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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – The “Queen Ant” and the Human King’s Interracial Sex Battle

Insects are lower life forms.

They are considered as such because they are creatures with a simple structure, but most of it it was because their survival instincts, which they almost entirely rely on for their behavioral tendencies rather than their thinking ability, surpass those of higher organisms like humans.

As much to say, the “Ant Sovereign”, which has brought together the best traits of these insects, also incorporated the simplest of these instincts in their body, which could be said the best in terms of survivability.

So, what will happen if that Ante encounters the strongest being in the world?

Ante, as an exemplary of insects, has the ability to adapt to their environment by changing their form in various ways as they go through their chrysalis.

If they encounter a stronger enemy, they can “learn” that “power” and adapt to it, their body becoming a complete countermeasure to them.

Though it might sound simple, it is not.

For example, if the opponent’s power is in their horns, and Ante is defeated by them, Ante will not grow horns as a countermeasure. Instead, they will develop a carapace so hard that it is nearly invulnerable to those horns, rendering the opponent completely powerless.

This was Ante’s true ability. Metamorphosis to adapt at its peak.

However, what happens if they encounter a strong enemy they can never overcome, no matter how hard they try to evolve?


For this, rather than taking the route of resisting an enemy they can never defeat no matter how much they are strengthened, their instincts to survive, which are more powerful in insects, will kick in instead. And instead of battling, they will now attempt to transcend the entity by coexisting with them. Because by taking in the enemy’s strong genes, they will not only survive but also achieve prosperity for the species to come.

And how will they do that?

By mating, of course.

Naturally, to achieve that goal, their bodies must be compatible first.

Hence Ante’s, or rather her body’s choice of change becoming the perfect mate for Schild.

Yes. Instead of becoming the strongest, their instincts chose to become the mate of the strongest, a meat toilet, a slave, or a wife if possible, where they will produce the strongest offspring in the world that will ensure the continuity of their existence.

Ante’s subconscious chose this path, hence the voluptuous body she was now.

Naturally, or should be said as expected of the being that attained peak metamorphosis, the bodacious body and exquisite limbs they changed into immediately affected their target, Schild. If yo u a re ab le to r ea d th is mess a ge, yo u are re a ding fr om an u naut hori zed ag gr egate s ite. Re ad at my W ordPr ess at sta bbi ng wi th a syri ng e. h ome. blo g to su ppo rt me and my tran sla tio ns.

Because they are now made to induce the most primitive instinct of the strongest enemy, Schild is now fully prepared to mate them.

The most powerful human enemy in the world has been reduced into nothing but a carnal animal, ready to mate her in an instant.

This is the new power(?) of the “Ant Queen” Ante. Of which she didn’t know…yet.

“Ahhn♡♡ Ahhn♡♡ So good♡♡ So goooood♡♡♡♡”

The being themselves doesn’t know how they got remade into a female human body, but what’s for sure is that because of their survival instincts kicking in and dominating them, Ante is no longer a bonafide “Demon Race” anymore.

Yes. “Her” body is almost the same as a human woman and no longer that of an insect, nor of a Demon Race, at least from the outside, and that also goes for the hole between “her” legs that invites Schild’s penis to enter without hesitation, sucking it in and out of her depths.

“Her” mating process going smooth is also evidence that “her” body, which has been remodeled to suit Schild’s tastes, is working perfectly on its intended purpose.

And that purpose is to bear the offspring of a man.

And not just any man, but a man named Schild.

“Oh, that’s a nice pussy you got here, Ante. To think you went through a lot of trouble to rebuild your body to compete with me in this manner. Really, I am very happy.”

Schild, the prime target for this change, expressed his satisfaction with the pussy of this new female he was penetrating.

It was only natural, as the body of Ante, the [Queen Ant], is now fully accepting his penis in full, with all of her instincts telling her to be impregnated by the man as soon as possible.

This resulted in a bonafide animalistic “mating” with the purpose of copulating rather than human “sex” with the intent to entertain.

… where the bearer completely accepts and yields to the male for the sake of the future existence of their species and not the interests of the individual itself.

For the prosperity of their species beyond, bowing down and submitting to a strong male and begging for their vaginal ejaculation has become the natural.

This was what had become of Ante, and the humiliation of the female organisms that had repeated for hundreds of billions of years is now repeating once again in her, here and now.

What about pride? Of course it was already thrown out of the window. When one’s survival is on the line, such things become no longer significant.


