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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – The “Rightful Queen”

First to straddle her mouth was Second Princess Serenea.

As for why she was chosen second, it was believed that she would also be an easy guess. That, and the first question in every test shall always be easy, as if to provide warm-up for the testee. It got even easier considering she just followed after First Princess Cymbium. Still, there was also another reason Serenea would be deemed easy to guess.

Serenea, like her sister Cymbium, had been embraced by Schild many times, and multiple times, it had developed into threesomes or foursomes with Carney and Cymbium in it.

In these threesomes and foursomes, they would also lick each other’s genitals, with Schild’s semen flowing out of their holes.

As such, it would only be natural that Carney would immediately guess Serenea’s identity from her taste alone.

There’s also the fact that even if she’s blindfolded, Carney would also recognize her on the way she straddled her face and her movements, using her sixth sense she honed in battle.

In other words, Serenea being guessed right is already on the bag for Carney.

“Mlem, mlemm,” sounded Carney’s tongue as it lapped Serenea’s pubic area, licking it mercilessly.

“…!? …!?”

Even then, Serenea did her best to hold back her moans to prevent her identity from being revealed.

Not even a sigh was allowed to go through.

The rules only dictated that Carney had to guess based on taste, not sound.


So Serenea did her best.

And the best she did.

Not a single sound was let out.


“This pussy…is Princess Serenea’s.”

Carney was still able to guess without difficulty.

An expected outcome.

Naturally, the others didn’t know that, so the people around them cheered.

“As expected of Carney! Next pussy, please!”

At Cymbium’s cadence, Serenea moved out of the way, and another woman’s pubic mound was pressed against Carney’s face. If you ar e ab le to re ad this mess a ge, y ou are re ad ing from an unau thor ized agg rega te s ite. R ad at my Wor dPr ess at sta bbi ng with a sy ri nge. ho me. bl og to supp ort me and my tr ansla tio ns.

With several tongue movements…

“This is… Reza’s pussy!? You’re here too!?”

“You guessed it right! I’m so proud of you, Lady Carney!”

Carney’s sister, Rezahata, was also at the party, representing the Leschbein House.

The fact that she had just licked her blood sister in the female genitalia, yet it did not even upset her, was ignored like it was nothing.

“…this is Miss Lirica’s pussy. There is no mistaking it in this one.”

“…this is Lesnussa’s pussy. Wait, why are you here!? Weren’t you working on the post-war affairs of the knights?”

“…this is Nena’s pussy. Thank you for the hard work.”

“…Huh? Isn’t this Miss Gold’s pussy!? Why is Miss Gold, the leading prostitute at Delpoix, here?”

And so on and so forth.

When it ended, Carney had guessed a hundred pussies in one sitting.

And all of them were correct.

Once might be a fluke. Twice might be a coincidence.

But when Carney guessed right three and four times, the more bizarre it became, and when it approached the hundred-mark, the atmosphere in the hall became stagnant.

“N-next! Next pussy to Lady Carney!”

The next person to emerge this time was a lady who is not acquainted with any of the people involved with Schild.

Caught up in the flow of the party, she was already naked and with a semen-soaked crotch.

“Um… may I?”

She asked in a whisper so that Carney would not hear.

“I’ve never met Lady Carney before, and I’m sure she doesn’t even know my name. It’s not fair to put me on the contest, but…”

“Eh, it’s fine, the real purpose of this game is to give various people a chance to be fucked in turn, but I didn’t expect Carney would be this resilient! Therefore, I think it’s time to rig the game and take Carney off her place above Schild’s cock!”

Actually, Cymbium was in support of this because she also wanted a chance to be fucked again.

All this time, Schild’s penis is being hogged by Carney’s vagina, as if it was an impregnable fortress that cannot be breached.

Though at the same time, it was literally pregnable, and has been breached multiple times if referred the other way.

“…now if you’ll excuse me…”

The unnamed lady straddled Carney’s head, as many of the previous challengers had done before her.


Then, she pressed her most embarrassing part on top of Carney’s face.


A charming cry escaped her, but it no longer mattered.

Carney didn’t even know her name, so even if she heard the sound, there would be no way she would answer correctly.

”Mlem mlelmm, slurp, slurrup…”

As if to show the degree of difficulty, Carney’s cunnilingus became more insistent.

“Mmmmh♡♡ Mmh♡♡ MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh♡♡♡♡”

The lady also began to raise loud, muffled gasps, indicating she could no longer hold back the pleasure.

 “Mmmmh, can I ask something?”

After licking the pubic area all over, Carney finally showed her first sign of budging.

Since the contestant cannot answer directly, Cymbium responded on her behalf.

“Ask what? What do you mean by that, Carney? Or do you mean you want a hint?”

“Well, close to it, more or less… but you see… I wonder if it’s okay with them?”

“Ask away. I’ll decide if it’s okay after she hears it.”

“Can you ask the contestant to pee while straddling my face?”


The suggestion caused a lot of confusion in the room.

“Peeing while straddling her face?”

“But if she does that, wouldn’t Lady Carney get it all over her mouth?”

“Why is she making such a request?”

“Is this even related to the guessing game?”

Naturally, this request was nothing but insanity for the noble ladies, but there’s nothing they could do about it. After all, the pussy-licking guessing game they’re having is already a product of something outside one’s sanity itself. Th is cha pt er tran slati on is ma de poss ibl e by sta bbi ng with a s yri nge tra nslat ions. ch eck only up- to-d ate tra nsla tio ns on my Word pr ess si te.


But First Princess Cymbium, after giving some pensive thought…

“Your request, I approve it.”

“She approved!?”

The chaos in the surroundings increased.

“Miss Challenger, you may now try to pee in that position. Ah, please, you don’t have to be alarmed. After all, if you really intend to be Prince Schild’s cumdumpster, you must be able to do that on a daily basis.”

“I’ll also make sure to drink all your pee so that you won’t need to worry about creating a mess on the floor.”

With the First Princess and the future First Queen pressing her, the unnamed noblewoman wasn’t able to resist.

With her face bright red, she loosened the muscles between her legs and released the urine that had accumulated in her body.

Carney, as she declared, drank all the fluids that were served to her in one go.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp…♡♡ What a delicious pee ♡♡♡♡”

Then, after he has tasted enough pee in his mouth,

“You must be the third daughter of Baron Milstning, Lady Lerinda, right?”


A commotion ran through the hall once again.


After all, Carney just said the name of the person she had never met before, all by just drinking their own urine.

It was an absurdity that exceeded logic.

But no matter how much the public thought about it, one thing still holds true.

And that is Carney’s divine streak hasn’t ended yet.

“This is getting more and more exciting♡♡ Come, bring the next pussy♡♡ From now on, they will be participating in the guessing game as well♡♡♡♡”

At this point, all the women gathered there began to realize.

Those who had become acquainted with Carney for the first time that day and even those who had known her for some time.

They all thought the same thing.

…and that this woman named Carney is one hell of a terrifying woman to face with.


“Are you satisfied, Carney?”

“I’m satisfied. I can’t drink anymore.”

In the end, the participants in the game never had the chance to take off Carney’s blindfold, and she was able to name all the female partygoers after licking the private parts and drinking their urine.

In other words, at the entirety of the party, Carney has defeated all the hundred-plus participants and had never given them a chance to have sex with Schild’s penis once again, also making Schild ejaculate twice in her womb that day.

The female participants, overcome with a mysterious sense of defeat, all came to the same conclusion that day.

“…This woman deserves to be the Queen.”

They felt neither humiliation nor regret. Only a sense of resignation on the opponent that overwhelmed them.

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