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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Nobles’ Covert Battle Begins

After that incident, Schild’s existence was spread out like a raging tide to the rest of the nobles who were not present at the royal castle.

Everyone who was unaware became aware, and those who were already aware spread the news even further to those who were still not.

“I never expected His Majesty Preslate to spread his seed outside the royal castle without us knowing!”

“Are you really sure about that news? Isn’t the only evidence the sword that was lost by His Majesty twenty years ago?”


“Yes, that’s right! Even that one already has many loopholes, like he has picked it up somewhere and claimed it as his!”

“Fools. How can you still say such a thing after being exposed to “Majesty of the Lion” emanating from that man?”

“That is alone the best proof of a royalty. If you still feel nothing when you are hit by that aura, then your nobility can already be put in question.”

Several clandestine discussions were taking place in private closed rooms all over the city.

Invariably, the topic of discussion was, “How can we use this newcomer royalty to gain power?” but there were also others with other ideas in mind.

In fact, in other places, there have been discussions like this.

“I have actually seen Prince Schild fight, and it was the most terrifying thing I witnessed in my life! He was even enough to rival the formidable kings of the past!”

“Can’t you stop? I heard that a thousand times already! Besides, you only witnessed how Prince Schild fought because you’re too much of an idiot to fall for Dernonos’ scheme!”

“How can you have the gall to say that when it is you who was the first to run when Dernonos’ troops went to arrest us!? You’re just jealous that we witnessed his heroism! And I bet you’ll probably do the same too once the war with the Demon Race starts! Coward!” If yo u ar e ab le to re ad this me ssa ge, you are read ing fr om an un autho rized aggr ega te sit e. Rea d at my Wor dPre ss at stab bing wi th a syri nge. hom e. b log to supp ort me and my tra nslat ions.

“What did you say!?”

Elsewhere, the following rumors were also being raised.

“Another piece of evidence of him being royalty is his bottomless lust.”

“Yes. Can’t you believe that right after he killed Dernonos with his own two hands, he raped his wife and daughter on that day? And in public, too.”

“No king in history has ever behaved in a harsh and lewd manner than Prince Schild.”

“Even the previous King Waldborn, who was known to be relentless and terrifying in terms of martial prowess, would only leave them executed for good. Then again, if it was him, not only his family, but all those connected to him up to his men would be killed as well.”

“But if we’re talking about perverseness, then isn’t King Protesto the one……no, I retract that statement. Even if he was famous for his lechery, he wouldn’t be able to commit the women as Prince Schild did. After all, he was a shy person who was even afraid of going out in public, despite being a king.”

“That doesn’t mean he won’t stop having sex with them, though.”

Of course, the talks didn’t stop there.

“Anyway, it seems that Princess Cymbium, the original heiress to the throne, is going to give up her position to Prince Schild.”

“Or rather, hasn’t she already developed an affair with him? I was even told she is now vying for the queen’s seat! Can you believe that!?”

“What are you getting surprised for? It is already common for royalty to take their sisters as queens to maintain the purity of the royal blood.”

“Or rather, shouldn’t we too follow the example of Princess Cymbium?!”

All in all, the contents of the conversations had one thing in common.

And that was on how they would curry favors with this new prince.

“With the arrival of Prince Schild, it is safe to say that the political structure of the royal court is now a blank slate.”

“And thanks to that, the nobles are now equaled. Whether it is the dominant Oscars or the fallen Leschbeins, it’s all fair game now.”

“The future prosperity of each nobility will no longer be based on their past connections. And those who won’t realize this sooner will be left behind and lose everything they had made until now!”

“In other words, the only nobles that will survive are the ones who’ll curry the favors the most with Prince Schild!”

Of course, there were also the others who had much darker plans.

“……or even better, why don’t we take control of the prince himself?”


“I heard that despite being of royal birth, the prince had a low upbringing, with the profession of only monster hunting.”

“If he has lived in such a barbaric life, he is surely be uneducated in this field. He shouldn’t have any idea of how we nobles do things.”