Splurt, splurt, splurt, splurt.

Once again, Schild’s concentrated semen got released into the female vagina of Ante.

The same material of which her newly evolved body was craving for in order to make her ant soldiers evolve into a stronger species, that same species she could not defeat.

For the “Queen Ant,” it was a rare treasure more valuable than gold, and yet, all of it was poured generously inside her womb.

But it didn’t stop there.

With Schild being Schild, he immediately went to the second round without pulling out, and without even finishing his first vaginal ejaculation to Ante.

Plock plock plock plock plock.

“Nnhee♡♡ Oooohhhhh♡♡♡♡ Our womb♡♡ Our womb is♡♡♡♡”

Breasts bounced, and buttocks rippled.

Schild’s pumping motion made Ant’s female body move in a way that only a lewd woman could.

But Schild also noticed that every time he pumps, Ante would secrete beads of sweat which would evaporate at body temperature and disperse a lewd scent.

Was it another feature of her evolution, or was it just a woman’s natural way to release pheromones?

Schild wasn’t sure. But what he was sure of is that the primary cause of it was their copulation, which is happening right now.

“Kehuuuuhhh♡♡ My instincts are telling me to get my pussy fucked as hard as I can♡♡ But I won’t lose♡♡ This “Ant Sovereign” won’t lose♡♡♡♡”

Said the “Queen Ant” Ante, proceeding to bark all over the place.

“You might have thought you have won, but in the end, you are just an inferior human! You are nothing but an easy kill for us, who are equipped with all kinds of insect weapons! Eat these fangs of a stag beetle!”

With that, Ante bites Schild’s shoulder as they mingle.

But it was nothing more than a playful biting of a human woman to a man’s body.

“Grrr, pretty resilient, huh? Then I will give you an acid that dissolves anything it touches!”

On the next, she dripped spit on Schild’s body.

But it only seemed like it was a perverted saliva play.

“Mmm! In that case, let me see how you’ll fare with my venom needle! Come out, my poison needle inside my ass…!!”

She yelled onto her butt, but all that came out of it was beads of sweat dripping off the woman’s peachy bottoms. No needle whatsoever came out of it.

On the contrary, because she was also rubbing herself hard against the stick that was stuck between her legs as she did it, she only felt even more pleasure added to the one she was experiencing, making matters worse, or better, for her. This cha p ter transl ati on is ma de poss ib le by sta bin g wi th a sy ring e tra nslati ons. check only up-t o-d ate transl ations on my Wo rdpr ss sit e.

“This is what your instincts truly want, isn’t it?”

Schild says as he slams his hips against her.

“The only reason you rebirthed in this form is for you to be fucked by me. Because it wants you to stop being my enemy.”

“No way♡♡ We can’t accept this♡♡ We are…♡♡ We are… aahhhhnn♡♡♡♡”

“Even if you don’t understand it with your mind, you should have probably understood it by instinct. That you, in order to beat me, in order to survive me, your body chose to become my meat urinal, to become my slave, to become my woman.”

“Ahh♡♡ Ahh♡♡ Aaahhhhh♡♡♡♡ So good♡♡ so good……♡♡♡♡”

“But what’s wrong with that!? Living is winning! After all, it is the most basic instinct of all creatures in existence! If we ignore all our silly obsessions, all that will be left of us is the will to survive!”

With their genitals still connected to each other, Ante’s body was then brought to the ground then held in place by a crushing embrace of Schild.


“Mmmhuuu…♡♡ Ahhn aaaahhh♡♡ Hyaaaaaa…♡♡♡♡”

Not only the genitals but also their lips overlapped, with Ante being treated not as a woman to be raped but as a woman to be loved.

The pride of the fighter, which she had taken for granted, cracked, then shattered, and from it, another imperative appeared out of nowhere to take its place.

The imperative was that [You are now a meat toilet created to flirt with Schild and open your vagina for him].

From then on, Ante the “Queen Ant” became finally aware of her female status.

Her glamorous legs entwined around the other party’s body, and her arms wound around the man’s neck.

Her tongue also sought its own partner while more love juices flooded from her orifice underneath.

I am…♡♡ I am now a female♡♡ I am a female mate exclusive only for Schild♡♡ I am rebirthed to feel this good♡♡♡♡ To have my pussy feel this good from being fucked by his cock♡♡♡♡”

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