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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 21 Volume 4 Extra Story 5 Part 1)

Volume 4 Extra Story 5 – A Ghost Story (Part 1)

The barn is haunted.

This is what Schild had heard at a ranch he visited to subjugate monsters.

More than a dozen people, including Schild, were sent to a ranch by the Subjugators Guild.

Of course, not to take care of livestock, but to defeat and take down the monsters that kill and target the livestock that is in there.

The local subjugators decided to go hunting in the mountains to find the monsters, but because he was not a local, Schild was rejected to go with them and was instead put in charge to guard the ranch.

After all, he was a traveling subjugator and was not familiar with the area. And because it was still a competition, no one would vouch for him as he might get lost in the mountains.

So instead, he was entrusted with the role of remaining at the ranch to protect the livestock and its inhabitants.

And because of that, he needed a place to sleep until the monsters were exterminated. For that, he chose the barn.


Since the barn is designated as a place to store the livestock feed and farming equipment, the rancher was reluctant to accept Schild’s idea. Or that was what Schild thought that time.

“I’ll feel bad as an employer if I make you sleep in such a shabby place,” he said. “We have prepared a proper bedroom in the main house, so please rest there instead.”

Although this was a reasonable assertion, Schild politely refused.

“Sorry, but I came here to work. If you want to be on the lookout for monsters attacking your livestock, you should always be near them. This barn is a great place for that in case something goes wrong, I can immediately respond, whether it’s day or night.”

These were straightforward reasons on the part of Schild to ignore the concern.


Still reluctant, the rancher had no choice but to reveal the reason for his hesitation: it was the haunted story at the beginning of this article.

He said that a ghost would appear to anyone who visited the barn at night and would possess and kill them.

Of course, Schild was not intimidated by such a tale, much to the rancher’s dismay.

“If you are afraid of ghosts, you can’t deal with monsters, which are much scarier,” he said in his defense. “In that case, let’s exterminate this ghost while we’re at it.”

In the end, despite the rancher’s efforts to dissuade him, Schild ended up spending the night in the barn.

And indeed, the ghost did appear in front of him.

Having a lot of experience as a subjugator, Schild had developed a habit of keeping his sleep shallow in case of monsters appearing or some other noises.

It was currently midnight.

The place was the same barn.

The hay he was lying on was soft and fluffy, making his sleep more comfortable than he had expected. If yo u are a ble to r ea d this mess ag e, y ou are rea di ng fro m an un aut ho rized ag g rega te si te. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess at stab bi ng w ith a syr in ge. hom e. bl og to sup po rt me and my tran slat ions.

However, even at that time of the night when all the living souls are asleep, something, or rather someone, awakened Schild in his dreamworld.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the person, or the thing? that caused his awakening.


It was a ghost.

And as expected, Schild jumps up in surprise.

After all, it was his first time seeing one.

“I didn’t think there would really be a ghost out there!”

Meanwhile, the ghost just stood erect……or rather, floated erect as they looked down at Schild.

It just stared at him blankly. It was absurd and eerie, which is something that only ghosts could characteristically do.

However, Schild’s surprise and bewilderment were replaced by something else upon looking at its body.

“I had no idea that it was a female ghost!”

Yes, standing before Schild’s face is the ghost of the opposite sex.

What’s more, it was a beautiful woman of a young age, and she looked very fresh.

“No, I don’t know yet if she is a beautiful woman or not.”

The woman’s long hair was hanging down without being pulled back, and it covered her entire face.

Because of that, there was no way to confirm her beauty or ugliness.

However, the firmness of her skin and the soft roundness of her breasts and buttocks were definitely those of a woman and definitely that of the upper class.


If he were an ordinary man, he would have run away from the scene, but this was Schild. He had trained his balls against monsters, so the shock was not enough to shatter his composure.

Anyway, he took action to find out who he was dealing with.

First, he pressed his fingers on the skin of the ghost standing there in a daze.

They were soft. It gave a soft response that only a young woman can give.

“I can touch it!?”

According to rumors, if one tries to touch a ghost, they would only slip through.


But rumors are, in the end, rumors. One cannot decide their truthfulness until one has actually experienced it. Or, in this case, feel it.

“In that case……let’s have some more.”

Schild also touched and stroked various parts of the ghost’s body to get a feel for it.

From feet to thighs, arms to back, breasts to buttocks.

He even went deeper down, toward the hole in her crotch……

“This ghost has a cunt? If so, can this female ghost still give birth to children even though she is dead?”

