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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – The Thug being the Tutor

With the existence of Schild being brought to the open, it was inevitable that those who wanted to sip the sweet sap of power would hurriedly scamper around him.

After all, the power structure that the nobles have known and believed to be firmly established will now have the possibility to be shattered and rebuilt.

That was how great Schild’s influence is to them.

The only male heir to the throne. Fresh from the oven. With no backing or any foundation whatsoever.

Having no ties with anyone, this means that as long as they could gain the trust of such man, rising up to the position that the three great nobles had occupied for generations would no longer be a dream, at least that is what the nobles had interpreted it.

The entire nobility going through a complete restructuring.

This means anyone, regardless of their ranks, can now rise to the top.

It was only natural that the whole country will become in a state of turmoil on the debut of Schild.

“In other words, you want to do a tutor play with me, Sister Greidia?”

“For the last time, I am not here to do a tutor-play with you, Your Highness, but to make you learn to be a member of the royal family for real!”

Such people would not sit on their hands forever. Whether they have good intentions or very bad ones.


Because of that, it didn’t even take long for the first action to be taken against Schild.

Like for example, the nun before his eyes.

“Indeed, the past generations of kings are those with a warrior nature. But even with that, they were still educated to the above minimum, or else the lower nobility would have already underestimated them! Being a king isn’t just giving orders as you see fit, Your Highness. It’s about keeping a high prestige as well!”

The one who spoke to him and emphasized how detrimental education can be was none other than Sister Greidia.

And this conversation was no longer a new occurrence to Schild.

Sister Greidia is a nun and a high-ranking preacher from the Raina Gata Convent, the largest ascetic institution in the kingdom famous for its doctrine of “teaching and guiding” others. For this reason, she was this gung-ho about reeducating Schild compared to everyone else.

Sister Greidia is also the tutor of the Second Princess Serenea. In a not-so-good initial meeting, she was tasked by the Oscars to take back Serenea from Cymbium’s custody. However, she has failed to do so, resulting in becoming one of Schild’s women in the end.

Ever since she discovered that Schild was of royal blood, she had been bugging Schild to take the lessons appropriate for a royal family.

Just like what she was doing today.

“Your Highness. Sooner or later, you will be the one who will lead the future of this country. But if you continue to be persistent about this, you, who grew up on the streets and did not even receive a proper education, will just become a puppet for the other nobles to control! That’s what we want to avoid, Your Highness!”

However, this time, Schild was not amused.

Because right now, he could tell that something fishy was going on. I f y o u ar e ab le to r e ad t his mess a ge, yo u are rea ding fr om an unaut hor ized aggr e gate si te. Re ad at my Wor dP ress at stab bin g w ith a syr in ge. h me. b log to su ppor t me an d my tran sl ations.

It was partly because he could tell that Greidia’s voice also contained a bit of panic, like she wanted to prepare Schild for a calamity that would soon strike him.

“Oh, really? Are they telling me that as I am right now, I’m gullible as fuck?”

“That was never my intention, Your Highness! Ever! It’s just that others are getting more and more concerned about you, as you will become the center of attention from here on! Unfortunately, you still have no experience dealing with the nobles as a member of royalty. That’s why I am begging you to heed my lessons to at least save face!”

It was obvious that someone would approach Schild to manipulate him sooner or later. Worried about this, Greidia was even more persistent than before.

(Then again, the fact that this “concerned party” didn’t show up abruptly, but instead used the earnest Sister Greidia as a warning device between them and me, shows the other party’s audacity to this matter.)

Whatever their aim is, it couldn’t be denied that a whiff of a clever conspiracy was looming behind it.

“And here I hoped Sister Greidia is finally inviting me for sex, as you haven’t visited me in a long time.”

“Master♡♡ Please stop touching my butt♡♡ Now is not the time to do this♡♡”

Schild gave a sulking line, but Greidia wasn’t affected. However, that began to change when he began stroking her rear.

“Master♡♡ Stopp♡♡ We won’t be able to do anything if we start to have sex here♡♡”

The change was immediate. And like all his other women, Greidia wasn’t even able to hold back.

The evidence of it was her noticeable change of tone from “Your Highness” to “Master” and her immediate shift to a seductive tone.

However, as if her voice was unheard, Schild continued to stroke her voluptuous female body.

He stroked her butt over and over her nun’s habit until she gave in.

Schild never said nor claimed he would become the king himself. Yet, upon his debut, some already assumed he would be and were so quick in their approach, thinking that the earliest birds would get the biggest worm.

Schild was appalled by this.

But though he found it unpleasant, he was not surprised by it. Or rather, he was expecting it even.

After all, the whole Schild not wanting to announce his existence was to avoid getting in contact with such people in the first place – those greedy nobles who are obviously going to use and manipulate him for their good.

But now that he has revealed himself to them, it could only mean one thing.

That he is now prepared to face them.

“But before I do that, Sister Greidia, let me screw your pussy first.”

“Mou~. Okayy♡♡”

Now, what will those people do to sip his nectar of power?

Schild decided that he stay put and let the current take its course first to find it out.

Right now, Schild is waiting in a room in the castle, waiting for someone to come.

That someone will be his so-called “private tutor”.

“Sister Greidia being here, I can understand, but why is Serenea here too?”

Those were Schild’s first words on his supposedly first tutoring session.

“That’s because I can’t help it. I also want to be in class with my big brother!”

Serenea, being the youngest of the royal family at the age of 18, is still in the process of learning.

But that doesn’t mean they could be “classmates” from the get-go.

