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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The King’s Location Still Unknown

Prime Minister Dernonos was in close ties with the Demon Race.

This revelation gave an impact that shook the entire castle. But it was not later than a much bigger revelation shook the court even more, covering the earlier disclosure in its rubble.

“The King is missing!!”

One of it was this.

King Preslate I was originally confined to his sickbed by Prime Minister Dernonos.

Basically, he was practically under house arrest by the said official.

However, with the death of Dernonos, the barrier that was holding them back from meeting him was finally removed, so they immediately barged into his quarters to rescue the king who was trapped inside.

However, when they got into his sleeping quarters and uncovered the sheets, they found that it was empty, much to their surprise.

But that’s not all.

From the room’s dusty appearance, they also found out that the king’s sickbed has not been used for a very long time.

“Where the hell is the king?”

“If Dernonos is in contact with the Demon Race, there is only one possible explanation. That is, the king is now in the hands of those Demons!”

It was then when the speculation mumbled by the Oscar family’s retired patriarch Elovairo reverberated on everyone’s mind.

Since the king was placed under house arrest by Dernonos, it was extremely likely that his accomplice, the Demon Race, has already taken action.

Elovairo was then lost in thought.


“That monster Dernonos mentioned he has acquired the “Hex of the Gladiator,” which was supposed to be one of the powerful hexes of the royal family but has been lost in time. If we believe him, the experimentation must have been going on for a very long time, but when did it start? W-wait, could it be!?”

The King being in his sickbed for years.

Prime Minister Dernonos preventing the visit of the two biggest factions.

The civil unrest on who is to be the heir.

(They had planned this long ago, even before the king had gotten his sickness!)

It was possible, provided the monstrous power and intelligence of the Demon Race.

The older generation, who had actually fought against these Demons, could easily believe this speculation. If yo u ar e ab le to r ad thi s me ssa ge, y ou a re read i ng fro m an una uthori zed aggr e gate site. Re ad at my Wor dP ress at sta bb ing wit h a syr inge. ho me. bl og to supp ort me and my tr ans lat ions.

“Then again, it’s not like we have lost our chance. Dernonos said that those freaks haven’t yet perfected their research, so there should be a possibility that they are still keeping the king alive.”

“Hey, gramps. I’ve been hearing about this a lot, but what are these Demon Race?”

“I see. It doesn’t ring a bell with you younger generation, does it?”

The Oscar’s “gramps” politely responds to the question of Schild.

“They are the race that has been in conflict with the Humans since ancient times. Or should I say, they have been fighting for world dominance with us for hundreds of years?”

“Are they different from monsters?”

“Monsters are nothing more than running dogs controlled by them. Unlike those dim-witted freaks who only act on instinct, the Demons are as wise as humans and are much stronger too. If it weren’t for the humanity being quicker to reproduce, they would have eradicated us long ago.”

Humans have always won against the Demon Race’s might with their wits and overwhelming numbers throughout the history. This process continued until twenty years ago when the Demon Race was defeated in their final battle against the humans. They were so shattered that even their existence was long forgotten in today’s generation of human race.

Therefore, it was not surprising that the younger generation, such as Schild and Carney, did not know of their existence.

“However, this series of upheavals has proven that our mortal rivals have yet to be completely destroyed.”

Perhaps a small number of them survived, hiding somewhere, looking for an opportunity to strike back.

Quietly hiding and sharpening their claws.

“They invaded the royal castle, ensnared the prime minister, and took away the king’s person. That scheming alone is already fearsome on its own. And now that they have managed to pull off this feat, we must assume that the Demons have already regained enough power to organize into a certain level of activity.”

“So, you’re telling us……that the Demon Race is back?”

“Yes. And we have no more time to spare. Let’s prepare for battle!”

The Oscar’s retired patriarch cried out even more.

“Now that their stirrings have come to light, the situation can only turn to actual warfare! The Demons must be preparing their forces to avenge their defeat twenty years ago! We, too, must respond!”

Otherwise, the positions of the past wars will be reversed, and it will be the humans who will be the next to disappear from history.

“Prince Schild!”