As for the female ghost, she just stood still, showing no reaction to any of the molestation from Schild.

It was as if only her mind was dead in contrast to her lifelike body.

Another reason why Schild was able to molest her so easily was because the ghost was not wearing any clothes from the beginning.

The female ghost was completely naked.

“Was it because she was without any clothes when she was born as a ghost? Then again, the expression “was born” is also strange, since she is supposed to be already dead.”

……But the fact that she has a body and, more importantly, a pussy that can be felt is an unexpected fortuitous occurrence. Schild concluded in his mind.

Schild’s penis was already erect when he stroked the female ghost’s limbs.

So what he only needs to do is to let that erect penis out of his clothes, and he would be able to start banging the ghost’s vaginal hole without hesitation.

And bang the ghost he did.

“This is……!”

Quite a masterpiece, Schild marveled.

“Holy hell, this place is tight and narrow. There’s no way a dead spirit can have this shit on her.”

It was a vaginal hole with enough charm to lure the lost.

As an effect of it, Schild, too, felt that he was about to be sucked into the abyss through this hole.

“Oooh……ooohh……ooohhhh! Damn, this ghost is good!”

Pak pak pak.

Sounded the woman’s buttocks as they also reverberated upon contact.

But even with that, she showed no single reaction throughout, as if her head was still unliving.

Just the movement of his penis thrusting into her, her large breasts would sway, her buttocks would ripple, and her long hair, which covered her face, would be swung about.

But her neck above was lifeless.

“Ugh, it’s coming out……!!”

Splurt splurt splurt splurt.

Like usual, Schild unleashes the purest life-giving raw fluid into the ghost’s vagina.

One would wonder what will become of the act of pouring the source of life into the residue of the dead, but Schild did it anyway. Thi s cha pte r trans la tion is mad e possi bl e by sta bbi ng wi th a s yr inge tra nslati ons. che ck onl y u p-t o-dat e tran sla ti ons on my Wo dpr ess si te.

“……Ahhh♡♡ Ahhhh♡♡”

But it was only then that the first reaction of the ghost came to light.

From then on, every night, Schild would continue to fuck the female ghost.

During the day, he would watch for monsters that were coming to attack the ranch.

But at night, he would meet the ghost in the barn and have sex with her as if they were lovers that made a promise to have a tryst with each other.

Since the ghost would always appear naked, all Schild had to do was to take out his penis and thrust it into her vagina.

He was prepared to abstain from women while on the job, so it was a happy miscalculation that he could get a meat toilet to unleash his desires.

But as they had sex on the second, third, fourth, and the upcoming days, Schild began to notice that the female ghost was gradually changing.


She was beginning to react, and her body, which was supposed to be cold and lifeless, was beginning to show signs of life.

“Hnnn♡♡ Oofhh♡♡ Good♡♡ My pussy feels so good♡♡”

Now, it was reaching the level where the ghost would moan lewd-sounding words as they made sex.

Of course, it was matched by Schild’s lewder-sounding pumping that echoed throughout the barn.

“Ahaaaa……♡♡ Yes, fuck my pussy more♡♡ Deeper, deeper♡♡ You’re already……a lot better than that trash of a man♡♡♡♡”

“That man?”

As Schild wondered this word during intercourse, a pair of luscious lips pounced on him.

The ghost’s face was still covered by her long, drooping hair. But from below her nose, or rather, her lips, became visible at some of the hair partings, and it opened wide to devour Schild’s lips.


The ghost’s lips and Schild’s overlapped, and a deep kiss was exchanged, as if she intended to devour the man whole.

“Mmmhh♡♡♡♡♡ Bufuh……♡♡♡♡ Mlem♡♡”

But that wasn’t all. As the kissing with the ghost continued while the male and female genitals remained connected to each other, she also revealed something amazing.

It was the ghost’s face, fully revealed with the parting of her hair.

And it was that of a normal woman. Or rather, it was beyond normal, as it was very beautiful, even for Schild at that time.

A true ephemeral beauty in the flesh. If that can still be considered as flesh.

“……puhaaah♡♡ Thank you so much♡♡”

The ghost let out her first words, letting go of Schild’s mouth but not separating their genitals from each other yet.

“Thanks to you, I have come back to life. Well, not really yet, but because of you, my heart was able to come back to this world. When dawn breaks, please visit me at the ranch’s main house. There, I would be thanking you again and explain the situation to you.”

But first……

“Let me enjoy this humungous cock♡♡ And make it spurt inside my pussy all night♡♡”

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