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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – The Newer Generations’ First Skirmish

Already in the front line, the sound of swords clanging against each other rang loud.

“You can’t pierce a sword through the carapace of an insect monster! You have to slash through the joints with a thicker blade!”

“That being said, won’t it be much easier if you who is the guild’s subjugator who should do it? We’ll hold them off while you finish them yourself!”

“I guess I can’t help it, then! We’ll be counting on you, sturdy knights!”

The subjugators, who knew the monster’s vital points well, and the knights, who wore full-body armor for protection, took advantage of each other’s characteristics.

The reason why these two, who until then had lived separately as officials and laymen and were even hostile toward each other, were able to work together like this was because of the presence of Schild, the leader of the group, at the top.

Schild’s “Majesty of the Lion” has already covered the entire battlefield, or rather dominated the entire battlefield of it.

The “Majesty of the Lion” isn’t just an aura that makes women want to be embraced by him.

For a woman, when touched by the “Majesty of the Lion”, she will gain a desire to be embraced by the king.

But when a man is touched by the “Majesty of the Lion,” it makes him want to fight and die for the king.

Therefore, on the battlefield ruled by the king, all men will become the deadliest soldiers, the strongest army in the world.


An army with a strength of a lion, led by a lion.

Of course, the enemy, too, is effected, or rather, overwhelmed by the rush of the “Majesty of the Lion of Schild”, as their strength is blocked and they are now in fear and trembling.

The enemy is fearing death, while the allies are no longer fearing death.

At that point, victory or defeat was as good as decided.

“No, that’s not it.”

Schild was the first to reject these thoughts, watching the battle from on high.

“I knew it’s not going to be easy. A new opponent has appeared.”

Schild looked up at the sky, and the guards standing by his side also looked up.

There, a large, strange “ant” was floating with its wings outstretched.

Its body shape was close to that of a human, but the robust carapace that covered its entire body was that of an ant itself. If yo u ar e ab le to re ad this mes s age, yo u are rea di ng from an unaut hori zed ag greg ate si te. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at sta b bing wi th a syri nge. h ome. blo g to sup p ort me and my tran slati ons.

It stared precisely at Schild’s main camp with intelligence in its eyes.

[Kakakakakaka! Found it, I’ve found it!]

The “ant” let out a laugh that could have been mistaken for the sound of feathers flapping.

No, it was more like…

“Wait, did that monster just speak?”

Schild’s thoughts was immediately overlapped by a strange phenomenon.

Monsters are essentially living beings no different from wild beasts. They have no intelligence, so it is impossible for them to understand human language.

(But they did speak a language that humans could understand just now.)

[Humans are strong they say, that we should be wary of them they say, but all I can see is that they can’t even stop our advances. And this must be the abnormal human Argome is worrying about. But all I see is a joke.]

The intelligent “ant”, or “ant-being”, landed in front of Schild using their wings.

 The front line was still in the midst of a fierce battle, but the enemy had already invaded the main camp and even landed deep inside the human side.

[I am Ante. One of the “Four Devas” of the New Demon Lord Army, also known as the “Ant Sovereign”! I am also the creator and commander of the powerful army of ant monsters you see now!]

“A talking monster, in other words, one of the Demon Race.”

Carney and Lesnusa each went to the front to intercept.

Schild also tried to go to the front but was forcibly stopped, saying that it was not something a general of the army would do.

The knights, who had been ordered to guard the king, also stepped forward to protect Schild and pointed their swords at the Demon in front of them.

It was an act that could only be described as them laying down their own life.

“Are you the one leading that ant army?”

Schild asked, turning his head to speak to Ante.

“If so, you are very thoughtless. A suicide attack by the general themselves?”

[Do not treat us for foolish people of your race. That only applies to you Humans. Argome is very wary of you. So wary that she issued a command that if we were to see you, our priority is to kill you first.]

“I don’t know about your Argome guy, but should I thank you for your high praise?”

[The other thing is, I saw that the reason for the unexpected vigor of these humans is because of you. If we defeat you, all the humans here will collapse, and my army of ants will win in one fell swoop. We want to leave as many soldier ants behind as possible so that we can overrun the humans’ strongholds in the future…and do terrible, terrible things to them.]