After all, gender-based lessons differences alone, Serenea has already covered a lot of lessons about royalty, while Schild still has none.

Still, because of her unusual persistence towards this matter, the others, mainly Sister Greidia, who was in charge of her lessons, had no choice but to comply.

This explains why Sister Greidia, Princess Serenea’s personal tutor, is also present in this first tutorial session.


“So, does it mean that Sister Greidia will also teach me lessons?”

“Sorry to not meet your expectations, Your Highness Schild, but your lessons will be handled by a select group of bachelor students recommended by several nobles “concerned” about your well-being-”

As they were chatting, the door of the room rattled open, and someone walked in.

The person was well dressed and well-groomed up to her hair and gave the impression of a meticulous educator.

She went across the only podium in the room before speaking up to Schild.

“I am Ardelheide. I am a special lecturer dispatched by the Salena University.”

“Oh, um……”

The lecturer was a woman in her late twenties. However, maybe because of her seamless appearance and strictness that emanated from her words and actions, Schild couldn’t bring himself in the mood to sexualize her figure.

Or rather, even Sister Greidia and Serenea, who were also strict on themselves and met many people respectively, were intimidated by her stern teacher-like aura that they couldn’t help but step back.

“I am truly honored to be appointed today as the educator of His Highness the Prince. But, even though I may look like this, worry not, for I will certainly fulfill this important responsibility that will determine the fate of our country.”

She suddenly starts talking without being asked.

“Prince Schild, I have already heard about your background. It seems that you had a rather misfortunate half of your life.”


“Born in a cold village in the countryside, working as a lowly manual laborer to earn daily wages, never having received a proper education, what would you call this if it isn’t a misfortunate life?”

She spoke snidely as if she wasn’t conversing with a royal.

“A life untouched by knowledge is misery itself. Until today, you have walked in the darkness of ignorance. But now that I am appointed as your guide, I will make sure to educate you and at least raise you to become a decent human being. For that is my duty.” Th is c hap ter trans lat ion i s ma de pos si ble by st ab bi ng wit h a syr ing e transla tion s. che ck onl y up- to- da te transl ation s on m y Word pre ss sit e.

“Now you’re talking like I’m not a decent human being.”

Not only Serenea but even Sister Greidia was taken aback by this new tutor’s arrogant tone.

“I am afraid it is as you say. A human being without knowledge is not a decent human being. They are no different from that of a monkey. Prince Schild, you were born into a noble lineage, but due to your unfortunate upbringing, you were not able to receive a proper education. That means you are no better than a monkey at this point in your life.”


The group was still silent as they were speechless with dismay.

“If you ascend to the throne in your monkey-like state, it will only bring misfortune for the whole country. To avoid that, I will try my best to bring you up to become an intelligent person worthy of the throne. What was originally supposed to start when you were a child, I will try my best to catch it up even if you’re already an adult. However, in order to make up for the delay, I will put you through quite a bit of spartan training, so be prepared!”

“Sigh. Can I ask you a question?

“You will not be. Time is of the essence, so I will begin the class immediately.”

As if she’s telling Schild that “uneducated morons have no right to ask questions,” the lecturer Ardelheide rudely ignored Schild and flipped through the textbook she had brought with her.

“First, we will start with a history lesson. This is a study of how this country was founded and what path it has taken. Prince Schild will eventually become king, and since he too will become a part of this history, it is only natural that he learns about the past and pay homage to the kings of the past.”


“Now, here’s your first problem. What is the name of the founder of our country, the first king?”

“He’s “Primera” Schildride.”

“I can’t believe you don’t know that! As I thought, your illiteracy is irredeemable! It’s something that anyone living in this country, even those at the bottom of the barrel, should know! The answer is Schildride! Sometimes historians address him by his title of “Primera” to signify “Founder”! Take it to heart and never forget it again! ……hmm?”


“He’s right. Big brother is right.”

Serenea spoke back.

Without any delays whatsoever, Schild gave the correct answer to the question posed by Lecturer Ardelheide.

Not content with that, he went on.

“From ‘Primera’ Schildride, comes ‘Segunda’ Arconorio. Then “Tres” Milconeto. After these three generations with “number” as their titles comes the fourth generation Mestoele. Then, Xignas. From here was the debatable-whether-to-add-in-history-or-not in the history of kings Jodes the usurper, who only had a three-day reign. He was then followed by the “Civilization King” Marqueszyk……”

Schild further elaborated, without stuttering, the names of the past kings.

There was not a single mistake in his answer, seeing the lecturer Ardelheide could not say a single word about it.

“Wow, I didn’t know that my big brother is also a history nerd! Amazing!”

Serenea, seeing his brother got a perfect score, was also very excited.

“History nerd? Not really. It is as she said. It’s something that anyone living in this country, even those at the bottom of the barrel, should know. In fact, if you travel around the country, you’ll learn these things naturally. After all, the country is not short of nosy people, especially of a certain religion, who cannot withstand not educating innocent children. Well, there’s also the case that I met a certain sore loser whom I was taught many lessons about.”



A small cough came from a nun of a certain religion in the background, while a sneeze came from a certain Count miles away from the royal capital.

“B-but then again, history nerd or not, the countryside has limits. As the quote “You cannot learn the modern society by living in the countryside” says, you probably don’t even know the names of the last few kings.”

Ardelheide said in reaction, trying her best to regain control of the conversation. To answer this, Schild continued his speech.

“Certainly, it is as you said. But with all the commotion we experienced lately, I was able to learn it by ear. Waldborn. Protesto. Preslate. And the last……Cymbium.”


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