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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Teaching New Lessons to a Bachelorette

Schild decided to drink with his fellow subjugators at a tavern run by the Subjugators’ Guild a day after that incident.

Although it had already become known to the noble society that he was the illegitimate son of the king, that didn’t mean it was already known throughout the land.

Oddly enough, even though the commotion of the Prime Minister was so big it shook the whole upper echelons of the kingdom, it wasn’t strong enough to reach the bottom.

Yes. Even now, no one in the lower levels of government knows the identity of Schild.

But whatever the reason is, Schild didn’t really care.

In fact, he found this a blessing in disguise. After all, this means he could still roam in the city as a Subjugator.

Anyway, back to the story at the tavern.

Schild was still drinking when suddenly, an intruder came barging in.

It was the bachelorette Ardelheide, which greatly surprised Schild upon seeing her.

“Oh? What brings you here, distinguished scholar? This is a hangout for lowly manual laborers, you know?”

Perhaps because he had already taken a bit of alcohol in his system, Schild’s tone was drunk.

But Ardelheide’s next words blew away that drunkenness.

“I have come to ask Prince Schild for a favor! I beg you, please take back your rights to the throne!”

She spoke this in a loud voice in the middle of the floor, where many of the subjugators were also gathered for hot topics to discuss.

Naturally, this immediately became center of attention.

As mentioned earlier, Schild’s background as a member of the royalty is not yet generally known, so the subjugators still have no idea about his true identity.


Hence, Ardelheide blurting out loud immediately displeased Schild.

Fully sobered and panicked inside, Schild took Ardelheide’s hand and dragged her out of the tavern. Then, he brought her to the public lodgings, which also function as a temporary resting area for the guild members.

With that, Schild and Ardelheide are now alone to themselves, with no one else to butt in between.

“Do you have any idea of what you have done, you natural blockhead! And to think you call yourself a scholar, even!”

Schild couldn’t help but shout at the scholarly maiden after locking themselves in the room.

Since the fact of his legitimacy has been revealed to the aristocracy, this greatly limited the places Schild can stay in the kingdom to avoid being sniffed out by the aristocrats who plan to suck up on him.

One of those few places was the Subjugators’ Guild, where he could still relax and be the man he’s supposed to be.

But now, all of it was about to be destroyed by this woman in front of her.

Hence his infuriation with the latter.

“My employer is in deep trouble right now, Your Highness! Not only that, because of my failure, Princess Cymbium is also holding me responsible!”

“Oh really? Serves you right then. Still, to think you still dared to approach me, after what you’ve done, you sure have a thick face.”

“I’m truly sorry, Your Highness! I was wrong! I was stupid and wrong! Prince Schild is a man who possesses more than enough knowledge and wisdom to become a great king! However, it would be a tragic loss for the nation if you choose not to ascend the throne!”

““Tragic loss for the nation,” my ass. You’re just saying that to save your own hide from this mess. Also, are you suggesting that Cymbium becoming the ruler is bad for the kingdom? I guess I have to tell Cymbium about this too.” I f yo u ar e abl e t o re a d th is m ess age, y ou are re ad ing from an unau tho riz ed ag gr egate sit e. Rea d at my Wor d Press at stab bi ng wit h a sy ri nge. hom e. bl og t o su ppor t me and my tran sla tions.

“No, please, I beg you, Prince Schild!”

Schild was about to approach the door, but Ardelheide rushed in between and suddenly knelt on her knees before he managed to do it.

Then, she spoke in a tone full of imploration to Schild.

“I beg you, Your Highness Schild! Please return as our heir! I will do anything, even bet my own life!”

“Begging is really easy nowadays. And your life? It’s already worthless since you did that incident to me.”

Schild was still unperturbed.

“Please! I implore you! I will do anything!”

But when she spoke that last line, he slightly had a change of mind.

“You said you’ll do anything? Very well. How about we have a very close interaction, for starters?”

“But, haven’t we done that yesterday?”

“Sigh. I guess it is what you should expect from a bookworm. When I said close interaction, I meant this.”

Seeing the bachelorette still having no idea what Schild’s words were, Schild picked her up from her kneeling position and wrapped his arms around her body.

Then, after making sure the other party is not struggling, he felt the woman’s figure from top to bottom.

“This is what I meant. Skin-to-skin. That’s how you have a “very close interaction,” at least in my dictionary.”


Naturally, the scholar went red, but Schild stole her initiative by revealing his true intentions before she could say anything.

“By the way, this is still not the real “very close interaction” in my book. In my book, It involves a much closer distance than this, one without any layers of fabric between our bodies whatsoever. At this point, you should already know what this means.”



At that point, Ardelheide was boiling all over her face. No, she was already red when Schild put her in his embrace.

On the other hand, Schild is no longer fuming in anger and is now calm.

Or rather, he’s already calmed down as soon as he felt the softness of the woman’s body parts through her clothes.

However, another form of frustration arose in him, as if replacing the one he felt just now.

(No matter how strict her demeanor is, she’s still a bonafide woman through and through.)

However, Schild knew he could not forgive her just yet.

