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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Charity Sex at the Royal Castle

“Sigh. I’m tired.”

After returning to the royal castle, Schild sat down and took a break.

“I didn’t expect that acting like a big shot is more tiring than it is to fight. And it’s hard to think that this crap will be the norm from now on.”

“You’ll get used to it. You’re my brother, after all.”

Accompanying him to the back of the castle was Cymbium, who muttered this at his behind.

“The behavior of champions is never taught; it is ingrained in them from the start. That is precisely why you were able to demonstrate so vividly on that occasion a punishment that will also serve as an example for the hundred rest. It was so intense; it was almost like an opera I am watching.”

“I am only giving a punishment they deserve. Or rather, if it was other people, even their families and relatives wouldn’t be left unscathed. Now that we talked about it, don’t lay a hand on them, you understand?”

“As you wish.”

Either way, because of these events made by Schild, the capital’s atmosphere would become more secured from here on.

But as he knew that the center of this was none other than himself and that if he let it go, it would all crumble on the spot, Schild had no choice but to continue fulfilling this role.


“But it’s tiring… Doing something that you’re not used to.”

“Is that so? Then be glad, Schild, for we have prepared a special event to relieve that fatigue for you♡♡”

“Oh really?”

“Yup♡♡ Come this way~♡♡”

With Cymbium leading the way, the two moved through the royal castle. They only stopped when they arrived at one of the several reception rooms in the huge palace.

“ “ “ “We have been waiting for you, Prince Schild! ♡♡♡♡” ” ” ”

As they entered the door, dozens of beautiful women who seemed to be waiting inside cheered at Schild at once.

The dress and atmosphere they showed proved that they were daughters of respectable aristocrats.

“What’s this?”

Schild asked, surprised by the spectacle.

“It’s a party, of course!”


The place was a reception area for several guests to gather on special occasions – a party room, to be exact. If yo u ar e ab le t o r ead this m ess age, yo u are r ea ding from an unaut hor ized agg rega te si te. Re ad at my Wo rdPre ss at stab bing wi h a syri nge. hom e. bl og to supp ort me and my tra nsl ations.

“And it’s not just a party. It’s a charity party!”

Cymbium began to explain in a lively voice.


“Yes, charity! As we will be in the war against the Demon Race, we will require a lot of funding. To solve that, I proposed collecting donations from the nobles, even if it is just a little. How is it? Pretty genius, right?”

“But charity is for the needy, right? Like those who were victimized and orphaned by the war and such. Isn’t it hypocritical to call it charity if you pour money into something that will be the cause of it?”

“Anyway! Since he ladies gathered here are all daughters of wealthy noble families, we can expect a reasonable amount of donations from them from now on!”


Cymbium tried to ignore Schild’s rebuke, but this time, Schild didn’t let this pass by.

“Cymbium, tell me the truth. What is in it for them?”

Nobles only “help” on things that would benefit them.

That was the cold hard truth Schild has learned in his countless experience with aristocrats.

“As expected of my brother. You immediately knew what’s up.”

“Stop beating around the bush and say it.”

“it is sex. With you.”


So it’s the usual then.

“Yes. All the ladies’ families here have donated a generous amount to our cause. As a “reward”, they will get the bonus of having sex with Schild. In other words, it’s a charity sex party!”

“More like Prince Schild’s stripper party. Seriously, though. Treating your brother, the prince, as some gigolo, Isn’t your head getting a little screwed up, Cymbium?”

Still, it’s no wonder that there are only young women at this party, Schild also thought.

“So none of them are married or have boyfriends?”

“Of course! We have already checked and eliminated them from the list. I know you don’t want any trouble of that kind.”


Upon getting the affirmation, Schild took off his clothes and promptly exposed his majestic, towering penis to the outside world.

All the ladies’ eyes widened as they got drawn to that single point.

“Who would you like to start with?”

“Oh, that… me…!”

The one who leaped out was a maiden in a gorgeous costume.

Her body language and facial expressions were perfect for the rhetoric of a “young beauty who could even make flowers blush”. It was a pity that that demeanor would only be ravaged by Schild later on. Thi s cha p ter tra nslat ion is ma de po ssi ble by stab bin g wit h a syr in ge tr anslat ions. check onl y up-t o-dat e transla tions on my Wo rdpre ss sit e.

“My name is Marin, daughter of the Marquis Seyren. I participated in this charity to pay my respects to Prince Schild, also… to see your face…”

“But this is what you really came for, isn’t it?”

But the greenhouse-bred young lady was no longer hearing what Schild was saying.

Upon seeing Schild’s penis, as if she had gotten hypnotized by it, the lady used her cloth-gloved hands to automatically grabbed Schild’s erect penis firmly.


…only to come to her senses when the humongous member throbbed once in her dainty hands.

“What are you getting scared of? Didn’t you pay for the right to have this dick in your hand? No, was it a donation?”

Though Schild was saying this, he also knew that such excuses would no longer be needed as soon as the woman in front of him got into action.

Even though she’s a virgin.

Then, their union began.

As they undressed in front of the party attendees, exposing to the public the naked body of a lady who had probably never been seen by anyone before, the huge leech of Schild crept into this lady’s crotch hole.



“That’s quite a wild moan for a noble lady losing her virginity.”

The noble lady screamed as the raging penis dug deep into her virgin vagina, adding a new number to Schild’s overall defloration count.

…though the numbers had already long since been abandoned as Schild had lost count.

“Ahee♡♡ Ahieeen♡♡ So this is a cock♡♡ so good, so splendid, as expected of the king’s cock♡♡♡♡”

“It hasn’t been decided yet that I’ll be the king. But as expected of a virgin, your pussy feels good.”

Schild could feel the pleasure brought by great friction rising in his glans as he moved back and forth in the lady’s vagina.

The moderate wetness of the secretion, the high internal body temperature, the tightness of the muscles, and the tactile sensation unique to the opposite sex – this list of traits that could only be found in a woman was the reason Schild loved having sex with women, or to put it more succinctly, having sex with women’s pussies, the most.

 No matter how varied the women he embraced daily, he’ll never lose the slightest bit of his love for this body part.

Even if Schild becomes king, this would be the only thing that would never change.

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