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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Spineless Head of the Oscars

A lot of time passed by after that.

And yet, Schild and Olivia are still having sex.

“Hey, we have been doing it for almost a day now. Just how many times do you intend to make me ejaculate inside you before turning me to the castle guards?”

“You’re still on about that? Isn’t it already fine? More than that, you should be rubbing your cock against my pussy more♡♡ Over and over, while saying “I love you” to me♡♡”

Sex as a form of enjoyment and not just as obligation. Olivia has just experienced this for the first time in her life, and now, it has captivated her up to the marrow of her bones in just a round with Schild.

From a divine, exalted mature fairy, she has now become a forty-plus-year-old sex maniac in one go.

“Fuck me♡♡ fuck me♡♡ fuck me♡♡ fuck me♡♡ fuck me♡♡ fuck me♡♡ fuck me♡♡ fuck me♡♡ Ufufufufufu♡♡♡♡”

Right now, that “sex maniac” is now enjoying herself, rocking her bodacious hips with Schild’s penis in her vagina.

This time, their location has changed. From Olivia’s bedroom, they are now inside Olivia’s bathroom, where their current sex is taking place.

In a bathtub filled with water, a younger man and an older woman laid skin-to-skin, with their genitals laying on top of each other.

“To even have a private bath in your room…… as expected of someone from the three great nobles.”

“Fufufu, Impressed? I usually let the maids pour in hot water in here. Though I never expected a man to do it for me on their behalf instead.”

“Well, in the first place, isn’t this a kind of place where the opposite sex is banned from entering? It’s only natural you thought that way. By the way, can I fuck that maid with you later?”

“To speak of another woman other than me, what’s more, right in front of me……you have a lot of nerve♡♡”

A vaginal pressure, almost similar to a clamping vise, starts to assault Schild’s penis.

“Aahhhh……I give, I give! Stop! I’m sorry!”

“Well, if you can’t help it, you can also fuck her all you want♡♡  But only if you satisfy me first♡♡♡♡”

Thus, the two continued their lovemaking.

But it wasn’t a while later that they stopped because suddenly, there was a knock on the door.


“ “!?” ”

The knock came not from the bathroom door but on the bedroom one – the door connected to the hallway. But because the bathroom and the bedroom are connected, the knocking sound could be heard throughout.

“Olivia, are you there? I was told that you are in your room just earlier.”

A middle-aged man’s muffled voice echoed throughout the hallway, the bedroom, and the private bathroom where Schild and Olivia were.


“My brother. He’s the current head of the Oscar House. But because of his mediocrity, he’s now reduced to a figurehead.”

After whispering this to Schild, who was right beside her, Olivia raises her voice.

“It’s fine, brother! Come on in!”


The unexpected response of Olivia startled Schild, but his mouth was quickly sealed by one of her fingers. If yo u a re able to r ead this m ess age, you are re ding from an unauth oriz ed agg reg ate site. Read at my Word Pre ss at stab bing with a syrin ge. ho me. blog to su p ort me and my tran slat ions.

“Then, pardon the intrusion……”

After that came the sound of the door connecting the bedroom to the hallway being opened.

“Olivia? Where are you?”

“I am in the bathroom. I just want to freshen up a little.”

“You were taking a bath!? M-my apologies for this, I’ll come back later……!!”

“Didn’t I say it’s fine? If it’s something we can talk over a wall, then be my guest.”

Her brother and the current head of the family is now just over the wall separating the bath and the bed.

It was an awkward situation, yet Olivia didn’t even budge. Or rather, she even continued to rub Schild’s penis against her privates……together with a look of a lecherous serpent plastered on her beautiful face.

“I-is that so? Then I guess it’s fine. What I am about to consult with you is about that Schild or whatever his name is……”

That “Schild or whatever his name is” is currently in the bathtub, banging his own sister.

“It is as we feared, sis. Father……he’s already bent on making him the next king. He’s going to change our long-standing plan to put Serenea on the throne!”

“And so? You want to resist it?”

“R-resist!? I-I can’t do such a thing. Plus, father’s judgment has never been wrong before. But then again…… If the Oscars’ continuity is his primary concern, shouldn’t it be better if Serenea, who is a part of our family, be at the top instead of him?”

(So this is the current head of the Oscars, huh. No wonder the old man is worried.)

He was a pushover who couldn’t decide for himself, a weakling who always wanted others to do his work because he was afraid of failing.

He was clearly inciting Olivia to do the initiative for him. So that if she fails, the blame will be put on her instead of him.

