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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Reuniting with the Female Knight Commander

Schild prefers a woman fully naked before having sex with her.

Because of this “requirement”, Lesnussa took off her tight-fitting knight’s coat, pants, bra, and panties until she was all naked outside.

The interior of the royal castle is vast, and there are many spaces, such as the courtyard, that can be classified as open-air.


And because it was impossible for someone to accidentally pass by these places, the hurdles of being blue-balled here are rather low.

“But why outdoors, milord? May I ask? Can’t we just do it inside a room where it is appropriate? After all, since Master Schild will eventually become the lord of this castle, they won’t probably get offended even if we use one of the rooms here.”

Lesnussa could not help but ask. To which Schild also answered right away.

“Well, it’s because I get more excited when doing it out in the open. Not to mention I already had a lot of sex with Carney in this way.”

“That child sure is having a hard time…”

Regardless of what she has heard, Lesnussa protruded her butt, and Schild thrust his penis towards her vaginal opening without delay.

Lesnussa has a vagina packed with tightness peculiar to those of the fighting profession. And because vaginal pressure corresponds to muscle strength, primarily in the legs, Schild felt that his penis was almost crushed at the last minute of his insertion.

“Ahhh♡♡ How is it, Master Schild♡♡ Are you enjoying the pussy of this petty little officer♡♡”

“As usual, you care about me more than yourself.”

“Isn’t it obvious♡♡ This lowly officer is but a knight of His Highness♡♡ Thus, it is only appropriate for me to care about Master Schild’s enjoyment rather than myself♡♡♡♡”

Schild and Lesnussa have already met in the past, but soon after that, Lesnussa has left the royal capital, so it has been a long time since she had sex with him.

Probably because of that, they are now burning with passion for each other, and it didn’t take long when the sounds of hips hitting each other resounded in the open grounds.

“Ahhn♡♡ Ahhhnn♡♡ This Lesnussa is so happy right now♡♡ Not only she was useful to the future king as a knight, but her pussy is also getting useful to the future king as a sex relief♡♡ This Knight Lesnussa is in bliss♡♡♡♡

As said above, Lesnussa’s vagina was packed with a lot of muscles and was really tight. This stimulated Schild’s shaft well, making him enjoy her a lot.

It wasn’t only her vagina. Her buttocks, breasts, and lewdly half-open lips also kept Schild aroused and entertained.

“Mchuuup♡♡ Mmmrlp♡♡ Mlem♡♡ It feels so good to be kissed while being fucked♡♡ It feels like everything of me is being dominated by Master♡♡♡♡ But that’s good, for this body of Lesnussa, her pussy, her ass, and her boobs, they all exist for Master Schild♡♡♡♡”

Plock slap plock slap plock plock plock slap.

Two different sounds created by flesh hitting flesh resounded in the vicinity.

This is because while Schild is busy moving his penis back and forth, he was also slapping Lesnussa’s muscular ass at its gaps. I f y ou a re a b le to r e ad this me ss ge, you ar e rea di ng fr om an un auth oriz ed ag gr ega te si te. Re ad at my Wor dPre ss at sta bb ing with a syri nge. home . bl og to sup port me and my t ransl ati ons.

“Ahh♡♡ I’m only but a small knight, but now I’m feeling the most supreme bliss♡♡ Because not only I can fight for Master Schild as a knight, I can also function as a meat toilet for him♡♡ A knight who has two uses instead of one♡♡ A meat toilet knight♡♡ And being Master Schild’s glorious meat toilet knight, this lowly officer is very proud of it♡♡♡♡”

It wasn’t later when the meat toilet and the knight, Lesnussa, who was so excited by her loyalty and sexuality, soon looked as if she was about to climax.

Or rather, she was about to climax again, as she was already doing this every time Schild gives her a deep thrust.

The tide of urine and love juices gushing from Lesnussa’s previous orgasms had already soaked the grass in the courtyard like night dew. They are really, really wet now that Schild even felt a bit thankful that they chose to have sex outdoors.


If they chose to do it inside, the floor would have already been stained with love juices enough for Schild and Lesnussa to slip. A sex hazard in its true meaning.

“Well, as much as I hoped to stay like this for longer, the battle is almost upon us. Let’s finish this early so that we can start the war council soon.”

