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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Befitting Punishment for Complicity

The Magna Carta is a special set of laws that even a king should follow. Inside it was Article 64, which mentions a law that allows a king to be abdicated regardless of his will, that is, if a royal family member can relinquish their rights to the throne as well as obtain the approval of more than 90% of the country’s lords.

This has been secretly proposed by Cymbium and the Oscar’s retired patriarch to the nobles of the country to cement Schild’s foundations when he becomes the king.

However, many of the lords were unable to read the two leaders’ intentions, causing the first political campaign to fail.

But with Dernonos’ failure and Schild’s presence being brought to light at perfect timing, the lords who were very hard to convince, mostly those of the older factions, were now eager to participate. They were even the first to sign up now that the Demons are proven to be alive and lurking nearby.

However, in Schild’s eyes, it was nothing but a “Calculating” move.

“People, people. Calm down. Can I have a word first?”

Using an aristocratic tone that he wasn’t really familiar with, Schild spoke to the excited nobles.

But even in this timing, he still stroked and rubbed Carney’s buttocks to keep his mind at peace.


“Can we not invoke the Magna Carta?”

“…? But why is that, Schild?”

Cymbium, who is now at his side as a representative as if it was pre-decided, asks the about-to-be-king.

“You see, won’t it be dishonorable if a king is to be removed from his throne just like that? Just think about how it will go in this kingdom’s history.”

The current king, Preslate I, will be referred to in the annals of the kingdom as “the king who was forced to abdicate the throne” for as long as the country remained standing.

“Don’t you think it is too much for a great king who had once defeated the Demon Army and brought peace to the nation? To be treated with contempt and malice from the people whom he has saved in the past? Certainly, the king is gone from our side, and the kingdom now has an heir, but just because he can no longer play the role as a king and that he has a replacement doesn’t mean we no longer have the reason to get him back.”

At first, the Magna Carta is a scheme brought up with that intention – to get the king back in the hands of Cymbium, Serenea, and Schild, his “family”.

But now that the Magna Carta can no longer do that, it is no longer needed. That’s what Schild believes.

“To get the king back to us from the Demons, a battle will be inevitable. But you nobles don’t need to have a king to command you to participate in the battle against the Demons, do you? As for me, I am a Subjugator, so I will participate in the battle against them regardless of your intentions. Then, only after getting the king back from those Demons, I’ll let him personally decide to whether he will abdicate the throne or not in his very own mouth.”

Silence descended the hall.

This was partly because they wanted to hear every words of Schild, but soon, this was immediately replaced with a roar. If you ar e ab le to r ead this mes sa ge, you a re read ing fr om an unau thori zed aggr gate sit e. Rea d at my Word Pres s at sta bbing with a s yr inge. ho me. blo g to su pp ort me and my tr anslat i ons.

“How compassionate!”

“I didn’t know that he would be so considerate and attentive to his father, the King!”

“Prince Schild is exactly what a filial son is supposed to be!”

“Secured! With such thoughtfulness and kindness, our country will be safe and secured until the next king is crowned!”

These are told by each and every one of the aristocrats, with their own flowery one-sided interpretations of Schild’s “selflessness”.

The atmosphere was so receptive that no matter what Schild did, it would be received favorably.

“Lord Schild……!!”

Suddenly, Carney, who was still getting her ass rubbed by Schild, whispered in a way that only the other party could hear.

“Tell me the truth. You said that because you don’t want to be king, right?”

“Of course.”

No matter how much the situation has changed, Schild’s stance will remain the same.

“That said, allow me to take the initiative. All of you should send out troops to various places to gather information. If those Demons are really planning to make a comeback in the near future, they should be showing signs of it somewhere.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

At Schild’s command, the soldiers rushed out with vigor like dogs chasing a tree branch.

“Also, Carney, it’s time we call Lesnussa back. Send the word to the new knight order.”

Lesnussa is the new Knight Commander of the Royal Court Knights after the old one was destroyed in the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle that happened months ago.

She is a close friend and immediate superior of Carney before she quit the Knight Order and became a subjugator, and Schild had met her when she was poaching, or rather, trying to take Carney back to the said order, where she had originally stated that it was the place where “Carney rightfully belonged”.

Of course, this was a matter Schild wouldn’t slip by, as not only had Carney became a great asset in the subjugation business, but she had also become Schild’s woman in the literal meaning.

To settle the conflict, they decided to have a duel, in which Schild overwhelmingly won.

But Lesnussa was still persistent in making Carney return to the knights. Having no other choice, Carney decided to reveal the fact that Schild was a member of the royal family, to which the latter immediately backed down and swore loyalty on the spot.

As a result, Lesnussa is now a loyal knight, a fuck toy, and a cum dumpster exclusive to Schild.

As for what she is currently doing, after their threesome with Carney, she decided to leave the capital and go on a trip all over the country, or what she told Schild, to find and select talented people that she could recruit and work together under Schild’s banner.

