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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Clues about the Bloodline

After enjoying his fill with the first queen’s vagina, Schild decided to violate and enjoy the five best daughters of the Ryngberg House again.

This was the most appropriate move. After all, they were the daughters of the highest nobility, selected exclusively for Schild to fuck. He would not be repaying their favors if he did not suck them to the bone and turn them into his carnal servants.

Once again, he inserted his penis into each one of them as he examined their genitals.

“Ahhhnn♡♡ Prince♡♡ I am the head of the Ryngbergs’ second daughter, Iberis♡♡ It is a great pleasure for me to once again offer my pussy to the prince♡♡”

While wrapping Schild’s penis in her vagina, Iberis spoke, also expressing to him a feisty smile.

Cymbium, who was beside her, also added her commentary.

“Because she is the daughter of the head of the family, I have known her for a long time. We have been friends since we were young, and we used to play together a lot♡♡”

“And you see, when we were children, we always used to ask ourselves, ‘What kind of bride will we be?’ I never thought that in the future, I would be held in an embrace by the same gentleman that had just fucked my cousin♡♡”

“Me as well♡♡ But then again, it is just far better than any of the fantasies we had back then♡♡”


After that, Cymbium overlapped her lips with her childhood friend-cousin.

All while Schild rigorously sprayed his semen inside this cousin’s vagina.

“I am Dahlia. My mother is the Ryngberg head’s second sister, the younger sister just below Her Majesty the Queen Petrome. When I heard about the prince visiting us today, I felt I was about to soar in heaven♡♡”

The second daughter says this as she accepts Schild’s penis into her vagina.

“My mother got married and had already lost her Ryngberg’s surname, so this should not be related to us anymore, but for some unexpected reason, I was chosen, so here I am, thinking this would be a perfect chance for me to show off myself♡♡♡♡”


Naturally, she was also saying this while being fucked by Schild.

“Ahh, I’m so happy right now♡♡ After all, I’m being fucked by the prince himself♡♡ Whatever you want me to do, whatever you want me to say, I will do it♡♡ I will say anything♡♡ No matter how nasty♡♡ No matter how humiliating it is♡♡ All just for you♡♡♡♡”

Naturally, in response to her aggressiveness, Schild also ejaculated in her vagina.

“I am Ivy, my prince♡♡ I am the eldest daughter of the third sister of the head of the Ryngberg House♡♡”

The third was more reserved than the others, but Schild didn’t care and just thrust his penis inside her, even in her meekness.

“My father was put in the shade in the affairs of the family because of his birth order. So when I received the invitation that we could meet with the prince, I mustered the courage to go here, hoping that today’s meeting would go well for us so that I could at least help my father. My mother was worried and stopped me from going, but I thought it will be okay since I am still not engaged to anyone.” If yo u a re a ble t o r e ad th i s mes sag e, yo u a re r ead ing fro m an unau tho rized ag g re gate si e. Re ad at m y Wo rdP ress at sta bbing wi th a syri ng e. ho me. bl og to sup por t m e and m y trans lat io ns.

She spoke a story that was almost appropriate to be in a drama, but even with that, Schild’s phallus was undeterred, still busily ravaging her unripe vaginal flesh.

“But when I met you, prince, I never expected to be this loved♡♡ Uhm, is it really okay? Can I really accept this much love as it is? Ahhh♡♡♡♡”

But instead of replying, Schild made love to Ivy even more. He also ejaculated inside her.

“I’m Suiren♡♡”

Schild felt that the fourth girl was somewhat different from the previous ones.

“I was studying in another country to become a scholar, when all of a sudden, I received a letter to be summoned back to the capital♡♡ I never expected it would be for this♡♡ Mmmmh♡♡ You see, I’ve always wanted to become independent and not choose the life to be married off to some guy♡♡♡♡”

Though she was saying this, Suiren’s vagina was tight on Schild’s penis, with no signs of letting go.

Her love juices were also leaking out as if they were being pumped out with each thrust.

“But, becoming the prince’s favorite is a different story♡♡ After all, If I become one of the prince’s liking, he’ll be able to sponsor me enough to be able to afford my own tuition♡♡ And for that, I’ll be happy to be your little slave♡♡♡♡”

She was the type to open her legs for a purpose.

Naturally, Schild also ejaculated inside her in honor of her commitment to her goal.

“I am Oenothera. Please, enjoy yourself. You don’t have to care about me…”

When Schild arrived at the fifth person, he observed that this woman, while being violated, had an atmosphere of unimportance, as if she would be thrown away after this meeting.

Because this was an undesirable attitude during sex, Schild pressed Cymbium for an explanation.

“I think this girl is the result of an affair with the current head of their house. Because of her birth, she is not treated well in their home.”

“She’s right. I am sure the people of my house do not want me to be chosen as queen either. So, it’s fine if you fuck me and just throw me away right after. After all, that’s all I’m worth.”

However, Schild continued his lovemaking with his penis in her vagina, even going deep to strike her core.

“Why♡♡ Why do you keep on giving me so much love♡♡ If this continues, I’m gonna want it♡♡ I’m gonna get addicted to Prince Schild’s love♡♡♡♡”

And because she was honest, she was also cummed inside as well.

“So good♡♡ My pussy feels so goood♡♡ My pussy is so happy to have our prince’s mercy be bestowed on it♡♡”

“Cum inside me more, pleaasee♡♡♡♡ Impregnate me at once♡♡ Make me conceive a new heir♡♡♡♡”

“I’m the queen, I’m the first queen, and yet♡♡ I’m going to be pregnant with my son-in-law♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The debauchery continued endlessly in the innermost chamber of the mansion, where Schild enjoyed the vaginas of the women of the Ryngbergs to his heart’s content.