After all, she still needed to be punished for what she had done.

And for that, Schild thought of a little mischief.

“Ms. Ardelheide. Earlier, you said that you are willing to do anything, right? You even bet our life to me just to put me back to being the heir. But how can I take it seriously when all you do is beg on my knees? Or is that what your life can do best now?”

“No, that’s not what I-“

“Oh, show it to me, then. But if I’m not convinced with your sentiment, and if it’s proven that this was all an act, be prepared to have a lengthy chat with Cymbium and the matter that comes after that. After all, you will have just added to yourself another crime of lying against royalty.”


“Oh, why aren’t you moving then? Or are you telling me you still don’t know what to do? So much for as scholar, I guess.”

“Uhm……What do you want me to do, Your Highness.”

“Since you showed me how good you are at kneeling, how about that, for starters.”


“Oops, not that fast. Do it while naked.”

As soon as Schild said it, Ardelheide’s expression froze.

“Mind you, you’re still this close to being executed for calling me a monkey, especially right in front of another royalty. Even if that’s forgiven, you still have the sin of insulting the subjugators as a whole, the same subjugators who had just saved this country from being annihilated by the monsters a while back. Honestly, I can’t tell if you are still living in the capital or living in some kind of cave around here to not realize that fact. Yes. this lowly profession you were calling names just saved your sorry ass.”


“Then again, I am magnanimous. If you show me your will to abandon your pride and that unnecessary “wisdom and intelligence” of yours, who knows, I may have a change of heart. But that won’t happen until you get down on your knees naked first.” Th is cha pt er tra nsl ation is ma de poss ib le by st abbin g wi th a sy rin ge tr anslati ons. chec k only u p-t o-d a te tr anslat ions on my Wor dpr ess si te.


“What? You still think I’m cruel? I’m already doing you a big consideration here, you know? After all, we are doing it here in this privately closed space. Or are you the type to get off by doing it in public? Then again, I will not force you. I hate forcing women, so it’s still okay for me even if you get out of here. It’s not like it matters to me whether you do it or not.”

The bachelorette Ardelheide fidgeted for a while. But eventually, she reached her hands over the coat she was wearing.

Starting from that jacket, she removed all her clothes – her shirt, skirt, bra, and panties, until she ended up in a state similar to a monkey.

There was no longer the slightest trace of authority in her.

“P-please, Your Highness. I beg of you……”

As Schild has requested, Ardelheide kowtowed on the spot next.

Naked without anything to cover, her pure, unblemished back was fully exposed to him.

Naturally, there was also the raised, very round pair of buttocks at the end of her back.

Which was enough to push a flaccid penis of a certain man to become excited.

“Raise your head.”

“Yes……Hiii!? Why are you naked too, Your Highness!?”

Ardelheide was flabbergasted as she looked up.

After all, it was only a couple of seconds since Ardelheide was looking at the ground, yet Schild was already without any strip of clothing.

Even more impressive was his erect penis was now in full view of the woman, pointing at the ceiling.

“I told you, didn’t I? What I want is a very close interaction – a direct overlapping of our bodies at that. Or are you just getting that now?”

“Eehh? Uhm……”

“Never mind that. Huup! Here you go.”


Without any warnings whatsoever, Schild picked up Ardelheide, who was still troubled about what to say. Then, he placed her body on the only bed in the room, the room which also served as a temporary resting place for the subjugators.

By the way, this “public lodging” they are in is where subjugators take a rest and do their stuff freely, similar to a free hotel provided by the guild.

As subjugators are the profession where it is hard to know whether they will live tomorrow or not, most subjugators don’t buy any houses or even make any long-term investments.

They are happy-go-lucky warriors who spend everything before going on an expedition again.

Because of their lifestyle, they could hardly station in one place. Oftentimes, they would just camp anywhere.

For that, the Subjugators’ Guild came up with a solution. And that is this “public lodging”.

Unlike the private rooms in the guild where members can conduct private meetings, Subjugators are permitted to use these rooms separated from the building as a temporary hotel where they can sleep.

They are also allowed to bring in women and prostitutes from the outside for a moment of solace. After all, they are still in a profession where it is hard to know whether they will live tomorrow or not.

Though in the past, it served as a stopgap solution to the increasingly bad behavior the Subjugators had back then, to segregate them from the masses because the one managing the guild was corrupt at that time. That was until he was replaced by Lirica.

“Did you know? This place is like a free hotel room exclusive only to subjugators like us. Which means that any woman brought in here makes those in the tavern think I have just brought in another strange whore to fuck.”

“W-whore!? I-I am? I have an academic degree from Salena University! Please don’t compare me with the likes of those who are in the bottom-of-the-barrel profession!”

“Don’t make fun of prostitutes. They are a profession that requires great skill. Some even say that it is the oldest profession in history.”

As he says this, Schild pushes the now-nude Ardelheide down the bed and covers her with his own nudity.

“In fact, be grateful, as I will teach you some of their ways today. And it will be a truly pleasurable experience, that I can promise it.”

“Huh? What are you……Wait, please stop! My heart is not ready yet! Ahhhhhhhh!”

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