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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Assailants and Turntables

“……Assassins, huh.”

That is probably why the room is dimly lit, Schild spoke his inner thoughts.

“And it isn’t just one person.”

They were at least ten. All are hiding in the room, surrounding Schild and aiming to kill him upon command.

“It is all your fault. Your incompetence to back down has led you to this peril. You will die here. You deserve it.”

“You serious? You have used the old man’s name as a cover. He will surely get involved, and you will not be left with just a disownment.”

“This is a decision made for the good of the country and the Oscar House! I’m sure father will understand!”

The fan closes with a crisp snap. The sound was the signal for the dark shadows to strike.

All of them were aiming for Schild’s head.

The next thing, crimson blood splashed and dirtied the nobleman’s chambers.

However, none of it was from Schild. It was all from the assassins.

“Guhh!” “Gobooh!?” “Oobh!?” “Ughoo!?” “Uguuh!?”

The Hihi’irokane Sword tore the assassins’ bodies apart like a hot knife through butter.


Every time his sword flashes, a body part will fly out and makes a splatter as it lands on the ground.

By the time he stopped, not one of the assassins was left alive. Nor intact.


“It’s impressive that you haven’t screamed by now, seeing this horrifying spectacle before you. But then again, I should have expected this as you are the old man’s daughter. It’s funny, but your attitude right now of immediately going for assassination as soon as the negotiations broke down reminds me of the day your father and I first met.”

Schild told casually to Queen Olivia. Then, he casually went to the side and wiped the blood off his blade with the room’s expensive-looking curtains before sheathing it.

“But even though your efforts are commendable, the execution is subpar. I can tell because the assassins you brought in do not have any professionalism. They are almost at the level of thugs.”


“Come to think of it, I heard that the old man is the one handling that section of the Oscar House by himself. And since you don’t want to alert the old man who is sensitive to these matters, you decided to hire on your own. But you got too complacent, thinking these guys could match me.”

And because they were precisely common thugs, Schild was able to dice them without hesitation.

“So, what are you going to do next? Because of what you’ve done, this is no longer a matter I can put aside. You tried to kill a royal family member, the biggest crime of all. I wonder what will happen if Cymbium gets wind of this fiasco?”

“Don’t do it! If you do that, not only will I get punished for it, but Serenea will get involved as well!”

If it came to light that the Second Queen Olivia had tried to harm another heir to the throne, then her daughter, Serenea, would naturally be put under scrutiny.

In normal cases, the mother and daughter would be deprived of their rights to the throne, and in worst cases, both the mother and daughter will be put to exile.

And for any noble, deprivation of title and exile means death.

It won’t even be surprising if the whole Oscar faction would collapse overnight and have the entire house destroyed at the same time. If yo u a re abl e to re ad this me ssa ge, yo u a re re a ding from an una utho rized aggr eg te sit e. R ad at my Wor dPre ss at sta bbi ng wi h a syri nge. h ome. b log to supp ort m e and my transl at ions.

“So what? I was the one who was attacked. Why should I care about the assailant?”


Schild’s heartless speech caught the queen off guard.

The next step of the queen, however, caught Schild off guard in return.

She stood up from her seat and started taking off her dress. Yes. She started stripping herself naked.

“What are you planning to do here?”

“I am not the assailant here. It is you!”

Her bra came off, and her panties came next. Soon, the Second Queen was completely laid bare to Schild.

For a moment, Schild was mesmerized by her beauty.

Even though she was already in her forties, Queen Olivia’s body remained taught and sexy, almost like that of a maiden in her later teens.

Her flesh was tucked in where it is needed to be tucked in and was oozing out in parts that they needed to ooze out.       

However, Schild’s fascination stopped when she saw what she was holding.

“I have heard rumors of your debauchery! I’ll tell them that you tried to rape me in this secret meeting, and after a fight with all the guards, you killed them all, including me!”

Queen Olivia was holding a sharp dagger to her own throat.

“If a word of this ugly rumor gets out, your reputation will be ruined, and you will be eliminated from the succession race! I’m already prepared to make Serenea the ruler of this country, even if I have to sacrifice my own life!”

Schild couldn’t help but admire the mother’s determination and the revelation that she’s seeking power for her beloved daughter’s sake, not for her personal gain.  

“I’m not really the type to mess with married women, but……”

Schild knew from experience that if he allowed her to do this, the consequences would be disastrous.

He no longer had a choice.

If the second queen commits suicide, not only will Schild be disgraced, but Serenea, his woman, would also be crestfallen by the loss of her own mother.

If it comes to this, then……

“Fine. If that’s what you want, then so be it.”

With a swift motion, Schild embraced Olivia by his arms.

The dagger pointed at her throat was sent flying, and it fell on the floor with a clang.

“You want to accuse me of rape? But you lack primary evidence. So here, allow me to put a load of it inside you.”

“Mmmhh!? Mmmhhh!? Ahaaaa……!?”

An erect penis of Schild dived into the vagina of the second queen.

It didn’t make sense why he was doing this, or maybe that was just his libido taking control after seeing the second queen naked, but Schild thought that he might as well use this chance to do it with the queen.

Even if it means the person who wants it will accuse him of being “raped” afterward.

It was absolute retardation. And yet, Schild opted to agree to it.

And it would have been his own downfall, considering he had practically volunteered to dig his own grave.

It’s just that there’s one problem.


His partner was not that good. Or was it Schild that was too good?

After her vagina was pushed open and invaded by Schild’s humongous member, Queen Olivia, who was a mountain full of arrogance earlier, was quick to be reduced into nothing but a weak-willed woman.