“I see. Acknowledged……I also haven’t seen Sir Lesnussa in a long time……mmmh♡♡”

Carney expressed her affirmation but with a little moan at the end, being stroked on the buttocks and pressed on the vagina through her clothes by Schild’s fingers.

Then again, although he said he would not take the throne, Schild immediately acted like he was the commander-in-chief of the place, giving crisp instructions to the nobles left and right.

And it wouldn’t be later when this new commander will be presented with a new challenge that he needed to face.


“The Prime Minister’s……or rather, we have captured the family of the renegade vassal, Dernonos!”

The soldiers brought with them two noblewomen in chains.

They were the wife and daughter of Dernonos whom Schild had defeated just a few moments before.

Dernonos, despite his high position as Prime Minister, had sold out the king to their mortal enemy and inflicted tremendous unrest that almost led to a civil war on the nation.

He has already departed for the underworld by the sword of Schild, but the crime of treason does not yet stop on his death alone.

“Death! Death to his family! Then line up their decapitated heads below the castle to show what it’s like to defy their country!”

“Yes! That’s right!”

The mood for killing those involved was already spreading in the surrounding air.

“What will be your decision, Schild?”

Cymbium was asking “What will be the best decision to be made at this point in time?”

In other words, she was no longer hesitating to solidify her course to make Schild the king.


Although he was already clear of Cymbium’s intentions, Schild was unsure how to respond.

Like the true warrior he was, Schild did not like the idea of spilling blood outside the battlefield.

He also felt it was too sad and unjust that the reason for these relatives’ execution was not because of them doing something wrong but because of their husband or father’s complicity.

Dernonos only had one daughter with his wife before his death. And she was just old enough to have nice pussy, albeit her face was mediocre in appearance.

The mother, although aged, was still in the prime of her womanhood. Schild is not a man who would normally touch a married woman, but if her husband is already dead, there will be no problem, he thought. Th is chapt er tran slati on is mad e poss ib le by sta bb ing wit h a sy ri nge tr anslat ions. che ck on ly up -to-d ate tra nsla tio ns on my Wo rdpr ess sit e.

“Bring them over here so that I can fuck them.”

Schild said what was in his mind while thinking of the saving grace of the two.

“Ahiiiieeen♡♡ Fuuhiiieeeenn♡♡ Ohohooo♡♡ Obobobobghhh♡♡♡♡’

The setting has not moved from the royal castle where many nobles were gathered.

The only difference was that the wife of Dernonos, who was captured and brought to Schild, was writhing madly as her vagina was penetrated by the same man’s phallus.

Still, as they are in public, Schild didn’t remove their clothes, which he usually does before having sex. Nevertheless, he lifted up their skirts to expose the important parts of their bodies to the public.

The aristocrats who were present were nevertheless astonished by the sight of the prime minister’s widow, now writhing in sexual pleasure and leaking various fluids from all over her face.

“N-ho-oh-oh-oh-oh♡♡ Oooooohhhhhh♡♡♡♡ So big, something big is coming♡♡♡♡ It’s coming ooouuuuttt♡♡♡♡”

Splurt splurt splurt.

“There. I have punished the wife for failing to admonish her husband with the humiliation of being violated in front of the masses. In this way, because she has now been embraced by another man, she is no longer related to her late husband. Together with that, the guilt of the prime minister can no longer be imputed to her. That also goes for her daughter, whom I just fucked earlier.”

Beside Schild was the daughter of Dernonos, already limp and with white fluids oozing out of her pussy. She was currently being held by Carney.

“I knew it would come this way. Though you are still as relentless, Lord Schild!”

In a way, Carney was also thankful and pleased in this course of events. After all, they have saved the mother and daughter from being executed.


(Then again, the mother and daughter are also wise for not struggling. They giving consent to be fucked by me in public is what truly saved their asses. If they struggled or went against me a little……)

They would have been executed for real. And there will be no stopping it.

“By the way, where is your gratitude?”

“Ahhhh♡♡ Ahieeeee♡♡ P-Prince Schild is so biig♡♡ Thank you, thank you for your lenience in letting this mother and daughter pussy live♡♡♡♡”

The Dernonos ex-wife screamed as she was pumped again another batch of Schild’s load.

This was now a familiar sight for Carney and others, but for the nobles facing it for the first time, it was a whole new story.

All the successive kings have boasted of their extraordinary might or debauchery many times in the past. Every noble in the country also knew this, with some even ranking the kings in terms of perverseness in the back of their heads.

But upon witnessing Prince Schild’s way of handling the punishment to these women, they were completely overwhelmed, and the rankings they had believed to be absolute were changed.

Now, Prince Schild ranks the first in their minds, both in debauchery and might.

And on that same day, the whole nation realized the magnitude of this newcomer royal prince.

Translator Notes:

Here are the early character designs of Schild and Carney, posted on the raws of this chapter.


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