In this way, Schild has succeeded in forging firm alliances with all three great noble houses.

―Though the friendship he was speaking of was coated with semen and love juices.

“Well then, my dear Schild♡♡”

When the feast was about to end, or so that’s what they were thinking, a naked Cymbium began to straddle Schild’s body.

“You’re going to end this sex with me as your last partner, yeah? Otherwise, this big sister of yours won’t forgive you♡♡♡♡”

After the meeting at the innermost chamber, Schild, Queen Petrome, and Cymbium are now alone in the room.

As for the others, they are now resting in their separate rooms inside the mansion.

Naturally, because they are now tainted by Schild, they are now Schild’s women– concubines, even though they weren’t chosen by him as the Ryngberg queen.


“However, there’s still one mystery remaining. Why did the “Dignity of the Lioness”, a Queen’s aura that hadn’t popped up in the history of the people who possessed mixed bloodlines with the royal family, suddenly pop out of Cymbium now?”


First Queen Petrome opened the discussion. To which the daughter became puzzled in response.

“That… you don’t really know, mother?”

“Are you telling me that I should have already known the answer to this question? What is it that you know, sweetie? Tell mother.”


To her mother’s inquiry, Cymbium took a deep breath. Then, she spoke while trying her best not to stutter.

“You see, mother, the last time I visited father the King in his sickbed, also the time when I was told the existence of his son, Schild, I was also told something else.”

“Uh-huh, continue. “

“He had told me that Serenea and I weren’t his biological daughters, but even then, the blood flowing in our veins is still the royal blood because we are the product of our houses marrying into the royalty countless times. So, if what father the king says is true, who is my real father then, mother? Are we hiding a royalty in our House?


Cymbium’s theory was plausible.

Before the reign of Preslate I, the country was under the rule of Protesto, Preslate’s father. However, unlike his father Waldborn, who was known to be fearsome and strict, Protesto was a coward and a maniac who only thinks about fucking women.

All the women that he fancied, whatever their relationship is to him, even if it’s his sister, niece, daughter of a duke, or a wife even, as long as it’s an attractive woman, he would take them to the bed and fuck them, making him one of the most perverted kings that has ever lived. While this was well known to be a behavior of a royal prince of the kingdom, the problem is that this behavior of Protesto persisted even after he became the king. Thi s chap t er tra slat ion is ma de po ssi ble b y s tabbi ng wit h a syr in ge trans latio ns. che ck onl y up -to-d at e trans lati ons on my Wo rdp ress si te.

Because all he cared about was to fuck women, he didn’t care about the kingdom’s management. He all left it to his close noble associates, who, unsurprisingly, became corrupt as soon as they got a taste of supreme power. As a result, this brought chaos to the kingdom in the form of civil strife right after the king’s deathbed, as though he had produced many sons and daughters from the women he committed, he was not able to announce an heir as he suddenly died of a heart attack while he was fucking another woman.

After a couple of bloody battles, assassinations, and many royals going into hiding later, only one royal family member remained. That is Preslate, who was under the care of Waldborn, his grandfather.

Yes. It could be said that he survived all because of his grandfather’s protection and that no one wanted to make a move to Waldborn because they were afraid of his retaliation.

“I mean, seeing that we had that tradition of welcoming the king in that innermost chamber with the best of our women, and considering our family motto is “harmony”, it’s not unlikely someone has gotten pregnant by a past king in that chamber, but the child was hidden in existence just for the king to save face or other circumstances. Then, that child grew up and impregnated you, mother.”

However, this theory was refuted by none other than First Queen Petrome herself.

“What the hell are you talking about, Cymbium!? You are a bonafide daughter of King Preslate and me up to the very bone! There’s no way I would let myself be fucked by another man other than him… Well, unless it’s his son…”

“You suddenly sound unconvincing, mother.”

“A-anyway, that’s the truth! Though my memory is hazy as it has been twenty years so I can’t really remember how we did it, I can guarantee you that it was only King Preslate who fucked me and impregnated me that time! The king and no one else!”

The first queen rebuked strongly. However, Cymbium still got another counter.

“Then, if that’s true, how will you explain why I manifested the “Harmony of the Lioness” then? Don’t you think you find it strange that someone like me, who possesses royal blood, is able to manifest it?”

“That… I don’t know! After all, this is only the first time in history I’ve experienced it! But I just know one thing. And that is you, Cymbium are His Majesty Preslate’s and my daughter. And that will never change.”

“I don’t know if you are stubborn or not, but… thank you, mother.”

Just like that, the conversation was concluded.


But even after all that, the two weren’t able to find anything.

About the bloodline, about their father’s confession.

“Just what does he mean about us being daughters of the throne? Was father lying to me that time? Is this a part of Dernonos and the Demon Race’s devious plan? Now that I have mentioned him, I wonder what he’s doing now? Is he still alive?”

“We could only hope, Cymbium. But we are talking about the person who finished the Demon Race’s battle here, so I’m sure he can take care of himself. Besides, the Demons would have no use to him dead.”

“You sure sound indifferent towards our father’s predicament, Schild.”

“I have plenty of reasons not to worry. In fact, back then, one of the reasons I came to the capital was because I wanted to hit him in the head with his sword. I never expected that this led to me replacing him as ki… never mind.”

“Oh, am I hearing that right? Schild has finally talked about being the king!”

“I didn’t.”

“You did~! I heard it with my own two ears!”

“Oh, it must be clogged then. Here, let me clean those ears for you.”

“Kyaaa! Schild, what are you doing!?”

And so, the two spent the night flirting again.

Their blood relationship may have remained vague, but it was no longer important to them – as their hearts were already as one.

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