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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – A New Ante Reemerges

[Ante… don’t tell me, you…]

Argome’s terminal noticed something and started to become very upset.

[Master Schild! That one!]


“That humanoid is just bait. The real Ante is on that giant ant husk on the far side! At first glance, it might look like a molted exoskeleton, but it’s actually a chrysalis!”

“A chrysalis?”

“That ant molt is a cocoon! It’s going to evolve into another form after that!”

Ante said they had “learned” from his fight with Schild.

This meant that they had analyzed Schild’s capabilities and would now be morphing their body into a being that could face him as a countermeasure.

[This is the true power of this “Ant Sovereign” Ante – Metamorphosis! I can rebirth myself again and again into a form that fully adapts to the capabilities of my enemies, a never-ending and forever-evolving countermeasure! Which means as long as I survive, I’ll get stronger and stronger! That goes for my fellow ant soldiers as well!]


The head of the “ant chrysalis” cracked open little by little.

The hatching had begun.

In the last battle with Schild, Ante has learned about Schild’s power.

And now, their body will evolve to adapt to that power.

[That moron Zaria has made a mistake. The strongest of the New Demon Lord’s Army is not Berzeld, but us! Ante is the strongest! Even if our body is killed, we can be reborn again and again, and what’s more, evolve to a being that would adapt to the one that defeated us as many times over! For that, we are the strongest!]

The old carapace was split in half, and finally, a new body of Ante emerged out of it.

It was truly like a new hatchling.

“Behold! The new Ante, the Ant Sovereign!”

The rich breasts spilling out of their body.

Waist as tight as a gourd, and buttocks taut and heavy.

A female body, radiating female pheromones, emerged from the chrysalis and was not clad in a single thread of clothing. If y ou a re ab le to r ead this mes sage, yo u are re adi ng f rom an un auth oriz ed agg regat e si te. Re ad at my Wo dPre ss at stab bing wit h a sy ring e. ho me. bl og t o s uppo rt me and my tr ansl ati ons.

Yes. The body exposed in the nude was unmistakably that of a beautiful human woman.

Perhaps because she had just emerged from her chrysalis, this Ante’s new body was covered in mucus, glistening in her skin.

“How do you like it? Are you surprised, Prince Schild? This is the strongest of this Ante’s form, which has adapted to your powers! And the body that will slay you!”



Both Schild and Argome’s “terminal” were simply stunned by what they had witnessed.

[Ante… uhm… that…]

But Argome, or her terminal, was the first to step forward.

[I just want to check, but is that really… it? Are you sure this is not some kind of mistake?]

“What is it, Argome? Are you scared to death of our final form?”

[Yes, I’m scared, but it’s for a different reason than you think! Ahh, I can’t believe you held all the suspense for that!]

As she said that, light emitted from Argome’s terminal, and “Ante”, or what could be said to be their new form, was projected onto the wall at the end of the room.


And it was a clear projection of Ante’s new body.

“What is this?”

[it’s a function that projects the images seen in my “terminal”.]

“That’s really handy.”

Of course, what the “terminal” projected was none other than Ante’s new form, which they had just witnessesed.

Two beautiful and attractive nude female figures, one real and the other a projection stood side by side.

“What is this poor-looking human female? What’s the point of showing me these images?”

[That’s you.]


[I’m saying that’s what you look like now!]

“What did you say!?”

Shockingly, Ante was the most surprised at the change.

“Indeed, if you look closely… these legs, these hands…they’re the same as those in the image! And for some reason, my breasts have swollen as well? How in the hell did they change into this shape?!”

[That’s what we want to hear from you! Just what are you thinking!? Are you an idiot!? Have you turned into an idiot now!?]

It seems that even the owner of the change did not expect this situation at all, and at that point, all hell broke loose.


[Don’t scream at me, you fool!]

“Calm down, calm down, both of you.”

For some reason, Schild had to play the mediator in this chaos.

“It is indeed a shocking situation, and I think it’s natural for people to be puzzled. Even I’m quite puzzled myself.” T his c ha pter tra nsl ation is m ade poss ibl e by st abb ing wit h a sy rin ge tra nslat ions. check o nly up -to -da te transl ati ons on m y W ordpres s si te .

[Master Schild…?]

“But first and foremost, we need to fix this mess. Everything starts there. And with that being said, I have a proposal to the new [Ant Sovereign] Ante.”


“Let me touch your tits.”


Schild said without flinching, staring straight at the nude female form of Ante.

Primarily at her chest.

“You arrogant bastard! What a stupid thing to say in the face of battle! I’m sure there’s been a mistake on our part, but we’re still enemies!”

Ante shook those tits agitatedly.

“We’re going to fight this out!”

“In a sex battle!”


As if to match the nude Ante, Schild also stripped off his clothes, and the big horn in between his legs soared up like a Hercules Beetle.

“Let’s gooooo!!”


[Ahh… I’ll, I’ll make the terminal return!]

Argome, who had already experienced being violated by Schild, immediately saw what was about to happen and made her eye leave the premises.


This may be an act to not disturb her master, but most of it was really because she doesn’t want to witness her former comrade be subjugated by Schild.

It was also the least she can do to save her comrade’s pride.

“Ant Sovereign Ante… or I might as well call you “Queen Ant” with that figure… you are quite the bold one, setting up an ambush under our royal capital. For that, you deserve to be subjugated! I will make you fall! Right here, right now, and using my loving sex as retaliation!”

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One thought on “Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 14

  1. Wow, so in order to adapt to Schild, Ante’s body chose the best and worst form to evolve to. Realistically, a female form would provide the best opportunity to catch Schild at his most vulnerable but that is only if you can wear him down enough, otherwise it’s ggs for Ante. We all know it’s gonna be the latter though.


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