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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – A Mature Older Fairy

And thus, Schild came.

Into the main residence of the Oscar House.

However, he couldn’t help but be flabbergasted when he got there.

As he already had experience visiting the main residence of a great noble family, like the Leschbeins for example, Schild was confident that he had this one in the bag.


But then he realized these thoughts were too naïve.

He forgot the crucial differences between both of the house’s states.

For starters, unlike the Leschbeins’ now decrepit mansion, he discovered that the Oscar House’s mansion was several times more luxurious than the former. Not to mention everything was well maintained up to the smallest details.

A huge lawn existed in the garden. Though thick, it was thoroughly mowed. It was even surrounded by lush greenery that would scream “I’m filthy rich!” if they put a mouth on it.

There is also the fact that not a single speck of dust could be spotted in the mansion. On the contrary, he could see finest quality furnishings everywhere he looked, and there is just too many of them to count.

“As expected of the faction with the biggest influence at present……!”

Schild knew he shouldn’t compare the two, but he still couldn’t help it. Compared to the Leschbein mansion, this house was practically the difference between a ruin and the downtown area.

However, even with this luxuriousness around him, Schild was not entertained.

This was because……

“……There’s no one here.”

The whole place reeks of suspiciousness.

And Schild was spot on. After entering the mansion, he didn’t see anyone except for the butler who served as a guide after the messenger had left.

In such a huge house filled with ornaments, one would expect to see not only maids on duty but also other guests and family members.

But no one was there to welcome Schild.

As if this was the true ruins all along.

The emptiness was all the more strange because the invitation’s premise is to give a grand welcome to Schild and that they wanted to express their connection with him. If you a re a ble to rea d this m essa ge, yo u are re ad ing from an una uthori zed ag greg ate si te. Re ad at my Word Pr ess at s tabbi ng wi th a sy nge. ho me. b log to sup port me and my tra nsla tions.

“We have arrived.”

The elderly butler said, stopping at one of the rooms.

Schild hadn’t noticed when he spoke, but considering he was the only man in the vicinity other than him, then those words should come from him.

“My master is waiting for you. Please, come in.”

“Your master? You mean, the former patriarch?”

But instead of answering, the old butler just said nothing and remained with his head bowed.


The butler didn’t even open the door for him.

Having no other choice, Schild turned the doorknob and entered the room himself.

When Schild entered the room, it was dimly lit, so he wasn’t able to get a clear picture of what was going on.

However, at the back of the said room, in the most prominent part of what appeared to be an elevated flooring, he could make out a person.

The other party sat on a luxurious chair, like some sort of king.

“……a woman?”

Schild was able to tell because the other party is wearing a dress.


“You are raising your head. Bow it down.”

Suddenly, an arrogant tone flew out from the woman in the dress.

“I am Olivia, the second queen. You are not my equal.”

“The second queen?”

In other words, she was the wife of the incumbent King Preslate I, who is currently missing.

Schild recalled his memories. Based on what he knew, the second queen is a noblewoman who married from the Oscar House. She is also the daughter of the Oscar’s retired old man whom he knew too well and the mother of the second princess, Serenea, whom he had injected with his seed.

Schild glanced at the woman before him again.

Although she is an older woman who had lost some of her skin tones with age, the sparkles in her eyes still remained a blaze of glory.

Her body, which was around 40 years of age, had fully matured, and yet, maybe because of her intense obsession with power, she is still emanating a bewitching magnificence, even today.

“Here we go again with the unexpected. So it wasn’t the old man who called me here?”

“Don’t call my father “the old man”, you low-born! But yes, it is I who summoned you. I used my father’s name.”

“So that’s what happened.”

“How much longer are you going to stand up there like a dunce? Genuflect and worship me. Bow your damn head. Do you not understand that a commoner like you is not even allowed to approach me, an exalted one!!?”

“Right, I am tired of standing still……oh, can I sit here? Well, don’t mind if I do.”


The second queen was momentarily dumbstruck by the reaction of the young man, who didn’t even flinch at her demands.

If he were a man of any kind, just a glare from her horrific gaze would be enough to crush his spirit, and he would have turned into a slave who obeyed whatever she’ll order on the spot by having his will to disobey atrophied.


Sitting on a magnificent chair he dragged from a corner of the room, Schild faced the second queen again.

“……what’s your business? Since you used your father’s name without permission, there must be some pretty shady stuff you’ll say next. After all, you wouldn’t take this much effort for a single conversation with me.”

Schild has realized that this would be the reason he hadn’t encountered a single person until now.

The second queen must have dispatched the people somewhere.

She must have ensured that only a minimum number of people would know that she had met Schild today.

“I guess you got the smarts at the bare minimum. Then again, father wouldn’t have taken an interest in you if you were dull……Fine. I’ll give you a straight answer.” Th is cha p ter t anslat ion is m ade pos si ble by stab bi ng wi th a syr in ge tra nslat ions. check o ly up-t o-d ate tran sl ations on my W ordpre ss si te.

After taking a big sigh, the second queen spoke in a loud but stern tone.

“Get out of the royal capital. This is an order.”

“And why is that?”

Of course, Schild being Schild, he was not at the least bit perturbed. He even replied in a very straightforward manner.

“I don’t want to waste my efforts running my precious lips for you,” however, is what he only received in that answer.



Was it from the frustration? Or his lack of reaction? Eventually, the second queen spoke again.

“Everyone in the kingdom is whispering about it. About you becoming the next ruler.”


“That is not true, for my Serenea will be the one to inherit the throne! My daughter, born from my belly, is the only one who deserves to rule this country as its queen!”

Maybe because her daughter is the one being talked about (though she brought up the subject on her own), Queen Olivia became more excited in her tone.

“In the first place, it is outrageous that a lowly person like you should be the ruler of this country! You should know your place and back down! And while at it, get out of the capital and don’t return. If you do as I say, I’ll give you enough money to live on for the rest of your life!”

Realizing that the whole shenanigan was for this, Schild’s shoulders relaxed.

His reaction was not without basis.

The Oscar House has been engaging in various covert maneuvers even before the feud with the First Princess began. Just recently, their mission was to put Serenea on the throne instead of Cymbium.

Olivia here is telling Schild that she is willing to do the same thing to Schild even if he was already established as the next king.

Obsession with power is a terrifying thing.

Obviously, the queen here was still trying to cling to her last chance of claiming the throne through Serenea, even though the de-facto leader of the Oscar House had already decided that they would recede.

“Supposed that I’m gone as you said……”


Schild finally spoke, in a tone much calmer than the furious Queen Olivia.

“……Even if I’m gone, it is pretty much established that the First Princess, Cymbium, will become the next Queen. The firstborn has the priority. Everyone knows this.”

“That woman is a pig! She has neither the ability nor the dignity to receive the throne! My Serenea is more competent than her, and if it is her, she will lead the country to a more prosperous era!”

To this reaction, Schild took a deep sigh.

For he discovered that he was now confronting one of the most troublesome types of women he had encountered.

These were the women who usually “have a comeback for every remark” brought up to them.

“Serenea is a good girl, and she’ll be an outstanding beauty when she grows up. However, she is still very young. She will not be able to lead us in the battle against the Demons that could happen at any time.”

“You still insist on disobeying!?”

At that point, the second queen’s voice was filled with a demonic tone.

“I would have preferred to keep things civil……but I guess I have no choice.”

Queen Olivia then took out a fan from her side. Then, she unfolded it in a snap.

As if that served as a cue, a deadly atmosphere began to emanate from various parts of the room.

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