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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – The Recordkeeper Shokki

The influence of Schild on the aristocratic community was at an all-time low.

Yes, Schild was already a popular subjugator among the citizens. However, it cannot be denied that there was still a gap between him, a commoner, and the world of nobility.

Regardless of how well he made a name for the citizens, the nobles’ impression of him would only be that he was “just a lowly guy making a fuss” and nothing else.

“He is only nothing but a commoner.”

A way of life completely detached from ordinary people’s way of life. That was the main feature of the aristocratic community.

Even if it’s a fact that Schild had defeated numerous monsters and toiled day and night all to remove the real danger to human society, for the nobles, this was still not enough to garner their attention.

Because for them, commoners and nobles live in two different worlds.

Living a luxurious life. Away from such foul and lowly jobs. Such is the way of the aristocracy.

But that was all in the past.

It was because that Schild has now risen to their stage.


And on its very top, at that.

Because these so-called aristocrats had isolated themselves from the commoners’ world, it was undoubted that this change of king had given them a hard time.

A change in ruling also meant a change in the way of living.

It was karma. The aristocrats who had been the most ignorant of the lower caste had suffered the greatest. They are now having the hardest time dealing with Schild as they ignored the very caste that their ruler once belonged to, the commoner caste, for the entirety of their lives.

They were thrown into a political game that was played far away from the rules they were used to – a completely unexpected new game.

A game that centered around the common folk’s wants and needs – the ones they ignored the most.

A game that revolved around the “new element” named Schild.

Nevertheless, these nobles were not the type to give up that easily.

All of them focused their eyes intensely on this game, speculated on how this will be played – how “he” would be played. If you ar e ab le to r ead this m essa ge, yo u are re adi ng fro m an unaut hori zed agg regat e si e. Re ad at my Word Pr ess a t stab b ing w ith a sy ri nge. hom e. bl og to sup po rt m e and my tr ans lati ons.

At first, they were like, will he be an easy opponent, just like the commoners they have ruled over?

Thinking this, some of them made their first moves, only to fail at the end when they discovered that this man was not just a rowdy common folk.

However, they also knew that they were still in the early stages of this game.

This “Schild game”.

As such, just like the last, new conspiracies were formed against Schild once again.

Just like today.

“What now?”

Recently, Schild has constantly been responding to these aristocrats’ political maneuverings.

As a result, he is now tired and grumpy.

What made him more tired was that the scouts he assigned to search for their opponent’s movements, the Demon Race, hadn’t yet achieved results.

For the first time, Schild had hoped that these Demons would attack early.

That’s how much annoyed he was right now.

“I am Shokki, the New King’s Recordkeeper!”

(There’s also this woman.)

Schild also couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by this new entry.

“I was originally a scribe in the royal palace’s archives, but I have been given a special assignment and have come to visit Prince Schild!”

Go home.

Is what he’d like to tell her, but he was also sure she wouldn’t settle down even if he said that directly to her face.

Having no other choice, he decided to ask for more details. It is so that he could resolve her case and get rid of her as soon as possible.

“Shokki, huh? And what is this New King’s Recordkeeper thing?”

“Yes! Currently, the atmosphere in the royal court has been greatly shaken! And the cause of it is the arrival of Prince Schild!”

“I am not the one who is shaking it. It is you guys who are doing it on your own.”


“But Prince Schild, even if you’re not aware of it, your presence alone has already caused great confusion to the country! Commoners and nobles alike!”

 “I thought you were just being brash, but you sure have a way with your words.”

“I am honored by your compliments.”

(As if. Also, commoners confused my ass. They don’t even know that I’m a prince yet.)

Schild was already aware that his presence had already become too big for the nobles to ignore. It was natural, as despite being an heir, the person was still a blank slate to them.

Appearing out of nowhere like a meteor. Having no idea where he was born or how he had lived his life. That was the existence of Schild to them. A mystery.

“Everyone is anxious, Your Highness! Of what kind of person is the new heir who will take the throne! What kind of ideals will he have, and how will he lead the nation? Several questions are popping up, and the people are getting sleepless at night because all of this is still being left unanswered!”

“By the “people”, you only mean the nobility, don’t you?”

“I am here on behalf of the people, Prince Schild!”

Schild tried to correct, but Shokki furiously ignored the points that were inconvenient to her.

“From this point onwards, we will be in charge of hearing and recording the direct words from His Highness, and I mean every word of it. I will also try my best to record and document His Highness’s thoughts, past, hobbies, things he isn’t good at, etc., and distribute them widely to the public to know you better!”

“Oh? And?”

“Through the document we would publish, all things about Prince Schild will be known and understood. And with that as a material, he will immediately become a king adored by all!”

“I see. That certainly is a good idea.”

“Isn’t it?”

(As if! Screw you!)

Schild gave Shokki positive praise, but his thoughts are completely different in the back of his mind. This cha pter transla tio n is ma de p ossib le by sta bbi ng with a sy ri nge tr anslat ions. check onl y up-to -d ate tra nslat ions on my Word pres s si te.

Schild immediately saw through this time’s intention.

[If you know your enemy, you can fight a hundred battles without danger.]

Since all of their hasty attempts had failed to get through, they decided to give up on a quick victory by a single move and instead started a slow battle with a preliminary investigation of the enemy camp.

The recent attempt to send Bachelorette Ardelheide failed because they did not know that Schild had a wealth of experience in his hands.

To avoid repeating such a mistake, they will now carefully investigate what Schild is good at and what he is not so good at before making their second move.

The “New King Recordkeeper” is a cover for such a purpose.

Like Ardelheide the other day, this makes the scribe Shokki undoubtedly an agent of the power-mongering faction.

Thankfully, the other party was unaware that she has already been seen.

“But then again, what a… straightforward approach they have.”

(Are they looking down at me that much?)

“Did you say something, Prince?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Again, it was easy to reject the other party’s intention; he just had to reveal the other’s side’s schemes.

In the first place, who would like to have their environment snooped around, digging up everything from the important to the trivial?

However, if he turns away the “New King’s Recordkeeper”, they may spread rumors that the new king is secretive and has no concern for the people’s welfare through underhanded means.

(Whatever. As if I’m gonna be a king anyway,) Schild has also thought of this, but he found it less fun to be swept along with the enemy’s agenda.


A true champion does not let the others decide his fate. On the contrary, it was he who shall arrange for it himself, even if it means losing the battle in the end.

“Hmmm, okay.”

After a moment of contemplation, Schild spoke his consent.

“I’ll accept your offer. You can now begin documenting everything I do, “Secretary” Shokki.”

“Thank you very much! As expected of our future king! Your vessel for tolerance is truly outstanding!”

Shokki, who became the new secretary just like that, unabashedly revealed her joy upon Schild’s approval.

For someone who is part of the conspiracy, she was very open in her desires.

“Well then, for starters, let’s with the prince’s detailed background…” “Shall we go then?”

Ignoring Shokki, who was in the middle of unfolding her notepad, Schild stood up and went for the door.

“Eh? Go? Where?”

“You’re going to record my everyday life, right? Then let’s make sure you keep a whole lot of it. My future actions, that is.”

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