“Thus, if we, the “educated nobility”, were to help him do his duties, not only would he be grateful to us, there’s a possibility that we could even become the king’s trusted counsel ourselves! And when that time comes, we can take advantage of him as much as we want!”

“Yes! And by then, we will all be set for the rest of our lives!”

“Don’t forget that if we play our cards right, we could even wield more power than the three great nobles combined!”

No matter what society it was, it would always have those people who were black-hearted and devious.

The same could be said about the good-hearted and honest.

But whatever they were, and whatever plans they may have, it will be all up to Schild to decide whether they will succeed or not.

Speaking of Schild, he was still in his usual routine.

Of course, that is banging women left and right.

“Ahiee♡♡ Ahehieee♡♡ My pussy has never felt this good♡♡ After all, Prince Schild’s cock is so big♡♡ In fact, I’m going to cum just by him slipping him in and out of my dirty pussyy♡♡♡♡”

“Please fuck my pussy more, Your Highness♡♡♡♡ Make me throb in my pussy too♡♡♡♡ As you have told, I am now flailing my ass for you♡♡ So please make my pussy take more of your throbbing dick♡♡♡♡”

He has already ejaculated several times inside the vagina of these women.

And yet he is still to wilt, a typical trait of the sex-craved Schild. This cha pter tr ansl ation is mad e poss ib le by sta bb ing wit h a syri nge tra nsla ions. check onl y up-t o-da te transl at ions on my Wor dp ress sit e.

“……Lord Schild, you’re still here?”

Carney, who has just come to visit his “fuck room,” muttered in dismay.

The reason for her dismay was not because Schild was bringing new women to the room and using them as meat toilets left and right.

Instead, she was dismayed that he was still using the room itself.

“I thought you would have moved to the royal castle because you have now introduced yourself as royalty. Why are you still using Lady Nazah’s room?”

“Why shouldn’t I? This is where I live. Plus, I already got everything I need here anyway.”

Schild said with a perfectly straight face.

“Here, I’m having three meals a day. Not to mention that the food is always good. I can also take a bath and use the toilet any time I want. What’s more, is that the rent is cheap. This is practically my heaven now.”

“And? What about these new women whom you are now having sex with?”

Carney then switched her stares to the new arrivals in the room.

Like what has been said a while ago, there were two women on the bed, all covered with semen and sweat from mingling with Schild. But they were not the usual Lady Nazah and her daughter Tanifa whom he always has sex with within the house, which was part of the meat toilets exclusive of this lodging.

“Aren’t these two the wife and daughter of Dernonos, whom you have “punished” just the other day? Don’t tell me you still haven’t enough after all that you’ve done to them?”

“Of course, I haven’t. After all, we were still in public that time. I couldn’t do such things as going fully nude or fucking them in a variety of poses. You know me, Carney. I was already trying my best to hold back.”

After that, Schild took turns smacking the two bare butts lying on the bed.

What all Schild said was true. But then again, it cannot be denied that because of his “brazen” actions, the women were now spared from the crimes that was enough for them to be executed.


Still, that doesn’t mean that the treatment on the two will get better. On the contrary, difficulties will still continue to befall them. After all, they already got the stigma of being the direct family members of the traitorous Dernonos.

But with the interruption of Schild, people will now be expected to be lenient to them, to at least make the future king save face.

“We are truly grateful, Master Schild♡♡”

The Prime Minister’s wife smiled lustily at Schild as she swallowed his penis into her vagina.

“If we hadn’t been violated by Her Highness that time, we would have lost our heads to the nobles. But not only have you given us another chance, you also made us experience happiness we never felt before! The happiness of being Master Schild’s cum dumpsters♡♡ It was truly a blissful moment for us♡♡♡♡ Isn’t that right, my daughter?“

“Yeshh♡♡ For that reason, I want to thank Master Schild too♡♡ Please allow me to show my gratitude with my pussy♡♡♡♡”

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