonight are Carney, Lesnussa, and Lagothe.

These are basically women who have chosen combat as their way of life, regardless of whether they are knights, warriors, or other specific occupations.

This was also why they were chosen as the vanguard troops of the decisive battle against the New Demon Lord’s Army.

What Schild meant is that all three of them are strong.


They simply have strong arms and a lot of muscle.

Unlike most women, their bodies are taut rather than soft, and they have the resilience of a bull or a steed.

Schild can say this because he has held many such women in his arms.

Sex with such a female warrior is a pure game of power.

Even more, all the women waiting for him in his bedroom are top-class female warriors unrivaled throughout the kingdom.

Cymbium will not stand a chance.

“Lord Schild, please embrace us tonight…!”

“Before we take up our roles on the battlefield, please rouse the spirit of this lowly official…!”

“Give me the fortune of war in my pussy, Schild…!”

When Schild returned to his bedroom, he found these physically fit women waiting for him, completely naked.

They were prostrating before him in the most modest manner possible.

The way they flirt alongside each other was cute, like puppies wanting to be cared for by their owners, but deep inside, their puppy-like appearances were nothing but hungry and salivating wolves.

Yes. Although their naked bodies are full of allure, if you’re a veteran on the battlefield, you will feel that they are exuding a unique pressure that is greater than ordinary.

Or rather, the atmosphere around them was already so firm and elastic that, with the added scenery of their taut skin and limbs packed with muscles, it was as if the air in the room itself had acquired the texture of a woman’s tits.


Schild also took off his clothes, not wanting to be different from the three. Then he spread his arms in front of them after becoming naked.

It was as if he was telling them that he welcomed them with open arms.



“Lord Schild♡♡” “Master Schild♡♡” “Schild♡♡”

The three maidens jumped into Schild’s chest, each with their respective masses.


Schild took the brunt of them while taking a couple steps back, but that was it. Despite being three-to-one, he was able to successfully hold his ground.

This is because Schild is also the strongest warrior of the land. If this had been an ordinary man, not only would he have been pushed down, but he would have been crushed like a frog.

But he is Schild.

And because he is Schild, it is possible for him to fuck the three of the strongest women on the land all at once.

“Lord Schild♡♡ Ahh, Lord Schild♡♡ I love you I love you I love you♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“This sounds like an adoration coming from a lowly petty officer… but I love you with all my heart, Master Schild♡♡♡♡”

“I’m but a woman made to be raped by Schild♡♡ So please, please rape me with all your love♡♡♡♡”

As they said that, these “puppies” started licking Schild’s broad chest, his abdomen, his penis, pretty much everywhere.

They were like a Husky, a Retriever, and a St. Bernard in terms of physique.

Anyway, such three big puppies came at him at once.

Schild, as expected, was almost forced to move backward, but he mobilized all of his silly pride and pushed back. Thi s cha ter trans lati on is ma de pos sible by stab bing wi th a sy rin ge tran sla ions. chec k onl y up-to -da te transl ati ons on my W or dp ress sit e.


“ “ “Kyaa♡♡♡♡” ” ”

“As if I’m gonna let myself be fucked by a woman! It’s me who gets to fuck, not the other way around! So you guys get your tits and asses out! I’m going to fuck you all!”

Striking back even though it was a bit half-assed, Schild hugged the aggressive maidens from one side to the other, where he sucked their lips, squeezed their tits, grabbed their asses, and inserted and pulled his penis into and out of their vaginas.

“I must keep up the offensive, or I will be fucked!”

This was what was in Schild’s mind.

The girls’ bodies, trained to fight and win, are capable of tremendous violence, even if they just play with each other.

With one or two people, it is still easy to catch up with them and love them back, but when there are three of them, it has to be a raging attack one after the other.

Schild struggled to scramble his hands to keep himself from being sunk in this rough sea of sensuality.

“Lord Schild♡♡ I love you♡♡ I love you♡♡ I love you so much♡♡♡♡”


“This petty officer loves you too♡♡♡♡”

“Grab my ass more♡♡ Grab it strongly enough to crush iit♡♡♡♡”

Perhaps inspired by Carney, even Lesnussa and Lagothe came and rubbed their whole bodies against Schild in a more indulgent tone than usual.

Tits and buttocks.

They are toys that delight men but also have the functionality to deliver a killing blow by suffocation. And now, they are pressing against Schild with full weight and pressure.

And since there are three of them, and they push from three different directions, this resulted in Schild being sandwiched and crushed.

These tits are different from the softness of ordinary women, which seem to sink down forever wherever they get squeezed. They are the tits of female warriors who had the elasticity enough to repel blades by bouncing them off rather than by sinking them towards them.

Of course, the above was an exaggeration.

But what is not an exaggeration is that the odor emanating from their tens of thousands of pores is more graceful, lewd, and lustrous than that of any lady.

Just by inhaling their lewd smell deeply through his nose, Schild felt as if he was about to ejaculate.

“Carney. Lesnussa. Lagothe.”

“ “ “Yes?” ” ”

“Let me lick your tits.”

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