This time, the retired patriarch calls onto Schild with the title of “Prince” in his name.

Which means there is a clear political intention behind this.


“By all means, we need you to take command of the Kingdom’s army against the Demons! Being the only male who carries the royal bloodline, you are more than qualified and obligated to do so!”


“Yes! He’s right!”

“We are about to witness a young king leading the mightiest royal army once again!”

The old generation that was gathered in the castle, who had also experienced the past wars, was especially excited by the former patriarch’s speech.

The fact that Schild was the illegitimate son of the king has already spread throughout the place.

The “Hex of the Gladiator” is a curse that those who possessed it cannot be killed except by those who carry the royal bloodline. Schild, who effortlessly ripped Dernonos to pieces with this curse, showed those present not only the certainty of his bloodline but also his unparalleled strength.

In addition, the sword of the current king, which his father once wielded, is now in his hands. If that isn’t enough, there is also the introduction by Cymbium herself, who is currently the first in line to the throne, followed the Oscar’s former patriarch’s requesting for him to personally lead the army. These are more than enough to make Schild’s righteousness unshakable.

Dernonos have gathered the nobles for participating in a coup d’état to break them for good. Ironically, it became perfect stage for Schild’s unveiling ceremony, strengthening their forces even more instead.

Then again, it should be a glorious debut, if only not for the man himself uncomfortably hugging Carney and secretly rubbing her buttocks in a way that the others could not see.

“My ass is being used as a stress-relieving tool by Lord Schild……and what’s more, in front of the nobles who run the country……” This cha pter tran slat ion is ma de possi ble by st abbi ng with a sy ringe trans lat ions. che ck on ly up-t o-da te tra nsl ations on my Wo rdpre ss si te.

Naturally, Carney was not amused.

But the nobles were just starting.

“The kingdom is originally a patriarchy! Therefore, if there is a qualified male, he should be the first in line to the throne!”

“And in this country, military prowess is more important than intellect and education! In that respect, Master Schild is the most desirable!”

“He has killed that Dernonos in the blink of an eye – that traitor who has transformed into a monster that even our soldiers couldn’t lay a scratch on! And if that isn’t enough, his nickname “The Slayer of Forty-Eight” has already spread throughout the capital!”

“He’s a well-known mighty warrior! And already a hero to the masses!”

“Th-then, how about this……?”

Among the assembled nobles who have somehow started a competition of praises, one with the mousy appearance began to speak gingerly.

“This Lord of Wathekin, Saccon, recalls that recently there has been a lot of talk about the Magna Carta, which would require a new constitution and a new set of laws to be passed by the government. Naturally, many of the lords have wondered, “Why at this time?”. I too was puzzled, but now that I have seen the heart of the situation, I have no choice but to admit that it was an understandable political maneuver.”

“Oooh! Indeed!”

“It was because the present king has been abducted by the Demon Race, and that a direct confrontation with them will not be far behind!”

As if the lord of Wathekin’s speech inspired something, the other aristocrats also began to express another type of praises.

“A strong commander is indispensable in battle! Just like His Majesty Preslate I who had fought the battle to eradicate the Demon Army in the past!”

“But now, His Majesty is in the hands of those Demons! So someone has to take over and lead!”

“Yes, it is what the Oscar’s retired patriarch had said! Indeed, there is no one better to lead the Kingdom’s army than Prince Schild!”

“Therefore, the Magna Carta…….”

“……shall be implemented!!”

“Not only is he now ill, but he has also fallen into the hands of the enemy, which means he is no longer capable of ruling the country or leading an army! Therefore, the abdication should be done immediately, and the crown should be transferred to someone more qualified!”


“True, true! In the absence of the King, it is impossible for him to declare himself abdicated, so instead, the Magna Carta……”

“But before that, we must need the approval of 90% of the lords of the country. After that, we make Prince Schild the king!”

“Since the preparations for the Magna Carta are already underway, let’s get it done quickly!”

“That’s good!”

“That’s better!”

“ “ “That’s the way to go!!!” ” ”

“What the hell! They are just sucking up on me one after another!” Schild couldn’t help but retort in his head.

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