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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – The Most Noble Chicken and Egg Dish

“What could it be this time, I wonder?”

At that time, Second Princess Serenea received a summons to the Oscar House mansion.

But what surprised her was the other party that was calling her.

It was Schild.

Of course, Schild calling her was nothing new for her.

Usually, when Schild wanted Serenea, she would be summoned via Cymbium’s messenger to her room, and this has been the case since Cymbium gained custody of her.

But now is a different story, as the place she was being summoned right now is the mansion of the Oscars, a place where he was not supposed to be in yet.

Hence her bewilderment.

What’s more, she was addressed to come alone, alone meaning not with Cymbium accompanying her.

Because the Oscars and the Ryngbergs have now signed a truce because of Dernonos’ shenanigans, Serenea was now allowed to go back to the mansion, her home.

Half anxious and hopeful, she came to the designated place.

But when she got there, she was surprised at what she first saw……

……After all, what was brought into her eyes was the sight of her mother being violated by a man.

And that man is none other than Schild.

“Aheeeee♡♡ Ohieee♡♡ Ohiieeeeeee♡♡♡♡ My pussy, my pussy is……♡♡♡♡”

Right now, Second Queen Olivia is being vaginally humiliated by Schild in rapturous acclaim.

The place they were in was a small mansion in a secluded part of the capital, owned by Olivia herself.

It was normal for each queen to have this kind of “hide-out” or two for some secret meetings. Then again, because of their secludedness, it was also a very convenient place to do things that aren’t good to be seen in public.


Like having sex with a man other than your husband, for example.

PAK. “Oh, there you are, Serenea. I’m sorry for not being able to receive you.”

Along with a loud slap on the queen’s ass, Schild welcomed the second princess, who was left stunned at the door.

“As you can see, she wouldn’t let go of my cock, no matter what I do. She is almost like a vise. I wonder what the second princess thinks of this?”

“……I’m too stunned to say anything.”

After witnessing the scene of her mother’s carnality, Serenea said so frankly.

“……Or rather, I also had hoped that big brother would “do it” somewhere in the back of my mind, seeing it is big brother who have called me here. Still, when I was actually shown the real thing, I couldn’t help but be in shock.”

“But you seem pretty calm for a woman in shock, though?”

“Well, that part is obvious. After all, I had already been numbed by the shocking eroticism of you two every time we have a threesome with big sis.”

Despite her young age, Serenea was steadily growing up as a mature woman.

However, one cannot be lenient in pointing out that her direction of growth is wrong on many levels. I f y o u ar e abl e to r ead thi s mess ag e, yo u are re a ding fr om a n una uth orized agg re gate si te. Re ad at m y Word Pr ess at sta bbing w ith a syri nge. ho me. b log to su pp ort me and m y transl ati ons.

“Ahieee♡♡ Ahiee♡♡ Sereneaaa♡♡ My precious Sereneaaa♡♡♡♡”

Olivia calls out the name of her daughter endearingly as Schild stirs up her vagina.

Whatever the state they are in, this was still the first time in a long time that the mother and daughter reunited, ever since the Oscars’ camp lost against Cymbium’s in a political battle.

“Ahhh♡♡ You♡♡ I heard iit♡♡ I heard that you have let a man of lowly birth play with your body and fuck you in the pussy♡♡♡♡ Even though you’re a princess♡♡♡♡ What a disgrace♡♡ You, who must always have a pure body until you get the throne, yet you have gone and done it♡♡♡♡”

“You are not really convincing if you scold me in that state, mother!”

The second princess gave back a good argument that even Schild couldn’t retort.

But Olivia was not perturbed.

“That’s not the point here♡♡ You are the future leader of this country♡♡ The future head of the state♡♡ For that, your body♡♡ There must not be a speck of it that can be used against you♡♡♡♡ Heey♡♡ Stop fucking my pussy right this instant……♡♡♡♡”

“Don’t force me to do anything I don’t like to do! I am not my mother’s tool! I have the freedom to make my own decisions!!”


Olivia couldn’t counter back. Though the primary cause was that she was being violated at her back.

But this, however, brought a good balance between the hard-headed mother and the soft-spoken daughter.

“I know that I am bound by the duty because I was born into royalty. But mother, it is you who ignore the interests of the country and just care for your own, which is not supposed to be done by those of the royalty at all! That’s why I cannot bear to swallow the things you do!”


“I want freedom as a human being, mother. But most importantly, as members of the royal family, we must love and care for our nation as well. So I cannot just follow your orders and your orders alone. You have to understand that.”

