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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Crisis Told by the Surrendered Argome

“Please… Forgive me already…”

Fainted and then reawakened of the intense sex repeatedly, Argome pleaded to Schild as she fell to her knees.

“I surrender. I accept my defeat. From now on, you can use me as you like, whether as a Demon Race fleshlight or a semen toilet. I don’t care anymore.”


Meanwhile, Schild’s side was confused by this too obedient of a surrender.



“I put all this blame on you. You have shattered her mentality with your reckless play. You should really be ashamed of what you’ve done.”

“No? Besides, Lord Schild, isn’t this your fault from the very beginning? When I started my play, Lord Schild had already come a lot inside her, so I think Lord Schild is the one who should take responsibility.”


Let’s put aside the blame game between the two for now and consider the facts at hand.

Argome, one of the key figures in the New Demon Lord Army, has been captured by Schild.

From any angle, with her as leverage, it was now quite possible for the kingdom to gain an advantage in the war.

“In that case, Argome, can you care to tell us first about the formation of the New Demon Lord’s Army? About who… or what kind of beings are the generals and all…”

“General, huh. If you are talking about the literal human ranks, we have none. But if we talk about its equivalent in importance, it would be us, the Four Devas.” If you ar e a ble to re ad this mes sage, yo u are re ad ing from an unaut hori zed aggr ega te site. Re ad at my W ordP ress at sta bbing w ith a syrin ge. ho me. blo g to sup port me and my tra nslati ons.

Argome started to talk about their camp fluently as if she wasn’t fucked senseless by the two earlier.

“Also, this will be a long, complicated story. Is that all right with you?”

“Then let’s talk over a cup of tea. I’ll bring enough for everyone. Do you Demons drink tea?”

“Ah, me too! I also feel a little hungry, so please bring me some snacks.”

“Carney, you…”

Thus, over tea and sweets, the interrogation of Argome in a strange way began in earnest.

“The leader of the Four Devas of the New Demon Lord’s Army is Zaria, who is also the first of our Demon Lord’s creations. She has received the title of ‘Evil Virgin’ from the Demon Lord and has been bestowed the authority to give orders to the rest of the Four Devas.”

“So she’s the actual head of the Demon Lord’s Army right now?”

“Yes, technically, since the Demon Lord themselves has given her the full authority. This start of another war with the Human Race is also based on Zaria’s decision.”

After that, Argome gave further testimony that summarizes the rest of the Four Devas.

Berzeld, the “Mad Demon Warrior”.

Argome, the “Hundred-Eyed”.

Ante, the “Ant Sovereign”.

Each is the keystone of the Demon Lord’s army, controlling the essential elements of military operations.

Ante, the “Ant Sovereign”, produces soldiers, the most basic component of the army.

As an insect monster, they produce eggs by themselves, which would hatch into an infinite number of powerful soldier ants, which together would also make up their capable army.

Argome, the “Hundred-Eyed” seizes information with their hundred eyes.

Adhering to the ironclad rule that “intelligence is the key to military success,” Argome flies her “terminals” to sneak into the depths of the enemy’s territory and steal important information.

In front of Argome’s all-seeing eyes, both friend and foe are completely good as naked.

As for Berzeld, the “Mad Demon Warrior,” this entity is the strongest warrior in the New Demon Lord’s army.


No matter how many people they gather, they are not effective as an army if they are weak. For that, they picked the best of their warriors in the Demon Race and had them battle with each other to create the ultimate supreme warrior that could conquer the battlefield on their own, similar to an ace.

“…It certainly makes sense.”

Schild, who heard the explanation, unintentionally let out a breath of admiration.

“Intelligence, logistics, and military firepower. Since their military is now given a cohesive structure by having a senior officer in charge of each of the things necessary for the corps, I can say that they have really thought this out this time around. Now, all it needs is a competent general on top, and then it will be perfect. I presume that this Zaria, the “Evil Virgin,” is taking that role right now, correct?”

“Like I said, there’s no “general” amongst us. Her leadership is more like equivalent to your now dead Prime Minister Dernonos, or at least, she doesn’t touch the military at all. Zaria is the kind who wants to be scheming at the backs rather than jumping at the very front. The prime opposite of Ante.”

“Nevertheless, the ultimate enemy is still the “Evil Virgin” Zaria, considering she’s the defacto leader. I never thought I would feel a great difference just knowing a person’s name. I feel like my previously dark path has brightened up.”

“Also, if her testimonials are true, then aren’t we, the Human Race, already have a big advantage, Lord Schild?”

“What do you mean, Carney?”

“I mean, out of the four enemy leaders, we’ve already defeated two of them, haven’t we? And two of which who held very important posts at that.”

To supplement Carney’s point, just the other day, Ante, one of the Four Devas, was cut in two in the first skirmish against the New Demon Lord’s Army.

And the “Hundred-Eyed” Argome was dealt with by swallowing her up in a torrent of sex with Schild and Carney. Mentally succumbed, she was now in front of them, providing them intel of her own accord. Thi s cha p ter tran sla ti on is ma de pos si ble by sta bbing wi th a syri n ge tran slati ons. ch eck on ly up- to-d ate trans lati ons on my Word pr ess s ite.

This means there are only two of the Four Devas left.

“The key enemies are now reduced to half! What can I say to this if not calling it an advantage?”

“Well, if you point it out that way, it certainly is.”

As Carney pointed out, Schild and the kingdom had successfully eliminated half of the enemy leaders. It was already safe to say that the biggest hurdle had been crossed.

The remaining “Mad Demon Warrior” Berzeld and “Evil Virgin” Zaria’s abilities were still unknown, even with Argome’s intel. Nevertheless, if they kept up their momentum, their enemies would never be able to have the chance to fight back, and they would win this war.

Just as they were thinking that…

“…is alive, you know?”


The one who suddenly said that line was Argome, who now rolled her eyes toward Schild’s direction.


“Alive? Who?”


Ante, the “Ant Sovereign”.

And the first Deva Schild fought the other day.

Ante led their army of ants to attack the royal capital and clashed with the royal army led by Schild in a field battle.

“But that’s impossible, you know? That Deva was cut in half and died in direct combat with Lord Schild.”

“That’s what they want you to think. Just before that, Ante turned into a small insect and separated themselves from the main body, escaping death from Master Schild’s blade. What Master Schild has cut was just a husk.”


This new revelation shook everyone.

“The only one of the Four Heavenly Kings you have defeated is this Argome. Do not underestimate Ante. That guys’ not only looks like an insect, but is as resilient as one as well.”

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