“Waaiit!! Master Schild’s cock milk♡♡ Please, let out as much cock milk in the hole of this lowly pussy first♡♡ In this lowly knight commander Lesnussa’s pussy hole that has solely existed to excrete Master Schild’s cock milk and Master Schild’s cock milk alone♡♡ This Lesnussa would be eternally grateful if she could receive your cock milk at any time and any place, just like today♡♡♡♡”

“Cock milk, huh? It seems that you’ve learned another word, you perverted knight!”

“Yes♡♡ This Lesnussa is but a lowly perverted knight♡♡ So please, let out your delicious cock milk so that my hungry pussy can drink it all♡♡♡♡”

Maybe it was due to the influence of Lesnussa’s perverted speech, the movement of Schild’s hips suddenly sped up from here.

Lesnussa’s ass, wrapped in all useable muscles and boasted a rubber ball-like bounce, also bounced up and down in the motion of his speeding.

“I’m gonna cum♡♡ I’m gonna cum♡♡ this pussy hole of Lesnussa is going to cuuummm♡♡♡♡ It’s going to cum from its Master Schild’s strong cock♡♡♡♡”

Splurt splurt splurt splurt.

Once again, Schild spouted out a cloudy liquid from his cock and poured it inside this new and different woman.

Fucking a different woman a day and cumming inside her has already become an everyday occurrence to Schild.

It was already a routine.

“I’m cummmiiiingngg♡♡ My pussyhole is cumiiiiingg♡♡♡♡”

As for Lesnussa, her whole body quivered and shook hard as she got pumped inside. Or rather, she shook so hard that her body’s reverberations seemed that they could also shake the ground underneath.

(Looks like even the sex of a veteran female warrior is different from that of ordinary people in terms of intensity.)

Thinking this, Schild pulled out his pens from the now-gaping vaginal opening of Lesnussa with a squelch.

That same hole, in return, spilled white mucus in a manner as if the fluids were internal organs being gutted.

“I’m sorry, Master Schild♡♡”

Suddenly, the “freshly white-gutted” pussy owner Lesnussa apologized to Schild.

“For what?”

“After all, even though this sex is for Master to enjoy himself, it was me who got to enjoy it in full instead♡♡♡♡”

As a woman who swore absolute loyalty to the king, Lesnussa is the kind of knight whose happiness was bound to the satisfaction of her lord.

As long as it was for the benefit of Schild, she would do whatever he commands her to do, even if it means opening her legs to him for his own carnal satisfaction.

Therefore, for her, benefitting from Schild’s orders is an absolute sin.

In fact, when Schild commanded her to have sex with him, she was happy not in the way she would feel pleasure as a woman but because she was being useful to her lord. Th is cha pt er tran sl ation i s mad e po ssib le by sta bbi ng wi th a sy ri ge trans lation s. chec k onl y up- to-d ate tran slat ions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

That was what a true knight should think, at least for Lesnussa.

That’s why she was also apologizing to her lord.

“Ah, before we leave, please wait a little longer, Master♡♡”

As Schild and Lesnussa have finished their sex, Schild is now reaching for his clothes to dress up. However, when he was about to get his first clothes, Lesnussa stopped him and sat down in front of his crotch.

Then, she stooped down until her mouth and nose were just a few centimeters away from his still-standing penis, and spoke.

“Your penis is still dirty. And its smell might become an interference to the strategy meeting, so please allow this lowly officer Lesnussa to clean it up first.”

Saying this, Lesnussa opens her mouth wide and sucks the penis inside of it.

“Shlurpp♡♡ Sluropp♡♡ Slurrpp……♡♡ Mlemlem♡♡♡♡”

For a clean-up blowjob, it had a strong suction power and very intense tongue movements.


They were not the moves for someone who is just intending to clean up, but because she did it this way, Schild’s penis got aroused once again.

Splurt splurt splurt splurt.

Schild ejaculated for the second time. However, at the moment of his release, the penis that was being sucked suddenly left the mouth of the female knight, resulting in the spurting semen splashing all over her body.

And because she was completely naked, Lesnussa’s entire body got “decorated” with Schild’s semen as well.

“Ahh♡♡ You’re so cruel, Master Schild♡♡ Do you want me to attend the strategy meeting while giving off the smell of cock milk from all over my whole body?”

Lesnussa spoke teasingly to Schild. To which the man replied,

“I’ve got something even better. Why don’t you attend the meeting as it is, without wiping off the semen all over you? That way, everyone in the meeting will get horny, and we’ll have an orgy festival once again.”

Because for sure, Cymbium and Carney will probably follow suit as they’re attending the strategy meeting as well, Schild also added in his mind.

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