A surprisingly clear smile appeared on Ante’s “face”.

Nevertheless, Schild could feel that it was a brutal smile.

“Fuck you, mixed breed!”

“You’re intending to attack the royal capital? Not a single one of you will reach that place!”

The royal knights valiantly slashed at Ante, but their swords shattered as soon as they made contact with the ant-being’s carapace.




Ante grabbed the approaching knights by the neck in retaliation.

Or rather, almost grabbed them.

The knights, thinking they’re already had, were suddenly yanked backward with tremendous force.

Schild pulled them back.

Immediately after that, however, a scorpion’s tail slipped through the void.

But Schild also dodged it – while dragging the soldiers who were almost choked.

If Schild had done nothing, the soldiers would have been choked and would also have been cut in two by the tail.

“The [Hex of the Gladiator] again, huh?”

[Looks like your head isn’t just for show. That’s right.]

Ante, the “Ant Sovereign”, began speaking. The being had popped a scorpion’s tail that had grown out from behind them without Schild and the others realizing and was wagging it like a whip.

[The “Hex of the Gladiator” was researched and put to practical use by Zaria, the first of our Four Devas – the “Devas” meaning heavenly kings, if I put it in your species’ words. It is said that with this “Hex” equipped, no one would be able to harm their bodies except those with the blood of the human royalty in their veins. However, the fact that you were able to kill our experimental lab rat, Dernonos, put its effectiveness in question. So Zaria told me to go and uncover the truth of it, which was why I prioritized you first.]

The reason why the sword of the knights shattered when it came in contact with Ante was not only due to the hardness of their carapace.

It was also because of the “Hex of the Gladiator” that manifested on Prime Minister Dernonos, and today, Schild stood before a being that possesses it once again. Thi s cha p ter tra nsl ation i s mad e p ossi ble by st abbin g wi th a sy rin ge tran slati ons. c heck on ly up-t o-d ate tran sla tions on my Wor dpr ess s ite.

“I don’t know if you are studying or really just dumb, but…”

It seems that this “New Demon Lord’s Army” here has yet to realize that Schild is a royalty.

The evidence is that the “Hex of the Gladiator” that is effective on enemies other than Schild is still considered a powerful strategic ace card to them.

What was the funniest is that they still had the audacity to come out and fight against the one who would lose the most of its value.

[But whatever it is, if we defeat you, this battle will be as good as a win! After all, it is much easier for me to strangle you!]

From there, the “Ant Sovereign” showed his true terror.

Not only the tail of a scorpion but butterfly wings, mantis sickles, stag beetle jaws, beetle horns, bee stinger, diving beetle water flappers, mantis shears, spider threads – the vicious traits of every insect known to man started emerging from Ante’s entire body, completely changing the being’s appearance from before.

It was akin to a metamorphosis.

The transformed “Ant Sovereign” has all the vicious offensive mechanisms that each of the soldier ants under his command has been gifted with, all in one body.


All to show that they are the peak of all insects – a “sovereign”.

Naturally, the soldiers present were horrified by this being’s fearsomeness.

[I will kill you with a single blow. With your death, the age of man will end, and the age of the Demons will begin! Die!]

“Is that so? But you should have considered another possibility.”

Schild pulled out his sword made of Hihi’irokane, and with simple yet swift moves, he pierced it into Ante’s head, going through its brain.

The scorpion’s tail, the mantis’s scythe, and all the other deadly weapons on the way were passed through and failed to catch Schild.

[Guh? Geh?]

“If we can defeat you, the leader, the insect army will also be crushed. Now, this battle is won.”

The blade of the sword that was lodged into its brain was pushed straight down and sliced Ante’s body in half.

And after a “shuuk”, which was the sound of something being sliced, a roar rang out from Schild’s mouth, so loud as if it intended to crack the earth.

“The general of the Demon Army has been defeated! With this, the enemy army is as good as dead! Let us finish them all for good!”

The news of the enemy commander’s death immediately spread throughout the battlefield, encouraging the human side to rally back.

At the same time, the ant army, as if to corroborate the report, rapidly lost their coordination, and the second half of the battle turned into a one-sided sweep from the human side.

With this, the first skirmish between the new generation has ended with the full victory of the Human Army.

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