“Ahiiii♡♡ Ohiieeeeeeeeeeeee♡♡♡♡”

“Are you even listening, mother!?”

Serenea burst out, unable to receive a proper response for the third time.

But in all seriousness, she also knew that it was hard to provide one if you are being fucked by Schild.

That’s why, after pulling his penis out of the groggy Olivia who had just climaxed, it was Schild who responded on her behalf.

“Serenea. Your mother wanted you to be the queen for your own sake.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“She doesn’t care about the interests of the Oscar House. She just believes that your happiness lies in becoming queen and reaching the pinnacle of the nation, where one couldn’t give orders to you but yourself.”

“T-that can’t be true!”


Until now, all the actions Olivia took were all to benefit the Oscar house. And her daughter is just a pawn for their prosperity.

This was what everyone is thinking about in the current actions of Olivia.

“No way. Are you saying that it had all been a misunderstanding?”

“Well, who knows? Either way, I’m fucking Olivia the entire time that I’m getting tired of her. I want another pussy. A different kind. What do you say, Serenea?”


At Schild’s cue, Serenea immediately began to undress.

In front of her man and her own mother, she began to strip her dress down to the inner parts, exposing her vagina, anus, and nipples in full.

“Yes, let’s have sex……♡♡ I also want mother to witness my pussy being slammed by my big brother’s cock♡♡♡♡”

“Well said.”

After saying those lines, Schild held Serenea up close . Then, after making her bend down on the bunk, he screwed his phallus into her as if to crush her.


The penis, sticky with the mother’s love juices, got buried in the daughter’s vagina right away.

“Ahhh♡♡ She’s being violated♡♡ My sweet Serenea is being violated by a man……♡♡♡♡”

Meanwhile, the mother, Olivia, muttered in delirium as she watched.

As Olivia’s body was shattered from the repeated humiliations she had suffered at the hands of Schild, all that was left of her was a body that is unable to move freely. T h is cha pt er tran sla tion is mad e poss i ble b y stab bin g with a sy ring e tr ansla ti ons. che ck only up -to- dat e tra nslat ions on my Wordp res s s ite.

She could only watch as her daughter was turned into a carnal slave and as her vagina dripped out huge amounts of semen that could no longer fit in her womb.

“My daughter, my daughter who should be the noblest person in this country♡♡ She’s now being violated and used as a semen toilet by a lowly man……♡♡♡♡”

“It’s alright, mom……♡♡ Because in the end, I am happy……♡♡”

Serenea immediately leaked endless amounts of love juices from her crotch and saliva from her mouth as she received sexual pleasure from the said “lowly man”.

This showed how far she was trained to become a flesh toilet for Schild, and all of that happened in just the act of thrusting of his penis inside her.

“I’m so happy to be used as a meat toilet for my big brother♡♡ As a matter of fact, my pussy is very happy as well♡♡ It’s so happy to be used as a sex toy by my big brother that it is oozing with so much love juices right now♡♡♡♡”

Serenea screamed this as she shook her ass wildly.

“Whether he’s my blood relative, a hero, a champion, I don’t care! For as long as he treats me like a meat toilet and pisses his semen inside me and makes me pregnant with a baby, I’m already happy and content♡♡ After all, it’s so good♡♡ It’s so good to be treated like a meat toilet by my big brother♡♡♡♡”

Just like that, even as her face got turned into a mess in front of her mother, Serenea accepted all of Schild’s raging member into her womb.

Splurt, splurt, splurt.

“Ahieeehieeee♡♡ This meat toilet pussy……is cummmiiiinnngg♡♡♡♡”

As a result, she went to a climax in no time, her young and cute breasts and cute buttocks jiggling wildly at the aftermath of it.

The mother, Olivia, didn’t miss any of these actions.

“Serenea……! I have always thought you were a naïve child…… but to think you have already grown to an extent that you can now lead a man to his ejaculation…… as a mother, I am so proud!”


With that speech, Serenea’s gaze was guided to a point.

That point was her mother, Olivia.

The same mother, who, like herself, was already without a stitch of clothing on her and was fucked senseless by Schild.


“Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve seen mother completely naked.”

“You’re right. And I haven’t seen you naked since you were a baby.”

Normally, family members would have the opportunity to show each other their nakedness at various times, such as when taking a bath.

However, being born into a noble royal family, Olivia and Serenea were hindered by various preconceptions and so were unable to have the contact that an ordinary parent and child should have.

Serenea’s gaze was further concentrated on one point of her mother’s naked body.

And that body part is, of course……

“My mother’s pussy♡♡”

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