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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Ante’s True Plans

“This is…!?”

At the bottom of the underground tunnel, Schild saw a mysterious spherical object in the deepest room.

It was large enough to be held up with both hands, white in color and translucent.

And there are a lot of them, all lined up in countless rows, not only on the floor but also on the walls.


Argome’s “terminal,” which had accompanied him, said.


[They are the eggs of soldier ants produced by Ante. It seems that that being not only intended to regenerate their body, but also to reproduce their army of ants here.]

Then, from these translucent spheres, monster ants will one day hatch and…

And right under the royal palace…


The thought of it sent a shiver down Schild’s spine.


Schild immediately unsheathes his Hihi’irokane sword and swings it around messily.

Each slash sliced an egg in half, and in no time at all, most of them are crushed and gone.

“Argome… I’m really grateful to you. If these guys had hatched and crawled into the royal capital, we would have been in big trouble…!!”

[Eh? N-no, I didn’t do that much…]

I’m so glad we were able to destroy this place before that…Schild thought sincerely. If y ou ar e ab le to rea d thi s message, you a re read in g from an u nauthori zed aggr egat e sit e. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at st abbing with a syr inge. h me. b log to s upport me and my t ran sla tions.

“Don’t devalue yourself. Information is important. In fact, it is our best fortune that we were able to suppress you first, you who can use that information most effectively. If not, we would be fighting a losing battle from here.”

[Are you praising me or dissing me? Anyway, I don’t really like such praise.]

Nevertheless, Schild noticed that Argome started to fidget at the “terminal”.

Indeed, once a woman lets go of her virginity, even a little movement of hers would become sensual.

(But it feels weird, though, noticing this at this “terminal”…)


Anyways, just by this alone, Schild has found out that all the Four Devas of the New Demon Lord’s Army are all opponents that should never be underestimated, even by him.

Like Ante, who could build a nest right under the enemy’s stronghold, Argome could easily destroy a country by using her ability.

Suppose they were in cooperation with each other, and using each other’s abilities to the fullest. In that case, they could defeat the enemy forces without sacrificing much, even against a powerful enemy.

But the reality wasn’t always the case, as one of the Devas has defected now, and the other is in the middle of being hunted down.

So rather than Schild’s luck, this advantage could be attributed more to the lack of leadership skills of the enemy commander.

“The eggs have been annihilated… but where is Ante, the most important of them all?”

The enemy was able to dig a hole right under the royal castle, mass-produce soldiers in it, and prepare for a surprise attack at the right timing.

Schild is no longer thinking that Ante is a mere pawn.

That’s why he is now determined to end them here once and for all.

[The ambush operation is ruined. Now I’m really pissed off.]

Suddenly, from an unknown direction, a voice echoed in the hole.


And this voice is familiar to Schild. It was none other than the voice of Ante, with whom he had crossed swords in the field on the last skirmish.

“Where are you?”

[I heard it from the back. Over there!]

Guided by Algorm’s “terminal,” Schild continued onward.

The “egg chamber” at the far end was much deeper than expected. They still had to walk further to get to the end of the room.

Further in the back, he found…

“…you son of a bitch.”

…a familiar “humanoid” sitting on the floor.

It was none other than the “Ant Sovereign” Ante.

[…Argome, why are you hanging out with the humans? Have you betrayed us?]

[I have been made to submit by Master Schild, both body and soul. As such, I can no longer defy him.]

Spoke Argome, conversing to her former comrade by using her “terminal”.

[Besides, why should I be obliged to a bonkers bitch like Zaria? Master Schild would do me more justice than that disrespectful woman. I’ve learned that very well in less than a day.]

[I agree with you that Zaria is a bit off in the head, but that isn’t enough of a reason for you to betray our Race! Well, It doesn’t matter. After I bury him, it is you who will be next!]

[You talk big. Are you even in a position to do that?]


Schild was quiet.

This is because everything he wanted to say was said by Argome before he could even open his mouth.

Anyways, it cannot be denied that the enemy was planning a great surprise attack right from the start. This cha pter tra slat ion is mad e poss ib le by sta bb ing wi th a syr inge trans latio ns. ch eck only up-t o-d ate transla tions on my Wor pres s si te.

The evidence is all the things they had seen here.

If they succeeded, the capital would have suffered catastrophic damage.

And Schild, in front of Ante, would be rendered helpless, even with him being the counter for the opponent’s “Hex of the Gladiator” Curse.

Thankfully, this was foiled by Argome defecting and providing intel to Schild.

What’s more, that same Schild already had a track record of defeating this being to their mercy.

With this Schild in front of him, Ante would be a problem no more.

“Mimicking a small insect and sneaking into the city to prepare such an ambush… I can’t deny that what you did is praiseworthy, even though I’m your enemy. But let’s see how you’ll survive this time.”

[My “Hundred Eyes” won’t miss you even if you try to escape by mimicking a small insect again. This is your defeat, Ante.]

The strongest of the Human Race and the sharpest eyes of the Demon Race.

Surrounded by these two forces, it looked as if Ante’s fate was doomed.



But even with the odds being small being shown to them, Ante didn’t flinch.

The being even dared to laugh.

[You still don’t understand, do you? Did you think our preparations are only about creating soldier ants to make a surprise attack on your capital?]

“What do you mean?”

[This one is the “Ant Sovereign”, Ante. “Sovereign” means I can control all insects, which can be said that I am already the “King of Insects” from that power alone. But that’s not all there is to it.”

Some species of insects change into pupae for reasons such as adapting to their environment, and when they make cocoons, they would dramatically change their appearance.

This power was also a power that “Ant Sovereign” Ant also possessed.

In other words, metamorphosis.

[I am very proud of you, Prince Schild. You are indeed very powerful, so powerful that I could not compete with all the power we’ve gained so far. But that changes now!]

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