Suddenly, and out of the blue, Schild thought of a mischief.

As Olivia proceeds to have a secret talk with her brother, he pinches her nipples and strokes her anus.

Of course, with no warning whatsoever.


“Olivia? Did you say something?”

“No! It’s nothing! I just felt stretching myself for a moment!”

Olivia hurriedly made up an excuse.

“That said, what do you want, brother? Do you want to remove this……Schild……from the royal capital?”

“H-how could I dare……Just imagining father scolding me for it already scares me! But then again, as the current head, I also want to ensure the prosperity of our house. Do you have any good ideas, Olivia?”

“I’ll……see what I can come up with……Are we done? I’m getting a little dizzy, so I’d like it if you go out now so that I can change.”

“O-okay then! I’ll leave you to it. But don’t tell father about this.”

After a while, a clunking signifying of a door closing was heard.

As if it was the cue, right after, a huge amount of semen was expelled from the penis of Schild, which had remained inside Olivia throughout the chat.


But it wasn’t only Schild who was holding back. Olivia as well, and the moment she realized the coast was clear, she immediately released the urges she had been suppressing at once.

“Ahhh, that was fun♡♡ I never thought sex could be this enjoyable♡♡♡♡”


“Still, that’s the head of the Oscars?”

“I know, right? He doesn’t have any ounce of ability to be the head of a major family. That’s why father is always in distress.”

Olivia spoke in disgust.

But it didn’t stop there.  

“In the first place, he was only able to succeed the title because he is the eldest son. But as you can see, he neither had the talent nor the courage for it. It’s already ten years since he officially became the head, yet he still hasn’t grown a spine. What’s worse is that the whole faction has known his incompetence already. They are all just waiting for our father to pass away.”

Olivia spewed merciless remarks about her brother one after the other.

But though Schild was only able to hear the person himself from the thick door of the bathroom, he was able to believe Olivia right away.

The current head is the representative of the largest power in the country. And yet, he was like this, a narrow-minded person who only cares about saving his own hide rather than solidifying his family’s position.

The fact that he was worried about Schild getting on his way to power, yet he still had the gall to mope around and not do any action, was nothing but insulting. Above all, this revealed his lack of capabilities of making decisions of his own, which was crucial if one wants to be a leader. This chapt er tran sla tion is mad e poss ible by stabb ing wit h a sy ringe trans la ti ons. ch eck on ly up-to -da te trans latio ns on my Wor dpre ss si te.

He was an embarrassment compared to his sister Olivia, who had already taken steps and had even decided to assassinate Schild.

“It’s good that father is still keeping the house upright. But if he dies here, the end of the Oscars’ long history as a major power is as good as established.”

“Is that why you want Serenea to be the ruler of the country at all costs?”

“Not really.”


Schild couldn’t help but be surprised at Olivia’s last answer.

“I wanted Serenea to be the queen for her own sake. Not as a husband of the king who follows his orders but as the primary ruler of the country, that kind of “Queen”. I want my daughter to reach the pinnacle. Even if I have to sacrifice this whole house in the end. That just shows how important she is to me.”

“This again is surprising. Serenea thinks you just see her as a political tool, you know?”

Maybe Olivia was feeling puzzled, telling and confessing to Schild about her true feelings even though he was supposed to be her enemy. But right now, because she was completely “gutted” by Schild, physically and emotionally, she could now be this open to him.

“I’m aware. I am aware that she is now holding a grudge against me. But I can’t help it, right? I have to do this so that she can enjoy the destiny she was born with to the fullest. And as long as that happens, I don’t care what she thinks of me in the end……”

“I think you mother and daughter should get along better. After all, you both have nice pussies.”



“Really, though. Both you parent and child have really good cunts. I guess Serenea really took the shape of her mother’s.”


The moment Schild spewed words that he too tasted Serenea, Olivia’s expression started to change.

From a slut who has succumbed to sex, her face transformed into one that was fresh out of mercy.

Like a demoness that had just been through hell.

“You……Have you perhaps laid your hands on Serenea as well?”


Haven’t I told you yet? Schild turns his head to Olivia as if to say.

Incidentally, his penis was still occupying her vagina all this time.

“What have you done!! My Serenea, my Serenea’s pussy which should be the purest in the world……you’re saying that you lowly person has already defiled it!? Unforgivable! This……this♡♡ Ahhhn♡♡ Ahhhn♡♡ Stop poking me there this instant♡♡♡♡”

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