In a place where no one’s dick could enter but the king’s, after she allowed another man to breach it repeatedly, it wasn’t even a few minutes when she completely succumbed to the said man’s cock.

All the dignity she had earned was lost at that moment.

“You……dared……the second queen……ahhh!!”

“But this is what you wanted, right?”

Schild thrust his hips even more.

These movements caused his tip to thump harder inside Olivia’s tight and firm vaginal depths, typical of that of a strong-willed woman.

“Have you lost your mind!? As the queen, only the king can touch my body directly. Even if you’re his son, if you try to rape me, you too will at least get capital punishment!”

“And isn’t that good for you? Now you have a good excuse to get rid of me for real. I will be exiled by the country, and Serenea will become queen, well, if you announced to them that your body has been tainted by me. But that’s a small price for you, right?”

In reality, it wouldn’t be that easy as Olivia would also bear the stigma of being tainted by another man, but Schild didn’t say that to incite the arrogant queen.

And as if the provocation was successful, Olivia didn’t say anything but just allowed Schild to do his thing. She still glared at her enemy, who was now connected to her crotch, however.

“……Fine, you can fuck me all you want! But, when this frenzy is over, what’s next will be your undoing!” Th is cha pter transla tion is ma de po ss ible by sta bbin g wi th a syr inge transl ation s. che ck only u p-to -date tr anslati ons on my Wor dpres s si te.

“I already expected that you’ll agree. After all, you’ll still need proof of being raped. But don’t worry, for I’ll be ejaculating inside your vagina a lot to provide you with enough evidence. All on the house.”

And so, after that, Schild’s penis continued to flail inside the second queen over and over.

Queen Olivia’s vagina, having not been used that much because of the king’s long absence, still had the hardness of a virgin. However, as if to suffice for it, the flesh of her entire body was supple and smooth, with perfect texture for a lustrous, mature, older woman.

In fact, when Schild embraced her body, he immediately felt how soft and squishy this older woman was. Adding to the tightness of her vagina, he almost drowned himself in pleasure.

“As one would expect from a queen……”

In this country, the queen is the highest meat toilet offered to the greatest man in the land – the king.

Therefore, it was only natural that her body, up to her pussy, must be of a higher standard than most.

“……fuuhh, fuuh, fuhiii, hiiieee!?”

Before long, Queen Olivia’s breathing became rough.

This meant that Schild’s penis, which had brought down thousands of women, was also about to take effect between the queen’s legs.

“Kuaaah……!! This is nothing……!! As long as……as long as my pussy gets through this……Serenea will be……the queen!!”

With each thrust, her entire body would bounce up and down. Her rich breasts that only an older woman can have would also dance wildly.

Queen Olivia still tried her best to resist the pleasure. However, it was already too late.

Her skin is already flushed with vermillion. Viscous sweat is also gushing out and covering her entire body.

Most importantly, love juices are already pouring endlessly from between her legs.

“No……I can’t……I shouldn’t be feeling this……I’m not supposed to feel this…… ♡♡”


Queen Olivia is starting to feel it.

She is starting to regain the pleasure of being violated by a man, and it is gradually spreading in every nook and cranny of her body, which had already experienced childbirth.

To the womb that has already done its duty, a penis is being rammed again in order to produce another life.

To this Second Queen Olivia, who had supposed to have long-buried this sensation, Schild was digging it up again and bringing it back from the very depths of her vagina.

The pleasure of being a woman.

“Hieeeeeeeeeeeeee♡♡ Sooo goooodd♡♡ Yeeeshhh♡♡♡♡ Please, do it with me moooreee♡♡ This old woman’s which has already gone numb from lack of sex, please jumpstart it again with your thing♡♡♡♡ Slam your big, hard shaft on top of iiit♡♡♡♡ Deeperr♡♡ Go deeper until you break mee♡♡♡♡”

“That’s good, but aren’t your words too tame and immaculate for someone already old and mature? You can directly say “Cunt”, “Pussy’ or “Cock”, you know?”

“Don’t be ridiculous! I am the queen and a member of the Oscar House, the most powerful family in the country! Therefore, I will not act with such humiliation!”

Shplock, shplock, shplock, shplock, shplock, shplock, shplock……

“Nhoooo♡♡♡♡ Yesssh, yeeshhh♡♡♡♡ Fuck it, fuck my pusshyy moooreee♡♡ Ram it with your huge cock until it breeaaaakks♡♡♡♡♡♡”

It wasn’t even a few rounds of copulation for the proud queen of the Oscars to succumb.

Soon, the sensation of countless microscopic “caterpillars” crawled up of the testicles of Schild. It went to his urethra, and quickly after, they burst out of his bellend in the form of white fluids.

Splurt, splurt, splurt, splurt.


The Second Queen Olivia screamed out as she convulsed violently.

It was no wonder, as her uterus had just received a full hit of the white torrent.

Torn between the waves of climaxes, she clung tight to Schild’s body.

And from the gap between her vulva and his penis, a huge amount of semen overflowed.

“Well, I guess with this, we now have the evidence that I raped you. Shall we proceed to the royal castle to convict me of my crime?”



“……Queen Olivia?”


The second queen was unable to respond.

It was as if she was starstruck. So as a gentleman, Schild waited for a while.

Then, while still clinging to Schild’s body with both hands and feet, Olivia finally spoke.

“……One more. Cum inside me one more time. Just once isn’t enough.”

“As you wish, Queen Olivia.”

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