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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Sudden Leave of Absence and Sudden Invitation

The kingdom’s current situation was such that a counter-measure against the Demon Race had to be implemented immediately. Still, until the scouts brought back useful information, they would be left with nothing to be done.

And if there’s nothing to be done, Schild would opt to have sex.

Then again, he would also have sex even if there’s something to be done anyways.


“My pussy, my pussy is cummiiiiinngg♡♡”

The wife and daughter of the former prime minister sank on the bed with a mighty thud as they received Schild’s ejaculation in full force.

But each of them deserved praise, considering they were able to last up to this time after the man’s repeated assaults.

“Phew. That was good. Now then, Carney. Since you have come all this way to visit me, would you like to participate? After all, it would be a waste if you just come here to talk.”

“You still want to have sex even after you have cummed so much on these two?”

“You don’t want to?”

“I do, but…….”

Nevertheless, Carney immediately stripped naked and spread her legs in front of Schild.

Without hesitation, Schild also buried his penis, still coated in the previous women’s love juices, inside Carney without wiping it off.

“Ahhh♡♡ Ahhh♡♡ Aaaaahh♡♡ …….Aaaaaahhh♡♡♡♡”

“I knew it. Carney’s pussy is the most comfortable and pleasant of them all.”

Then he moved his hips and released his sperm inside her vagina.


Their sex was more natural than breathing, yet it was also fulfilling at the same time.

It was so fulfilling that Schild felt like he was experiencing sex for the first time again.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

Suddenly, when Carney was in such a state of euphoria after receiving a vaginal ejaculation from the man she loved, someone grabbed her by the head.


Even Schild is surprised. After all, he couldn’t detect the new intruder in the bedroom, though it might just be because he has completely let his guard down with Carney.

As for the newcomer, she was dressed in an overly gaudy dress as she entered the bedroom, which was fully in contrast to the nakedness of those who were inside.

“Who are-“ “Grandmother?” If yo u a re a ble to r ead th is mess age, yo u are rea ding fr om an unau tho rized aggr egate si te. Rea d at my Wor dPre ss at stab bing wit h a sy ri nge. ho me. bl og to sup port me an d my trans la tions.

But before Schild could do anything, Carney had already called out.

It was the de facto head of the Leschbein family and Carney’s grandmother who entered their room.

Yes. It was none other than Grandmother Ledotte.

She was over 80 years old, yet her skin was still taut that she looked like she was only in her 20s. This made her be treated as if she was some sort of unaging monster, however.

Although she had stepped into her granddaughter’s sex, she also didn’t seem the least perturbed.

“Your Highness, we came to your room because we will take custody of Carney for the time being.”


But that wasn’t all. Exactly the moment of her appearance, Ledotte also started saying more abrupt things.

“Carney. While being loved by His Highness is good, or the best even, it won’t be enough perform the task of being the First Queen. Or are you thinking that being Queen is just acting as a meat toilet for the king?”

“I, uhhhm……”

“Because King Preslate has rejected our offer of having you as a third queen, I had to give up on your education. But things have changed. Because you are now the upcoming queen of His Highness Schild, moreover the First Queen at that, it is important that you should possess the knowledge of being one. For that, I will be bestowing you all the knowledge that has been passed throughout the generations of our Leschbein House!”


“I apologize beforehand, Your Highness, but I’ll interrupt your sex with Carney to teach her what I haven’t yet. As for you, Carney, you will go back to the main house together with me to restart your education!”

After that, Grandmother Ledotte grabbed Carney by the head and pulled her out of the bed, slipping Schild’s penis out of the former’s vagina.

She was then dragged through the door with a dripping trail on her crotch.

“Wait, Grandmother! At the very least, let me get dressed first!”

“Forgive me, Your Highness, but I must ask you bear her absence for a while. In exchange, I will show you a woman who is far more erotic and worth impregnating than the one you see now at your next meeting……♡♡”

Ledotte spoke that to Schild and left with a seductive wink.

And as one would expect of Schild, he didn’t even insist. After all, the upside was just too good.


Not to mention it came from a very beautiful woman that looked exactly like her beloved, even though she was much older than them combined.

“Then I’ll leave her to you. But please return her as soon as possible.”

As mentioned above, as long as the scouts searching for the Demon Race movements do not return, Schild and the others will not be able to move.

Because they are idle, it was the perfect chance to train Carney to become a bride.

In any case, Schild was still left behind, including his penis, which has remained upright as it was already prepared to ejaculate into Carney’s vagina many times.

But since the former Prime Minister’s wife and daughter were still unconscious, he had no choice but to seek an alternative. So, he went downstairs, looked for Lady Nazah, lifted up her skirt and penetrated her from there. He repeatedly ejaculated inside her pussy as far his desire took him. This cha p ter tra nsl ation i s made pos sib le by s tabb ing wit h a sy ri nge trans latio ns. check on ly up-t o-da t e tran sl atio ns o n my W ordp res s sit e.

A few moments after, a messenger came to Schild.

According to him, he was a messenger of the Oscar House.

In the past, they were political rivals of Cymbium, but after various shifts in the situation, they are now on friendly terms with her.

“It was from the former patriarch.”

“From gramps??”

From here, the messenger stated that the previous head of the family, who was still the de-facto head of the Oscars, wanted to see Schild.

He said they would like to give a grand welcome to the new royal and show an establishment of a full-fledged friendly relationship with him.

“But that is not like the old man, though?”

It was Schild’s first thoughts.

After all, he knew that it was very unbecoming of the former patriarch to call onto Schild without showing the slightest consideration for Cymbium, which had once been his political rival.

The man still had his meticulous side, so Schild wouldn’t believe that he had “just forgotten it” because of his old age.

After all, it was this trait of his that made their house still standing despite the greatest failure, which was the loss of the knights in the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle. Even before that failure, it was also this particular trait that allowed his house to maintain its dominance for more than half a century.

“……smells fishy.”

Schild already knew that the publicity of his existence would spread a strange yet alluring smell that would entice those who desired to rub their elbows with power to him.

Ultimately, this was also one of the reasons why Schild does not want to move to the royal castle and just opt to remain in Lady Nazah’s lodging.

However, he also knew that avoiding the center of the stench was not enough to shake off the power-hungry.


To get rid of the stench, you must dive first into the source of the stench itself.

Meaning he would have to have contact with the people involved in this invitation eventually.

“I accept the invitation. I’ll be visiting them now, so please show me the way.”

“You’re going to visit now, Your Highness?”

The envoy sent by the Oscars froze at Schild’s abrupt decision

“What? Is now a bad time?’

“N-no, not at all. It’s just that……”


“Shouldn’t you get dressed first?”

It was a natural response.

After all, while entertaining the messenger, Schild was still naked.

He was still in the middle of sex with Lady Nazah, after all.

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