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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – A Coup-like Farce

Same day. At Lady Nazah’s mansion.

Schild was calming his morning wood using Lady Nazah’s vagina when suddenly, one of the secret agents he knew barged in.

“Prince. There is something strange going on in the castle.”

“Come again?”

“Well, it’s not that big to be considered an incident, but I thought I should bring its attention to you, Prince.”


Ever since the incident of Dernonos in the royal castle, the people around Schild had developed the precognition that Prince Schild is a man of deeds and not by words. That if they did not report even the most trivial matter to him, it might cause him discomfort later on.

“That said, are there any clues about the Demon Race’s movements? You guys just report whatever you see fit.”

“We’re sorry, Your Highness.”

After squirting into the vagina of Lady Nazah and making her lick and wash it thoroughly with her mouth, Schild tucks his cock in his pants and stands up.

“Well, I have nothing else to do, so I can go and have a look. It is as you heard, Lady Nazah. I’m going out. I’ll try to be back by evening.”

“Take care, Master Schild. By the way, we’re going to have curry for tonight.”

“That’s great.”

After being sent off by Lady Nazah, who emitted the smell of semen in her mouth, Schild finally left for his destination.

Schild arrived at the royal castle, but he was not able to enter.

This was because there was a crowd in front of the main gate, blocking access to all those trying to enter the estate.

“Let Prince Schild out!”

“Prince Schild! Come face to face with us!”

If you think you’re in the right, then you should be able to face us!”

It was a noisy demonstration rally.

Not knowing what was going on, Schild approached from behind the group to have a closer look.

“Um, excuse me, but what are you doing here?”

He asked the man at the last line, but he didn’t respond well.

“Prince Schild, come on out! Ah!? What are you doing? Can’t you see that we’re busy? Don’t interfere with us!”

“Sorry about that.”

Schild apologized and withdrew.

Then, the secret agent accompanying him from the lodging came up to him.

“What is it with these people?” Schild asks the agent. If yo u ar e ab l e to r ea d this me ssa ge, yo u a re re ad ing fr om an una utho rized agg r ega te si te. Re ad at my WordP re ss at sta bb ing wit h a syr in ge. ho me. blo g t o s uppo rt me and my trans lat ions.

“They are a group of people who calls themselves the Aristocratic federation, led by Marquis Sambandi. And from what we have found out, it seems that they are scheming to gain power over Prince Schild and take up the position of the current three major noble houses.”

“Scheming? This?”

Schild asks again, this time, looking back at the crowd in front of the main gate.

“I don’t think that scheming could be something as direct as this.”

“It is as you say. It seems that they’ve also tried to make roundabout strategies before this, but midway, have lost composure and resigned themselves to a more aggressive approach instead, after having repeated failures.”

As he was reported this, Schild was reminded of the vagina of Bachelor Ardelheide and Secretary Shokki that he had recently had.


“So these guys are the masterminds behind it all….!”

“Yes. They are also fools who aren’t even capable grasping the movements of His Highness, and as such, chose to storm the royal castle like this instead. The ringleader of this is Marquis Sambani, who belongs to our Oscar faction. With your permission, we can take care of him on the spot for you.”

“No, it’s okay. We are commoners here, you and I. And I’ll feel uncomfortable if I don’t move my hands personally.”

Schild again approaches from behind the group.

The mob, as before, continued to scream, believing that Schild was inside the royal castle.

“Prince Schild! Show us your presence!”

“Listen to the people!”

“Are you not ashamed of just hiding in the depths of the royal castle? You’ll make your title of a “peerless warrior” cry!”

They were saying whatever they wanted.

But instead of responding, Schild regulated his breathing and consciously exuded the highest concentration of the “Majesty of the Lion” that he could bring out from within himself.

Schild was now able to consciously manipulate the male aura that resided in him thanks to him embracing the possessors of the “Aura of the Lionesses”, namely  Carney, who has the “Dignity of the Lioness”, Serenea, who has the “Mystique of the Lioness” and Cymbium, who possesses the “Harmony of the Lioness”.

As a result, his “Majesty of the Lion” is now so pure and noble that though it cannot be perceived by ordinary fools, when it is violently concentrated an emitted, it would be impossible not to notice it, no matter how dull one’s senses are.


Feeling something akin to a fabric ripping in the air, the mob gathered in front of the main gate turned around at once.

They turned their attention to a single, warrior-like man standing at their behind.


“It’s me.”

Schild finally spoke.

“If you still cannot recognize me after all that, you are not worth making a fuss. So disperse, take a shit, and go to bed.”

Still, even with that “Majesty”, the mob remained unable to guess the identity of the man standing in front of them.

The secret agent, unable to bear this, stepped forward and spoke, seeing that the master had compromised himself and all.

It was not a move praiseworthy of a secret agent, but it was necessary.

“This man is the son of His Majesty the King, the one whose existence was recently revealed. His Highness Prince Schild.”

“ “ “ “What did you just say?” ” ” ”

The mob made a bewildered noise once they were told.

“What nonsense is this! Isn’t Prince Schild in the royal castle? Why did he come from behind!”

“No, wait. Who said that he is in the castle in the first place?”

“Isn’t that common sense that the royal family members live in the castle!? Where is the argument in that!?” Thi s ch apt er trans lat ion i s ma de pos si ble b y sta bbi ng wit h a sy rin ge tra ns lati ons. che ck o nly up-t o-d ate tr anslat ions o n my Word pr ess si te.

“And? Did you check inside? Have you checked inside?”

The group of people again made a lot of fuss.

Schild had to wait patiently for it to subside.

“If you are Prince Schild, then…!”

Perhaps they had arrived at a consensus, a middle-aged man with a pompous look and a luxurious appearance stepped forward as if he was leading the group.

“My name is Marquis Sambani! One of the martyrs who thinks about the future of our country!”

“One of the Oscar’s prefects, you mean.”


Suddenly struck in a sore spot he didn’t expect, namely, the fear he had of Oscar’s former patriarch, Marquis Sambani unconsciously drew back.

“Are you sure your superior is aware of what you’re doing? Because it looks like you’re not the kind of guy who can’t even follow a simple top-down approach. Or do you have any other intentions in mind?”

“We-we are acting on our own volition! Following our own conscience, our hearts! We have no higher motives than this!”


The Marquis then thrusts a letter of some kind to Schild.

“Here is a letter constituting our direct appeal! I hope Prince Schild will read it promptly and carry out the items listed in it!”


Schild unfolded the letter.

What was written there was as follows.

1. The Prince is to issue a proclamation publicly acknowledging that Marquis Sambani is his most loyal subject in the country.

2. The Prince shall issue a command to expose the wrongdoings of the three great noble houses, which had been kept in the dark until now, and punish them after due investigation.

3. The Prince shall pledge to protect the nobles’ rights and widely accept their advice.

4. Have the people unite as a nation to destroy the Demon Race. …and so on.

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